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Welcome to this week’s edition of our weekly news and events roundup of all things Whippet-related.

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Results – thanks a ton to Martina, who is writing up the results! If you have any results and would like to be featured on our Weekly Wag, make sure to email her.

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  • At the 2016 Race to Deliver 4M, our women placed 2nd. Brigette Kolson (24:49) placed 1st in her AG and 5th OA for the women. She was followed by Kathleen Servidea (26:02), who placed 4th in her AG. Emma Skygebjerg (27:12) and Lauren Lopez (27:50) both placed 6th in their AG. Caitlin Williamson (27:15) and Christine Peddy (28:58) placed 3rdin their AG. Maria Vlassenko (28:15) placed 4th in her AG. Paula Scaminaci (30:24) placed 5th in her AG.
  • Ryan Hepworth (23:12) placed 10th OA, 9th for the men and 3rd in his AG. Stephan Brohme (26:05); Michael Miller (26:07) and Neil Carragher (26:54) placed 6th, 7th and 9th in their AG.
  • Meanwhile in the Bronx, our men took 3rd place at the NYRR Fred Lebow Cross Country Championships. Arjun Pundarika (18:12) and Matthew Wong (18:42) both placed 4th in their AG. Lenny Shulgin (19:02) and Chris Forti (19:13) placed 10th and 6th in their AG.  Meghan Bongartz (23:01); Sarah Zaorowski (27:21) and Kelsey Butler (29:00) placed 5th, 3rd and 8th in their AG.
  • Hammers were dropped left and right during the 2016 Philadelphia Marathon!  Congrats to Skyler Mosenthal (2:53:47); Ethan Rouen (2:57:41); Kim Martineau (3:09:47); Stephen Seeler (3:14:42); David Valentino (3:15:46); Daniel Deluna (3:24:04) Naomi Keena (3:33:16, her first BQ!) and Kinna Harland (3:57:21)!  Matan Korrub and Kirby Mosenthal represented us in the half marathon, finishing in 1:25:37 and 1:31:27.
  • Kaccie Li destroyed the Revel Canyon City Marathon, finishing in 3:12:42.
  • At the NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half Marathon, Stephen Dennison placed 7th in his AG and 11th OA, finishing in 1:24:11.
  • Michelle Lin finished the Black Rock Trail Race (12KM) in 1:05:55, placing 3rd OA for the women.


  • Many Whippets represented us at the Prospect Park Track Club Turkey Trot 5M! Rich Hsieh and Heather Weneck finished together 40:16! Andrey Kirichenko ran a PR of 32:12. Frederick Hines finished in 32:22. Nick Grinlinton (28:14) placed 3rd in his AG and 6th OA. Katherine Yang and Sarah Tin finished in 41:41 and 42:47.
  • Francesca DeLucia placed 5th OA for the women and 1st in her AG at the Troy Turkey Trot (10K), finishing in 38:18.
  • At the Sparta SEC Turkey Trot 5K, William Washer (16:53) placed 4th OA.
  • Dylan McMahon placed 6th OA at the Montgomery County Family YMCA Turkey Trot 5M, finishing in 35:45.
  • Lauren Lopez finished the Mortiz Fort Worth Turkey Trot (10K) in 44:12.
  • Kirby Mosenthal (19:04) placed 2nd in her AG at the New Ro Turkey Trot (5K).
  • Emmi Aguillard (30:28) placed 5th OA at the New Orleans 109th Annual Turkey Day Race (5M).
  • Jaime Chien finished the NYC Turkey Trot (5K) in 27:03.
  • Cheryl Goldwasser (35:28) placed 1st in her AG and was the 7th woman OA at the Born to run 5 miler.
  • Jordan Rose (22:13) was the 10th man OA at the Somerville Gobble Gobble Gobble 4M.
  • Sky Canaves (32:23) placed 1st in her AG at the ThunderCould Subs Turkey Trot 5M.
  • William Griffith finished the Rockland Road Runners Turkey Trot (5M) in 32:55.
  • Jenna Moulton (30:51) placed 1st in her AG at the Drumstick Dash (4.65M).
  • Caitleen Kahn (19:55) was the 3rd woman OA at the Milwaukee Turkey Trot.
  • Ned Cunningham (27:30) placed 3rd OA at the Face to Face 24th Annual Turkey Trot (5M).
  • Spencer Zidarich finished the Bonfield Express 5K in 16:53.
  • Caitlin Jones (24:13) was the 6th woman OA at the 67th Annual Lou Marli Turkey Trot 5K.
  • On Thanksgiving day, Rick Thiounn ran two back-to-back races! He placed 1st in his AG and 9th OA at the Plymouth Thanksgiving 5 Miler (32:55) and 3rd in his AG and 11th OA at the Plymouth Thanksgiving Day Races – 5K (21:01).

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