Whippet Wisdom: Marathon Performance Grading

The race is over, now what???

Performance Grading
Now that the race is a couple days in the past and the dust has settled, it’s now time to take a look back at everything accomplished over the past few months. At the beginning of the season you may have created time goal(s) for the race. How did you do versus those goal(s)? You may grade yourself simply on the answer to this question, but the true answer is not that simple. If we relate this to how you were graded in school, the marathon is not a pass/ fail class. The overall grade you give yourself is based upon several factors – similar to tests, quizzes and class participation.

Test: The first thing you will do is compare your finish time against that one singular time you had in mind when the season began. Remember, this is not a pass/ fail class! How did that final exam (the race) go? Did you get out comfortably, too fast, or too slow? Did you “fall asleep” in the middle of the race? Were you happy with your final 10K? Did you get enough fluids, gels, etc during the race? Did you remember to relax your form when you got tight? Did you high five little kids on the side of the road?

Quizzes: You had many of these throughout the training season – long runs, interval workouts and/ or races. How did they go? Did you not run enough miles this training season? Too many? Was the pace of your long runs and/ or interval workouts any indication of your fitness level come race day? If not, how come? Most importantly, what did you learn from this training season (long runs, workouts and/ or races) that can be applied to future training seasons?

Class Participation: You just trained for and finished a marathon! And not just ANY marathon, but the biggest and one of the toughest in the world. That itself is a tremendous accomplishment and we all get an “A” in this section!!

Considering ALL of this, how would you grade yourself now? Think long and hard about it because many factors go into this grade and not all of them are tangible.

Congratulations again on an amazing race!! See you all out on the roads again soon.
Coach 40

PS You’ll be happy to know this will be the last time this training season you have to hear from me. 🙂

More about Chris Forti

Chris grew up just outside of Boston where he competed at the high school and collegiate level. In Boston, he coached athletes with varying objectives - from youth to high school to adults - and went so far as to marry his favorite athlete. He joined the Whippets in 2013 and is excited to be coaching for this highly motivated group. He works at siggi's yogurt in New York City as a demand planner and can be found playing "catch the red laser dot" with his favorite kitty, post-run. He calls himself "40" because "Forti" is evidently too many typeface characters to handle and can be found on Facebook, Twitter (@chris40runs), and Instagram (@chris40runs)

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