Welcome to the Dashing Whippets Running Team, and our Guide for New Members.

If you have questions, please ask any captain, run leader or Board member for more information.  Now:  here is how to on-board yourself!

Monday 7 pm New Member Easy Run; Wednesday 7 pm Brooklyn Easy Run.

Be sure to join our Monday night run group on West 3rd Street to meet your teammates.   For 2018, we have launched our Wednesday Brooklyn Easy Run.

These runs are at conversational pace or recovery pace, and we intend to keep it that way!   See Meetup for details.

Meetup.com Community Platform.

You may join for a 90-day free trial, at no cost, via Meetup.com.

As a new or trial member, many pages of our Meetup.com platform are now accessible to you.  You will see a calendar of upcoming events and brief profiles of your fellow team members.   Meetup also contains our team deals and discounts, which are “behind the wall” and automatically accessible when you log in as a team member.

Dashing Whippets website.

Browse through the menus on the Dashing Whippets team website.   Under “About Us”, you will find team history, and our club by-laws.   Under “Partners,” you can find our preferred Wellness Partners, and the businesses that support the club.   You can also find current training plans and biographies of your Board members.

Social media.

To follow more news of the club, and participate in our planning and discussions, click these links to:

(1)  follow us on Instagram,

(2)  join our (open) Facebook group,

(3) “like” our Facebook page, and

(4)  follow us on Twitter.

We use social media to send out team announcements, race results, and other important news.   The Facebook group is very useful for learning about changes in workouts, impromptu group runs, and other team events.

Strava – the community platform for athletes.

This web page will describe our Strava club.  Please join and keep track of your teammates — and give kudos or comments as appropriate!    Our Strava club is here.

And, don’t forget to join our Boston chapter’s Strava club here!   Nothing makes that chapter happier than receiving kudos from all of us!

Runner safety.

Please take a few moments and read this article with very useful and valuable reminders about runner safety.   It provides great advice that experienced and novice runners can and should keep in mind while running at any time of day.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How are my dues billed?

We use Meetup to manage our team dues.  Dues are $30 per year.   To update your payment information or de-activate auto-renew, click here

To talk with us about payments, just email treasurer@dashingwhippets.org and we’ll be sure to address them.

What team apparel is available and where do I get it?

The team encourages you to wear team colors at workouts to increase our club visibility!  Check our inventory list here to see what apparel is currently available.

This page should tell you all about ordering and receiving apparel.

What pace do I need to run to be on the team?

We welcome all paces.  While we run hard and race competitively, we also run to socialize and have fun.  Take a look at our team race results from a recent half marathon, and you’ll see we have runners from all pace groups.  If you are new to a training run, feel free to post your expected pace on the actual Meetup event to see if others are attending who run your pace.

If you’re new, try coming to our New Member Monday runs or our track workouts on Thursday at East River Park.  Paces range from 6:30 to 11:00 minutes per mile.

Click here for a list of our upcoming events.

What if I am interested in a more competitive training programs.

We also provide coaching and training programs for highly competitive runners, and we are proud of all that they have achieved.

Our coaches are happy to work with you to help you achieve your goals, which might be regional, national or international.  You might also wish to try out for a spot on the Dashing Whippets Performance Team, which provides support for race entry costs and other benefits.   Click here for details.

If I’d like one of the coaches to tailor a plan for me, can I make arrangements for additional coaching/ structure, etc., and work out a fee with that person?

Yes, absolutely.  Our coaching staff are all happy to work with you individually, either within or outside of the training plans.

What deals and discounts are available to members?

Deals and discounts are available behind our membership wall on Meetup.    When you log on, Meetup will detect that your dues are up to date, and you’ll have access to our current deals and discounts.  Don’t miss:  Running Wearhouse, Custom Performance, Finish Line Physical Therapy, ZipCar, Swerve, and many more.   This link takes you to our Deals and Discounts.

If I am doing an out-of-town marathon, can I create a Meetup?

We love posting new races if there is a team member who can be the “event host”.   If you can be a host for a pre- or post-race get-together (dinner? warm-up? brunch?) meet-and-greet?), feel free to email dashingwhippets@gmail.com with the date and name of the race and we’ll set you up as an Event Host.

What about these out of town relays?

First, to the right, you’ll see a cool Ragnar logo, and if you click it, you’ll see an exclusive DWRT deal to get $150 off a Ragnar team at four of their regional events.

Many team members are involved in relays such as Ragnar and Hood to Coast, which are well-organized and insured races.   If you are interested in doing something similar, asking around at a training run or on our Facebook group are generally good places to start!   Feel free to use the Facebook group to see if there is interest in any particular Ragnars, etc.

Where do I send race results if I want to share some good news with the team?

Good news:  all NYRR race results automatically update to our race results database.   If you have a non-NYRR race result, then just submit these using this link

The submission will automatically inform our Weekly Wag editors.   Use the comments to highlight something about the race.  (If you do not want to be featured in the Weekly Wag, please mention that also).

If I have an idea for a blog post (such as a race recap), whom should I contact?

Reach out to our 2017 Running Dog blog coordinator Stephen Gnoza.

I work at a restaurant, and I think I can arrange gift cards that could be prizes for the track meet, or raffles at a team party.   Is the team interested?

YES.    Send ideas for sponsorships and partnerships to:  sponsorships@dashingwhippets.org.

I am running a race to raise money for a charity.  Can I post my Crowdrise/First Giving appeal on the Facebook group?

Certainly — all members are welcome to say whatever they like on the open Facebook group.

See “Charity Partners” on the website for details of the DWRT Charitable Matching Program.  If you are running to raise money for a charity, you are eligible for a team matching grant of $50.

Facebook is an open social media platform utilized by the team for community building.  Feel free to discuss upcoming races, post relevant news, share event photos, fund-raise for race-related activities, ask for interest in an out-of-town race.  The Facebook group is for the exchange of ideas of any kind (hopefully, which relate to running).

Is anything off-limits on Facebook?

The Dashing Whippets Running Team values diversity:  of athletic ability, personal background, thought and speech.   Please note that we have a team Code of Conduct that covers conduct (not speech).  Our Code of Conduct ask that members remain respectful of our teammates and competitors.

We are here to have fun, be inclusive, and think positive.

How can I contact a Board Member about a violation of the Code of Conduct, a violation of race rules, or other concerns?

We take concerns seriously about code of conduct violations, buying, selling or giving race numbers, or any other violations of the rules of competition.  The best way to address a concern directly to the Board is to write to these two emails (address your note to one, and copy the other): board@dashingwhippets.org, and president@dashingwhippets.org.

If you have not received a response within 48 hours, please write again.

Whom should I contact on any type of feedback, for example:

  • I attended a Dashing Whippets event/run/race, and have some comments.
  • I have suggestions for the team.
  • I would like to volunteer my time/skills or join a committee.

We welcome all kinds of feedback.  Please email comments@dashingwhippets.org, and we’ll be sure to pass along the feedback to the appropriate individuals and committee leaders.

Thank you!