The Dashing Whippets Running Team is an achievement-oriented running team of over 1,000 highly accomplished runners. Dashing Whippets are health-conscious and active writers, influencers, consumers, and opinion leaders, in the most important running market in the United States: New York City. We are one of New York’s most dynamic, diverse, and competitive running teams. We compete locally and internationally.

The team is pleased to partner with businesses and wellness professionals that embody the qualities of integrity, excellence, and achievement that our team represents. We offers standard packages that cover annual team sponsorships as well as specific event partnerships (including our track meet, post-marathon party, and two large annual team parties). We also negotiate bespoke agreements with sponsors that have different needs or offerings for the team.

If you are a business or a health care professional interested in working with the Dashing Whippets, please contact our Sponsorship Committee at .