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Thanks to the hard work of our Dashing Whippet Metrics Team, we now have our first online, fully-sortable, results database.  If we were keeping records on who has the best metrics team, our Dashing Whippets metrics team would hold all the records.  Please thank the metrics team: Brian Donaghy, Young Cho, Andrea Gallego, and Andrew Hadro.  Special thanks to Scott Batten who got our results database off the ground before passing the “batten” over to the metrics team. Quick plug: spread the word for Andrea’s new company Rise & Think, which is an innovative approach to the way we move throughout the work week.
Click on the link to check out our DWRT sortable results database.  The site currently captures 9,641 Dashing Whippet results.  Notice any missing DWRT results?  Submit them here.  The Metrics Team has promised that for as long as we all keep running inspired races and setting personal records, results will be collected and stored neatly in this fully-sortable results database.  Enjoy.

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Matt is one of the co-founders of the Dashing Whippets with Rich.

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