How Two Sisters are Running for a Purpose

How can we get more involved?

If anything, this election cycle has made many people pay attention to what’s happening in their communities along with the rest of the country. Where many issues have left some of us divided, two sisters on the team have decided to try to make a difference by mobilizing after the Women’s March. According to this newsweek article, there was “record-setting participation around the world and many Americans have been left wondering how to move the momentum forward.”

Caitlin and Megan decided to continue with “Run Your Country” a postcard-writing initiative in their home city to encourage residents to voice their opinions and concerns.  This is part of the initiative outline from the Women’s March from the 10 actions in 100 days. They are using running to encourage others to get involved with their civic duties.

The instructions:

Write a postcard to your Senators about what matters most to you—and how you’re going to continue to fight for it in the days, weeks and months ahead… You can go it alone, or consider inviting some friends, neighbors and fellow Marchers over for a drink or dinner sometime in the next ten days to talk about your experience and fill out your postcards.

However, “the Jones sisters invite runners to join them on February 1 for a 1.3-mile run, starting outside of Trump Tower between 56th and 57th streets on Fifth Avenue, and ending inside the U.S. Post Office at 421 Eighth Avenue in Manhattan. (They also welcome non-runners to walk the course.) They are self-financing the project, printing 500 postcards and senators’ address labels, buying postage stamps and designing “writing history” pens to assist the process.”

What’s great about this initiative is that it encourages everyone to voice whatever they are concerned with. Or, if they’d like to thank their senators that’s welcomed to.

From the Jones:
The run starts at 7PM and 7:30PM starts post-card writing.
They are currently are looking for pacers or run leaders for groups of 10 to prevent chaos which they do have permits for.
Also if anyone has additional postcard stamps that would be appreciated.
Feel free to message them to coordinate, the route will not be revealed until the night of the Feb. 1st.

Photo: Caitlin Jones, left, and Megan Jones race in the “GOWalk Your Dog 5k Run” on Staten Island, New York, in September 2015.

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