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Hi all,

Before COVID, I used to send a weekly email to the team with updates, but haven’t in the past year since there wasn’t a lot going on. I thought I would restart sending some updates as we gradually return to normal, although probably not on a weekly basis.


Upcoming Races:

If you are doing any of the races below, make sure to RSVP:


Make sure to follow us on:

Training Plans
See all the team training plans here:

Team members can have workouts pushed to their phone via the Run Smart app. Information on that here:

If you have any questions, please email!

Race Results:

If you have run any races in the last year, please make sure to input your result here so we have it in the team database!

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More about Matt

Matt co-founder of the Dashing Whippets with Rich since May 2009. Matt has been running since joining his high school cross country team his sophomore year. Since being with the team, Matt has completed 3 marathons with a 2:57:24 PR at the 2013 Boston Marathon and many other races, including a 4:48 mile at the 2015 Fifth Avenue Mile and a 1:18:53 half marathon in the 2014 NYC Half Marathon. Matt lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn with his wife and twin daughters. Read more at Board of Directors

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