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NYC Marathon

Congratulations to everyone who ran the NYC Marathon! We’ll have more individual results written up next week, but here are a few highlights:

  • 237 Whippets finished the race – the most of any non-charity team!
  • Our men’s open team was fourth and our women’s open team was second! If you take out professional runners, those two teams were second and first!
  • By my count (so unofficially), 69 Whippets ran a Boston Marathon qualifying time!

A ton of Whippets had PRs! A short list of people who ran PRs or great times (all from the comments on Garrett’s Facebook post):

  • Andrey Kirichenko ran a course PR
  • Perry Anderson ran a 12 minute PR (and broke 3:00!) with a 2:58
  • Rachael Keller ran an 8 minute PR in her second marathon to run a 2:47:35 and is just 2:35 away from qualifying for the Olympic Trials! Sammy Creath (14 minute PR) and Francesca DeLucia (4 minute PR and 16 minutes faster than her NYCM of 2 years ago) are each just about 5:00 away after their great times.
  • Dennis Ryan ran a 22 minute PR to run a 3:06.
  • Nicole Tilzer ran a 3:54.
  • Stephen Gnoza ran 3:01 – a 3:00 PR.
  • Juliana Ross ran a 3:22 in her first marathon and negative split (hardly anyone does that on this course, especially in their marathon debut!).
  • Lindsay Albala ran a 10 minute PR and a 21 minute course-PR.
  • David Eng ran his first marathon ever in 3:28.
  • Manson Wong ran his first in 4:05.
  • Roni Sommer ran a BQ and 1 minute PR with a 3:26.
  • Laura Gann ran a BQ with a 3:09 in her first marathon and PR’d in the half marathon along the way.
  • Alex Noble ran a 7 minute PR in his second marathon (2:48!).
  • Julie Cesbron ran a 3:54 (3 minute PR)
  • Jaime Tan ran a 4:07 a few weeks after running a 3:56 in Berlin (last year she ran a 4:40 in the NYCM, so this was a 33 minute improvement).
  • Young Cho PR’d from 4 weeks ago with a 3:11.
  • Avi Das ran a 4 minute PR with a 3:38.
  • Noel Slater ran a 4:03 in his debut marathon.
  • Laura Stephen ran 3:34 for a 4 minute PR.
  • Fred Hines ran 2:49 for a PR of almost 2 minutes.
  • David Goldfarb ran a 6 minute PR with a 2:50:41.
  • Grace Berry ran a 6 minute PR with a 3:43.
  • Tracey Rohrer ran a 5 minute PR.
  • Alejandro Sanchez ran a 3:11 in his second marathon to BQ.
  • Hamish Alexander ran his first marathon in 4:25.
  • Andrew Skrilow ran a 6 minute PR with a 3:33.
  • Anastasia Voevodin ran a 3:04 to PR by 22 minutes!
  • Katie O’Leary ran her second marathon in 4:15 – a 13 minute PR.
  • Margot Yopes ran a 3:47 to get a 3 minute PR.
  • Michelle Lin ran a 8 minute PR with a 3:38.
  • Paul Park ran a 16 minute PR with a 3:48!

I know I missed some people, so great job to everyone else who ran such great times. I also hear that the cheering along the course was amazing, so thanks to everyone who was out there yelling!

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Non-Marathon Results
Results – thanks a ton to Martina, who is writing up the results! If you have any results and would like to be featured on our Weekly Wag, make sure to fill out the results form below.

Make sure to help us fill out our results database by entering your non-NYRR results here: http://www.dashingwhippets.org/race-result-submission-form/

  • Our women took first place at the NYRR 2017 Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff (5M).  Megan Keane (34:38) placed 4th in her AG. She was followed by Kahela Mahon (38:12); Brianna Mcloughlin (38:27); Alexandra Dunn (38:32) and Eris Saari (39:11-2nd AG).
  • The men placed second. Olivier Wijtenburg placed 2nd OA with a time of 26:47. Matthew Feick (31:59), Brian Skorney (32:18) and Richard Nacin (33:05) placed 8th, 10th and 7th in their AG. Rory Coons finished in 33:11.
  • John Emy finished the Amsterdam Marathon in 3:24:56.
  • At the Fall Foliage Half Marathon, Elizabeth Miller (1:43:28) was the 7th woman OA.

2017 Points Races

Injury Questions for Finish Line Physical Therapy

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Training Plans

New Members

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DWRT Charitable Matching Program

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DWRT’s 2017 Wellness Partners and Sponsors

For health and wellness needs, please consider our Wellness Partners. Thank you, Wellness Partners!

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