Getting to know Our Wellness Partners—Russ Stram Runner Clinic NYC

What got you into running?

Kenyan Runners track teamI joined my very first track team when I was a kid back in 1984. My classmates told me running is not a sport, while I enjoyed the competition and many health benefits for the body, they saw it as more of a punishment in gym class.

What first interested you in physical therapy and acupuncture?

Over the years, I have unfortunately experienced the injuries and muscle strains that inevitably come with running. Seeking to learn more about the body after high school, I got a job as an aide at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital. It was there that I learned about helping people to recover and regain function with Physical Therapy. I eventually became a PT, with a focus on orthopedic rehabilitation.

rackWhat made you decide to incorporate PT with acupuncture?

I realized that my career path was very vigorous and took a toll on the body. In one of my first jobs out of PT school, I had the good fortune to be introduced to acupuncture by a co-worker. After it helped get rid of my back pain, I was sold. Once I discovered it also relieved my old running injuries, that made me recognize acupuncture’s potential to treat numerous other conditions, and promote a general well being. I decided to go back to school for acupuncture, and focus on dynamic sports therapy using both acupuncture AND physical therapy. I decided that my business would reflect the theme that has been a major part of my life for the past 30 years, and 3 years ago I opened up my own practice and Runner Clinic NYC was born.

clinic spaceWhat are some of your other interests and hobbies?

I enjoy studying Japanese language and culture, and I credit living in Japan and running the Tokyo Marathon in 2007 for reviving my interest in running as an adult. I have also started doing triathlons recently, and completed the Ironman Mt. Tremblant race last year.

– Russ Stram PT, LAc.
Masters of Physical Therapy from New York Medical College ’99
Masters of Acupuncture from Tri State College of Acupuncture ’05

Runner Clinic NYC
55 West 39th Street, Suite 708
New York, N.Y. 10018
(917) 484-0887treadmills

More about Dashing Whippets Running Team

The Dashing Whippets Running Team is a New York based running team that is founded on, and driven by, the diversity of our team members. With team members from all over the city, the country and the world, and with greatly different running goals, we find unity in recognizing and appreciating each others differences and our mutual enjoyment of running and participating in the New York running community and beyond.

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