Coaching for the Dashing Whippets is provided by a committee with Emmi Aguillard, Megan Alliston, Scott Batten, Chris Forti, Fred Hines, Jason Lakritz, Kristyn Smith and Danny Sheehan. They are joined by specialist coaches Laura Gann (nutrition and health) and Jeremy Arthur (advanced marathon training). Chris Forti is the team’s head coach.

Because our members have a diversity of interests and goals, the team usually has at least two training plans running at any given time.

The coaches have also distributed a coaching tool called the Run S.M.A.R.T. Program, which uses a mobile app to manage your training.  Check out information on the program here.

Please read this for workout details and definitions of key terms.

Please see here for information on private coaching options.

Shorter Distance Training Plans

As popular as marathons are, shorter distances are even more well attended by our members. Dashing Whippets coaches publish training plans for NYRR club points races throughout the year.  These range in distance from the mile to the half marathon.

Our team training plans for shorter distances are typically 6 to 10 weeks, with recovery periods included to allow athletes to maintain fitness without risking overtraining.  Our workouts employ a mix of hills, tempo runs, long aerobic pace runs, short/fast and long/moderate intervals to develop speed.

Longer Distance Training Plans

Dashing Whippets marathon plans are usually 15-18 weeks long with the first 4-8 weeks focusing on developing strength and speed, a second eight week phase working on specific marathon paced training, and a two to three-week long taper. Half marathon plans are often shorter, but they follow a similar approach.

Strength Training Plans

Strength training has undeniable benefits to an athlete’s training and racing performance since becoming a stronger overall athlete makes one a more durable and resilient runner, allowing one to train harder and stay injury free. However, including it in your running plan can often be difficult and tough to know where to start. For these reasons, strength training can often go overlooked.

Coach Danny Sheehan has developed this 16-week strength training program meant to be paired with our Whippets Race training plans but can also be performed at any time during your season. With a flexible template, it is catered for the novice but can be easily customized for the more experienced athlete. As you progress, the program can be repeated again and again as it includes instructions for adjustments depending on available equipment, current ability, and/or experience level. Each exercise links to a video demonstration of the movement. Please read the “How to Use This Program” section before beginning as it provides an important foundation for the entire program

Questions about any of the exercises or how to progress and adjust the program to suit your needs can be e-mailed to Danny at

Emmi Aguillard, DPT, the Dashing Whippets’ mobility and strength coach, has also developed these recommended Strength Training Plans that you may see in our training plans. Helpful instructional videos demonstrating the proper range of motions can be found in the plan document. Please do not hesitate to ask Emmi or any of our coaches for help!

Workout Support

Each event on the team calendar has an objective, even if it is as simple as a recovery run. Key sessions scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and weekends often have detailed recommended workouts that reflect the training plans currently in effect.

Run leaders adjust the workout to current conditions and the goals of the individuals in attendance. They plot the course of the training run, and, when appropriate, break attendees into groups based on training pace.

At our most advanced sessions, a run leader may guide the group through warmup exercises, lead drills to improve strength and coordination before and after the workout, and even track the times of runners as they complete the core part of the training.

The Dashing Whippets provide the structure.  But it is our members who actually provide the motivation and encouragement for each person to rise to his or her potential.  Athletes who thrive under our coaching are the ones who are personally driven to reach the next level of performance.

Our value is in providing a well-tested set of workouts, with training partners that have similar goals, all within the context of hosted runs that are friendly and encouraging to all.

Join us as we get faster together.