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Races Nearing Capacity
If an upcoming race is nearing capacity and you want to do it, make sure to register! It’s almost impossible to get in once the race fills up. The following races are nearing capacity:

Other Updates

Results –
Thanks a ton to Martina, who is writing up the results! If you have any non-NYRR results and would like to be featured on our Weekly Wag and have the result in our database, make sure to fill out the results form here: http://www.dashingwhippets.org/race-result-submission-form/

  • Both the Men and the Women’s Open Teams placed 1st at the 2020 NYRR Manhattan 7 Mile.  Brian Reis and Karim Bendouma placed 4th and 9th OA, finishing in 38:50 and 40:48. Matthieu Grigoresco (42:07) and Jonathan Meythaler Falcones (44:07) both placed 4th in their AG. Joseph Pennacchio (44:34) placed 6th in his AG.
  • Rose Willey, Lauren Dorsky and Jennifer DiMascio-Donohue placed 4th, 6th and 8th OA for the women, finishing in 44:12, 45:05 and 45:50. Tara Lyons (47:53) and Adiel Schmidt (49:35) paced 4th and 6th in their AG.  John Narducci placed 9th in his AG, finishing in 50:52.
  • Mark Dani won the 5000 in 15:38.27 and Frederick Hines placed 2nd OA at the USATF NY/NJ Championships 5000m, finishing in 16:06. Eric Morley ran 17:14.93 and Chris Fortio ran 17:55.35. Sam Geha won the mile in 4:14.91. Also running the mile was Cam Coneys (4:36.9), Afshin Rostamizadeh (5:16.57), Paul Dobrynin (4:54.25), Yoon Lee (5:27.89), and Terrence McGovern (4:57.31). Anne-Laure White was third in the mile in 5:22.66, followed closely by Meghan Bongartz (5:23.46), Jess Chen (5:38.28), and Sophia Siciliano (6:20.67). Caile Martinez won the 3000 in 10:12.85. Billy Washer ran the 3000 in 9:56.8
  • Russell Turley finished the NJ Trail Series 10K in 48:22, placing 4th OA.
  • Allan Acosta ran the Sprouts Mesa Marathon in 3:32:33.

2020 Points Races

a. Washington Heights 5K (full): March 1 (https://www.nyrr.org/races/nyrrwashingtonheightssalsabluesandshamrocks5k)
b. UAE Healthy Kidney 10K (full): March 28 (https://www.nyrr.org/races/uaehealthykidney10k)
c. Run as One 4M (full): April 26 (https://www.nyrr.org/races/runasone4mpresentedbyjpmorganchase)
d. Brooklyn Half (full): May 16 (https://www.nyrr.org/races/2020popularbrooklynhalf)
e. Queens 10K: June 21
f. Team Champs: August 1
g. 5th Avenue Mile: September 13
h. Bronx 10M: September 20
i. S.I. Half: October 11
j. NYC Marathon (https://www.nyrr.org/tcsnycmarathon/runners/entry/2020): November 1
k. Ted Corbitt 15K: December 13

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