New Training Plans — and reminder about virtual team activities

By Scott Batten

Dashing Whippets coaches are pleased to announce that we have launched two new training plans this month. Each plan is relatively short, under eight weeks, and they allow runners to build your fitness, maintain strength, and even sharpen up for virtual races.

Short Distance Training Plan (May 11 – July 5)

Led by Fred Hines, a coach with deep experience helping athletes achieve results from 400 meters to 15K+, this plan lays a foundation for training to come in the summer. Coaches have injected a wider variety of workouts than in past plans. Although its main focus is 5K-15K runners, it also includes alternatives for those who are preparing for races of 3000m or shorter.

Fall Marathon Base Building Plan (May 18 – June 28)

The thought leader on this project is Jeremy Arthur, a coach who brings a wealth of wisdom on raising the bar even when it is already very high. This initial plan allows fall marathoners to gradually build or maintain their fitness. The coaches’ intent is to help runners safely recharge batteries before more strenuous training begins in July. This plan will be followed by additional programs specific to fall marathons still on the calendar.

Virtual Team Activities, May 17 – 23

As a reminder, NY residents are now required to have protective face-wear if they cannot reliably social distance. We encourage you all to embrace the #runsolo initiative and stay safe. Our team’s virtual activities offer another way to engage with each other and boost all of our spirits. We would love to see you participate in any of the following:


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