Dashing Whippets Training Plan, May 16 – 22, 2016

This weekly message keeps active members informed of the Dashing Whippets training activities for the next seven days.

Best of luck to the many Dashing Whippets who will represent our team in the Brooklyn Half this Saturday!

Dashing Whippets Training Plan for the Week

This the final week of a training plan for the Brooklyn Half, and a short recovery period for Boston and New Jersey marathoners. If you are aiming for a shorter distance this summer, follow the “Short Distance Specialists” workouts to maintain your fitness during this period.

Please click on the links below to RSVP if you are planning to come out to one of these training events!

Note: Almost all training paces, such as 5K, 10K, half marathon, should be your estimated pace if you ran the race today — not your goal or PR pace. (Exception: Marathon pace is your goal pace or best guess of your well-trained marathon speed.) You can use the Daniels VDOT calculator to estimate your pace from a recent result.

Monday 5/16: Easy day

Tuesday 5/17: Long speedwork day: Warm up 1.5-2 miles. Then…

  • Brooklyn Half competitors and Short distance (5K-15K) specialists (with a solid base of speedwork): 1.5 miles at half marathon pace, then 3:00 of jogging. Then 800m at 10K pace, then 2:00 of jogging. Finally, do 4 repeats of 200m at faster than 5K pace, with a 1:00 jog between them. Finish with an easy 1-2 miles to cool down.
  • Runners who are building a base (not much recent speedwork): Two repeats of 1.5 miles at half marathon pace, with a three-minute jog between them. Finish with a 1-mile cooldown.
  • Recent marathoners: If you ran Boston or another mid-April marathon, do the Brooklyn Half workout, but skip the 200m repeats. If you ran New Jersey or another late-April marathon, do the base building workout.
  • Manhattan group workout in Central Park at 7pm: http://www.meetup.com/dashing-whippets/events/230611984/
  • Brooklyn group workout in Prospect Park at 7pm: http://www.meetup.com/dashing-whippets/events/230696821/

Wednesday 5/18: Recovery day

  • Brooklyn half marathoners should run 40 minutes easy
  • Everyone else should do 25-40 minutes of easy running or aerobic system cross training

Thursday, 5/19: Short speedwork day: 20-minute warmup, including jogging/drills/strides, then…

Friday 5/20: Very easy day

  • Brooklyn Half runners should rest or, optionally, do a short shakeout jog of 20 minutes or less. Regardless, eat and go to bed early!
  • Everyone else should rest, or do the Monday or Wednesday workout today if you missed it

Saturday and Sunday, 5/21-5/22:

  • Best wishes, Brooklyn Half competitors! Take Sunday and Monday off.
  • Everyone else: On one day, do 30-50 minutes of easy running followed by 4 repeats of 100m strides. On the other day, do a long run of 1:00 to 1:45 in duration (depending on your fitness level) at 45-60 seconds/mile slower than marathon pace.

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