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Welcome to this week’s edition of our weekly news and events roundup of all things Whippet-related. Sorry for the short one this week, but I’m on vacation!

Upcoming Events

These team points races are now open for registration:

Road Race

Results – Fill out this survey to submit any non-NYRR results:

  • I’ll make sure to get a Team Champs writeup in next week’s wag (on vacation now), but the team did great! Our open women solidified third place, our men are going to be in a tight race for fifth place throughout the year. Our masters teams are also going to be in tight races, so the next few races are going to be extremely important.
  • Make sure to help us fill out our results database by entering your non-NYRR results here: http://www.dashingwhippets.org/race-result-submission-form/ Please enter results as far back as to when you first joined the team!

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Matt is one of the co-founders of the Dashing Whippets with Rich.

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