Race Report: New Jersey One Day

I wanted to take a moment to refer you all to the most recent post by reigning Whippet Ultra Queen, Sky Canaves.  As opposed to having me repost, I would urge you all to head directly to her website and read about her fascinating journey as runner, and eventually, a top-flight ultra competitor.  Sky is now firmly ensconced in the top-ten in the 24 hour race ratings, and I need to have her teach me how to have a smile on my face, even when the suffering is at it’s worst (I simply don’t know how she does it!).

As her friend and great rival Maggie Guteri describes it: “Don’t be fooled by her cuteness…”, as apt a description of the diminutive killer as there ever was.

The link: http://skyruns.org.  Go and read it!  And enjoy!!  JAK

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