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Welcome to this week’s edition of our weekly news and events roundup of all things Whippet-related. 

The Dashing Whippets Running Team thank our 2016 Team Sponsors for their generous support of the club: RunnerClinicNYC, HomeAdvisor.com, Brooklyn Roasting Company, Strava, Fitletic, Inc, and adidas.


Points Races

Results – thanks a ton to Martina, who is writing up the results!
Make sure to help us fill out our results database by entering your non-NYRR results here:http://www.dashingwhippets.org/race-result-submission-form/. Your entries get automatically forwarded to Martina so she knows to write up your results!

  • At the Queens 10K, our women took 2nd place. Theresa Tufaro (42:51) was our first woman and placed 10 OA for the women and 2nd in her AG. She was followed by Jenna Moulton (44:03-7thAG); Dioris Romero (44:30-5th AG); Bondy Hui (44:54-10th AG) and Georgina Norton (44:57-6thAG). Daniil Blinov placed 5th in his AG with a time of 38:06. Congrats to Steve Wo (38:06) and Perry Anderson (41:15) on their PRs!
  • Congrats to Roman Matuska and Tiger Ellen on conqueering the Great New York 100 Mile Running Exposition!
  • Young Cho ran the Grandma’s Marathon in very rough conditions, finishing in 3:42:25.
  • At the Running with the Devil 3-hour trail race, Skyler Lewis was the 4th woman OA and placed 1st in her AG.
  • Olivier Wijtenburg won the June 22nd Al Goldstein 5k in a fast 15:59 – 33 seconds ahead of second place. Spencer Zidarich was fourth and Eric Morley was fifth. Zach Shtogren was a solid 8th place. Also running solid times were Lauren Lopez, Blaise Chow, and Kim Velsey!


For a limited time, we are reducing the price of our singlets and long sleeved shirts from $25 to $20. Jackets are still $110. Apparel will be available at Custom PT at the seminar tonight!

See info below:

Training Plans

The Dashing Whippets Running Team and Strava

The DWRT have adopted Strava as our key community-building platform. Please feel free to join (it’s free) and link your GPS watch, or log and monitor your workouts.

You can set any workout as “private,” or you can share your routes and give kudos and comment on our friends’ workouts. Please join the team’s group, as our target is to have 300 of our teammates participating on the platform by December.

Adidas club run, 6:30 pmJuly 6.

The DWRT is pleased to be one of the lead team partners to Adidas, one of the world’s largest retailer of high-quality sportswear and running gear. Our next Adidas run is Wednesday, July 6, at 6:30 pm at the Adidas store, Broadway and Houston Street. Bag drop is available.

DWRT’s Wellness Partners

Thank you again to our team’s Wellness Partners. This month, we are pleased to welcome Body Balance Integrated Massage, one of New York’s finest sports massage therapists. Body Balance Integrated Massage joins our roster of top Wellness Partners, which include Upper East Orthopaedics, P.C., RunnerClinic NYC, NY Custom PT & Performance Center, SDL Sports and Performance Chiropractic, and Bauer Dental Arts.

We encourage all teammates to get to know our Wellness Partners, who are committed to keeping us healthy, strong and fast.

DWRT’s Team Sponsors

We could not do what we do with our Sponsors.  Please join us in thanking and recommending our Team Sponsors: Brooklyn Roasting Company, Fitletic, Inc., HomeAdvisor.com, Strava, Inc, RunnerClinic NYC, and Adidas.

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