Weekly Training Schedule

Each event on the team calendar has an objective, even if it is as simple as a recovery run. Key sessions scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and weekends often have detailed recommended workouts that reflect the training plans currently in effect. Run leaders adjust the workout to current conditions and the goals of the individuals in attendance. They plot the course of the training run, and, when appropriate, break attendees into groups based on training pace. At our most advanced sessions, a run leader may guide the group through warmup exercises, lead drills to improve strength and coordination before and after the workout, and even track the times of runners as they complete the core part of the training.

All details and RSVPs for our weekly runs can be found on our team Meetup here:

Mondays (Easy Run)

Tuesdays (Long Interval Workout)

Wednesdays (Easy Run)

Thursdays (Short Interval Workout)

Saturdays (Long Run)