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  • The 2017 NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K was the last club point-race of 2017! Both our men and our women placed 4th.  Hugh Parker (50:05) and Karlo Mendoza (51:52) placed 5th and 6th in their AG. Hugh Parker improved his old team record by one minute and 24 seconds! They were followed by Olivier Wijtenburg (53:05); Philip Young (54:06) and David Goldfarb (54:44).  Justin Shane (55:46); Thomas Flanagan (55:47) and Jonathan Kline (56:42) placed 6th, 7th and 1st in their AG.
  • Kathleen Servidea (1:00:01) and Molly Wawrzyniak (1:00:38) placed 3rd and 4th in their AG. They were followed by Barbara Mann (1:02:26); Veronica Boswell (1:02:28-8th AG) and Rachael Keller (1:03:52-8th AG).  Eris Saari (1:13:20) placed 6th in her AG.
  • Chandler Self WON the BMW Dallas Marathon 2017, finishing in 2:53:57!
  • Anish Sharma represented us in the half marathon, finishing with a 6 minute PR of 1:33:27.
  • John Castonguay placed 8th in his AG at the Kiawah Island Marathon, finishing in 3:11:09.
  • We had some strong performances at the USATF Club XC Championships in Lexington, Kentucky.  Keaton Naff set a new XC 10k team record of 33:59. He was followed by: James Stucker (34:54); William Washer (35:43); Garrett Burger (36:13); Alex Noble (37:30); Chris Forti (39:06) and Zachary Shtogren (39:44) raced the 10K distance.  Jessy Scarpone (21:52) finished in the top 100 for the 6K, setting a new XC 6k team record for the women! She was followed by Jessica Chichester (22:24); Elizabeth Laseter (22:28); Brigette Kolson (22:38); Rebecca Verrone (23:25); Laura Gann (23:31); Lauren Dorsky (24:34) and Juliana Ross (24:48).
  • The NYRR Night at the Races 1 took place last Thursday.  The following women represented us in the 800m: Carly Graham (2:30-3rd OA); Meghan Bongartz (2:38-6th OA); Kristen Elkins (2:53).  For the men, we had Yoonseok Lee (2:23); Young Cho (2:26); Scott Batten (2:33) and Adam Beilman (2:45).  Carly Graham (5:18); Emmi Aguillard (5:27) and Meghan Bongartz (5:37) placed 4th; 7th and 8th in the mile. Kristen Elkins finished in 5:59.  Olivier Wijtenburg (4:21) placed 2nd OA in the mile. He was followed by Young Cho (5:22); Yoonseok Lee (5:30); Scott Batten (5:35) and Adam Beilman (5:48).

2018 Points Races

1. Washington Heights 5K (3/4/2018)
2. UAE Healthy Kidney 10K (4/29/2018)
3. Brooklyn Half (5/19/2018)
4. Queens 10K (6/16/2018)
5. Team Champs (7/28/2018)
6. Percy Sutton 5K (8/25/2018)
7. NYRR 5th Avenue Mile (9/9/2018)
8. Bronx 10M (9/30/2018)
9. Staten Island Half (10/14/2018)
10. TCS NYC Marathon (11/4/2018)
11. Ted Corbitt 15K (12/8/2018)


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