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Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy will be hosting a Running Event on Saturday, June 23, 2018. The clinic will provide a complimentary running assessment for injury prevention and performance enhancement utilizing its Noraxon Treadmill with video, pressure, and muscle firing (EMG) analyses. Participants will also be provided with assessments utilizing Globus Kineo and Force Plate Systems.

Please contact Bianca Rodriguez at  to schedule an appointment today! Scheduling is limited.

Results – thanks a ton to Martina, who is writing up the results! If you have any results and would like to be featured on our Weekly Wag, make sure to fill out the results form below.

Make sure to help us fill out our results database by entering your non-NYRR results here: http://www.dashingwhippets.org/race-result-submission-form/

  • Our women took first place at the 2018 Italy Run by Ferrero (5M)! Francesca DeLucia was the 6th woman OA (1st AG) and finished in 31:45. She was followed by Lauren Dorsky (33:51-3rd AG); Jennifer Marchuk (34:05-9th AG); Laureline Logiaco (34:08-7th AG) and Atlee Murphy (35:05). Elena Varas Saiz (35:39) placed 8th in her AG. Ayaba Kanther (36:15) placed 2nd in her AG. Johanna Amutenya (37:10) placed 9th in her AG. Mary Haskins (42:20) placed 10th in her AG.
  • Matthieu Grigoresco (29:30); Richard Nacin (30:58) and Brett Slater (33:49) all placed 5th in their AG. Brenton Arnaboldi (29:38) placed 6th in his AG. Bob Parsons (47:44) placed 9th in his AG.
  • Jeremy Arthur ran a new 400m outdoor record at the WRT x NBR Red Hook Games, finishing in 0:00:55 and placing 3rd OA. Cory Helder (00:57.5); Jon Epstein (00:59.1) and Jonathan Meythaler (00:59.1) placed 6th, 8th and 9th.
  • Ingrid Wells placed 1st in the women’s 5000m race, finishing in 18:18. Laura Gann (18:55) and Katherine Edwards (19:45) placed 3rd and 6th.
  • Keaton Naff placed 2nd in the men’s 5000m race, finishing in 15:44. He was followed by Specncer Zidarich (16:05-4th); Cory Helder (16:15-5th); Jordan O’Donohue (16:28-6th) and Phil Young (16:52-10th).
  • Katherine Edwards (05:47) and Regan Colestock (05:53) placed 6th and 7th in the women’s mile. Genevieve Coffey (05:58) placed 9th.
  • Karlo Mendoza placed 2nd in the men’s mile, finishing in 04:48. James Stucker (05:01) and Jon Epstein (05:04) placed 8th and 9th.
  • In the mixed 800m, Terrence McGowern (02:07); Stephen Bione (02:09) and Matt Wong (02:11) placed 3rd, 4th and 5th.
  • Our men placed first in both the DMR mixed, finishing in 11:46, and the 4x400m relay, finishing in 03:56.
  • At the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, Ned Cunningham placed 6th OA with a time of 18:18. Chris Forti finished in 20:05.
  • Stephen Gnoza placed 2nd OA at the Salomon OutdoorFest 6-Hour Ultra, covering 33M in 6:42:50.
  • Cameron Coneys placed 2nd OA at the NYCruns Narrows Halalf Marathon, finishing in 1:18:09. Dorota Sawicz ran a PR of 1:36:52, placing 3rd OA for the women and first in her AG.
  • At the Memorial Day 4-miler in Staten Island, Chris Forti placed 3rd in his AG with a time of 23:41.

2018 Points Races

All of our apparel is now at one spot at our sponsor, Finish Line Physical Therapy at 119 West 23rd Street, 3rd Floor.

To order gear:

Training Plans

Italy Run 5k

We wanted to let you know about a FREE non-competitive 5K Fun Run coming up. The This Is Italy Fun Run will take place June 30 at 9AM, kicking off at Pier 62 at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. The course will go along the water up to Pier 84 and back. Runners can register at: http://thisisitaly-run.com/register/, and you will receive a t-shirt. The first 100 people to sign up will get FREE tickets to the Guggenheim Museum at race shirt pick-up. For more information, please click here.

Injury Questions for Finish Line Physical Therapy
Have an ache or pain? Ask a physical therapy professional about it here to receive advice ASAP! http://bit.ly/DWRTinjuryq

New Members
If you are a new member of the Dashing Whippets, please join us on Mondays for the New Member and Easy Run, out of Amity Hall. Our website has a new page with FAQs for new members: http://www.dashingwhippets.org/for-new-members/

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If you want some cool running apparel, check out the 20% off code at this great shorts/running clothes maker: https://www.meetup.com/dashing-whippets/boards/thread/51227248. Check out their site here: https://www.boausa.com/

Rabbit Apparel Discount Code
We have a new team discount code for Rabbit Apparel, which has some really nice looking shirts, singlets, and other running apparel. Here’s the site:https://www.runinrabbit.com/ And the code is here: https://www.meetup.com/dashing-whippets/boards/thread/51263666

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For health and wellness needs, please consider our Wellness Partners. Thank you, Wellness Partners!

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