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  • The 2017 Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon, a club-point race, took place last Saturday. Our women placed third! Jessy Scarpone, who finished in 1:20:51, placed 10th in her AG. She was followed by Kendall Lyons (1:22:24); Jessica Chichester (1:22:57), who placed 9thin her AG; Francesca DeLucia (1:23:10) and Brigette Kolson (1:24:23).
  • The Women Master Team placed fourth. Kathleen Servidea finished in 1:27:07, placing 3rd in her AG. Kim Martineau (1:31:01) and Carol Stickler (1:36:39) both placed 8th in their AG.
  • Our men placed sixth. Justin Scheid led the way, finishing in 1:08:40 and placing 3rd in his AG and 15th OA. Luke Baltrusch (1:12:12) placed 9th in his AG. He was followed by William Washer (1:13:41); James Stucker (1:14:45) and David Roeske (1:14:50-7th AG).
  • Chris Dawes (1:19:13) placed 6th in his AG, leading the Men Master Team to 5th place. He was followed by Jason Brown (1:24:14) and Bobby Liu (1:26:16). Karlo Mendoza (1:15:45) placed 2nd in his AG. Congrats on their PRs to: Anastasia Voevodin (1:26:48); Dennis Ryan (1:27:02); Cara Rabin (1:32:38); Heather Weneck (1:46:48) and Hamish Alexander (1:58:27).
  • A few Whippets represented us at the Sugarloaf Marathon last Sunday! Micheal Miller placed 2nd in his AG and 7th OA, finishing in 2:55:51. Meghan Bongartz (3:11:57) was the 7th woman OA and placed 2nd OA. Selina Sakoto Highstein ran a PR time of 3:44:44.
  • Ryan Hepworth placed 4th OA and first in his AG at the NYPD Memorial 5k, running a new PR of 17:06.
  • Our women placed first at the NYRR 2017 Japan Run (4M). Lauren Lopez (27:15) and Patricia Choux (27:43) placed 3rd and 2nd in their AG. They were followed by Lauren Theurkauf (29:37), Colleen McKown (29:44) and Elena Varas Saiz (30:30).
  • The men took third place. David Roeske (22:20) placed 8th OA. He was followed by Michael Esposito (22:44 – 4th AG), Joshua Whitcraft (22:50 – 3rd AG), Stephen Dennison (24:01) and Rick Thiounn (24:47).
  • Nicole Tilzer and Daniela Alvarado placed 1st and 2nd in their AG at the ALS 5K in Miami!

2017 Points Races


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Training Plans
Shorter distance plan coming soon!

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We encourage all teammates to get to know our Wellness Partners, who are committed to keeping us healthy, strong and fast.

Two free spin classes at Swerve
We have a deal for two free spin classes at Swerve. Check it out:  https://www.meetup.com/dashing-whippets/messages/boards/thread/50792838

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