Chandler Rainey’s Hamptons Half Marathon Recap

On September 26, Chandler Rainey was the third woman to cross the line in 1:26:40 to qualify for the sub-elite corral in the NYC Marathon. Here are her thoughts on the race:

The Hamptons Half Marathon is a great race, though with a few minor adverse conditions. Getting to the race is difficult as available parking is scarce. I got dropped off by family, so it wasn’t a problem for me but something to keep in mind for the future. Also, It’s a small race but despite it’s tiny field size, there were not enough porta-potties at the start and the lines were crazy-long. I was able to find a somewhat hidden porta-potty with a short line before the race. Yay! For bag check, they do not provide you with a plastic bag to put your stuff in. Doh, it’s not NYRR event. You have to bring your own bag. 12 year old kids are in charge of taking your bag and putting your number on it. In the end, they did a great job, but it was slow and disorganized.

The half marathon course is extremely hilly. Lots of short steep up-hills, but luckily usually followed by an equally steep downhill. There were also lots of long, smaller gradient hills that were really tough mentally. The longest uphill lasted for almost a mile, around mile 8. The runners are pretty well spread out by that point, so hardly any one to run with. It was windy too, so no one to draft off of. The course is mostly on a quiet road with minimal traffic. Some spectators occasionally along a course but not many. It’s a quiet, beautiful course surrounded by tall trees. At least the prettiness takes your mind off the awful hills.

The finish line is small and cute. Lots of water and food available at the finish. Then there’s an after-party at a nearby bar at 3pm where they tons of food for free and cheap beer at the bar.

Overall, a great race experience. Would recommend this half-marathon!

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Matt is one of the co-founders of the Dashing Whippets with Rich.

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  1. Lindsay bruinsma

    Nice job Chandler!! Looking forward to cheering you on at NYC Nov 1 🙂


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