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Welcome to this week’s edition of our weekly news and events roundup of all things Whippet-related.

Races Nearing Capacity
If an upcoming race is nearing capacity and you want to do it, make sure to register! It’s almost impossible to get in once the race fills up.

Other Updates

Results – thanks a ton to Martina, who is writing up the results! If you have any non-NYRR results and would like to be featured on our Weekly Wag and have the result in our database, make sure to fill out the results form here: http://www.dashingwhippets.org/race-result-submission-form/

  • Our women placed 1st at the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon Training Series 18M. Sarah Mellea placed 9th OA for the women. Stefanie Spanfeller (2:12:49) and Barbara Mann (2:13:48) placed 6th and 3rd in their AG. Maggie Mocete (2:16:37) and Amy Roberts (2:19:41) placed 9th and 5th in their AG.
  • Aaron Larkin (1:57:37) and John Whelchel (2:06:37) placed 2nd and 6th in their AG. Josef Ziegler (2:10:41) and Jonathan Meythaler Falcones (2:21:36) placed 10th and 6th in their AG.
  • Peter Goldwasser and Afshin Rostami placed 1st and 2nd in their AG at the 2019 Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K, finishing in 20:04 and 20:30. Joseph Masibay (25:35) and Emily Barker (32:31) placed 5th and 7th in their AG.
  • We had some very strong performances at the NYCRuns Newport Liberty Half Marathon!  Steve Bione placed 5th OA for the men, finishing in 1:17:23. We had the following women placing in the top ten: Laura Gann (1:23:14-2nd OA); Meghan Bongartz (1:26:21-4th OA); Rose Willey (1:28:59-7th OA).  Naomi Barnett (1:32:00) and Jenny DiMascio-Donohue (1:37:15) placed 4th in their AG. Bobby Vasquez (1:32:46), Atlee Murphy (1:33:46) and Sarah Hernandez (1:33:56) all placed 5th in their AG. Rachel Jonas (1:34:09) and Jill Czarnik (1:34:12) placed 6th in their AG. Celeste Candela (1:37:03) and Jessie Zaccaro (1:43:16) placed 10th and 8th in their AG. March Rehman (1:38:50) placed 9th in his AG.
  • Kristyn Smith was the 5th woman OA at the Big Cottonwood Marathon, where she finished in 3:05:55.

2019 Points Races

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