Since we’ve had such great participation in the Tour de Summer so far, especially amongst team members from around the country, we thought we’d profile a few.  If you’d like to register for Stage 3 of the Tour, please do so HERE.

Julia Sienski (@hailpizza).

PRs: mile: 4:52, 3k: 9:34, 5k: 16:40. Haven’t run any (non-virtual) road races yet so excited to start to get some new PRs on the roads once corona is over!

Favorite Race:  My favorite race has always been the mile. I was much more 5k focused in college and didn’t have the speed to be super competitive in the mile but it’s always been my favorite race because it’s so fun. It’s so painful but by the time you can fully process the pain the race is over. I love the universal way it translates to everyone, even people who don’t run often or competitively. Non-runners may not know what a fast 5k, 10k or marathon time is, but most people have some sort of mile PR they can remember and are equally blown away when they hear of someone running a sub 4 minute mile.

Favorite running movie / running scene in a movie: Not a movie, but every time Chris Traiger runs or exercises in Parks & Rec I crack up.

If you could do an easy jog with anyone, who would it be and why: Douglas Adams. Considering he was 6’5” and a rather large man, I doubt he was a competitive runner BUT in my ideal world, Adams is able to do a 12 mile LR where I get to pick his brain about how he was able to come up with his insane ideas in Hitchhiker’s Guide. I feel like a good long run allows people to really open up about their lives and running with him at the Rockies would be the perfect setting to hear about his writing process.

How long have you been a Whippet?  Since January or February I think! Just barely got to go on a few whippets runs before the world shut down


Kirby Mosenthal (@Kirbrunner).

PRs:  5k- 19:04, 4miles- 24:26, 10k- 40:22, 13.1- 1:29:00 26.2- 3:26:06

Favorite Race:  Boston Marathon- I ran it in 2014, the year after the bombings. The incredible camaraderie amongst the runners, the tremendous crowd support, and the powerful emotions made for a race experience that I will never forget.

Favorite running movie / running scene in a movie:   Without Limits- we watched at least one of the three Prefontaine movies every summer during high school at running camp, and this one was my favorite

If you could do an easy jog with anyone, who would it be and why:  Killian Jornet- his athletic feats are truly incredible, and I admire him for remaining true to his passions. I would love to join him on one of his scenic mountain routes (as long as he walks while I run!).

How long have you been a Whippet?  I joined the Whippets in 2012 when I lived in NYC. I moved out to Westchester a few years later and got into the trail running scene. When I started road running again I really missed the team aspect of running, so my brother and I decided to start the DWRT Westchester chapter in 2018. I am so grateful for the many running opportunities and great friendships that being a part of the Whippets has provided me!


Martin Hansson (@volvocarsmanhattan)

PRs: I don’t have any crazy PRs to share, but I’m really excited to see my 10K PR decrease every month.

Favorite Race: As of right now, my favorite race must be the NYRR Virtual Brooklyn Half-Marathon. It was my first half and has got me really motivated to participate in future half marathons and maybe even a marathon eventually.

Random Fact: I never considered myself a runner, but I gave it a chance when we partnered with the Dashing Whippets, and now I’m hooked!

If you could do an easy jog with anyone, who would it be and why: I would love to do an easy jog with former Swedish high jumper Stefan Holm. He was a huge role model for me growing up and continues to be even now.

Tell us about your running group (Martin works at Volvo, which is a DWRT Sponsor!):  I’m really excited to be a part of the Volvo Cars Running Club. It has been a great experience to connect with colleagues across the world through running.


AJ Khaw (@ajkhaw)

PRs: I haven’t been motivated by PRs for a while.  I’m just happy that I have been able to run throughout this pandemic and see our city evolve since March.

Favorite Race: The renegade relay races that I’ve done with some great Whippet friends over the years such as Hood to (p)Hilly and Hood to Hudson. They’re always a ton of fun between the costumes, playful pranks against other teams, and side adventures to find beer.

Favorite running movie / running scene in a movie:  Forrest Gump (Honestly, I haven’t watched too many running movies.)

If you could do an easy jog with anyone, who would it be and why:  I would love to do an easy midnight jog talking politics with Donald Trump through the South Bronx.

How long have you been a Whippet?  I’ve been with DWRT since 2011.  I’ve met some very cool people on training runs and some of my most trusted friends here.

What do you do when you’re not running?   When I’m not running, I’m often playing and composing music. Some of my best ideas have come to me while running like my latest song, Our Distance.


Cori Nawn (@mudnotblood_trailrunner)

PRs:  Trail running & ultras are my true calling, so my “PR”s are more place-based than time-based, but I won 1st female in the Stone Cat 50K last November. Before Covid hit, I was ~2 weeks away from an almost certain BQ & marathon PR (sub 3:30)…so that one is still to come as soon as road marathons are back!

Favorite Race:  Boston Marathon has a special place in my heart, having grown up watching both my parents run every year.

Favorite running movie / running scene in a movie:  “The Barkley Marathon: The Race that Eats its Young” – the documentary captures the unbelievable insanity that is ultra & trail racing…which is also equally why we love it!

If you could do an easy jog with anyone, who would it be and why:  Courtney Dauwalter – she is the most dominant female ultrarunner and seems like the chillest person

How long have you been a Whippet?  I’ve been a (Boston) Whippet for about a year since moving back to Boston from Texas


Kira Prentice (@kiracp)

PRs: 5K 20:42, half 1:39:28,  marathon 03:44:58

Favorite Race:  Capital 10K in Austin — biggest 10K in texas! growing up, the route went by my house which is at the top of a big hill. we’d buy dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts and hand them out to the runners (believe it – we never had leftovers!). this is probably where I decided running was the sport for me. you can eat a donut in the middle? awesome.

If you could do an easy jog with anyone, who would it be and why:  I would love to run with MEB! Meb embodies the love of the sport and his smile and energy are contagious! I actually paid a confused barber to shave his name into my head before a marathon once,don definitely made me run faster.

How long have you been a Whippet?  I joined the Boston club in fall 2018 to have a group for long runs before my second marathon. and stayed for the great group of people — and fans — and running motivation through Boston winters!


Austin Duckworth

PRs: 5k: 14:31 10k: 30:55, HM: 1:08:55

Favorite Race:  Peachtree Road Race. It’s hot, the course is tough, but the amount of people both in the race and supporting along the course make it an incredible experience.

Favorite running movie / running scene in a movie:  In the movie Chariots of Fire there is a character called Lord Andrew Lindsay and there’s a scene showing him practicing hurdles with champagne balanced on the edge. Lindsay is based on a real person named Lord David Burghley who was actually president of the IAAF and his daughter’s response to the idea of him using champagne? “he had far too high a regard for champagne to risk wasting it if he brushed a hurdle”

If you could do an easy jog with anyone, who would it be and why:  Emil Zatopek. He is in the top 3 most accomplished distance runners of all time. I’d like to talk about his experiences winning at the Olympics and discuss training ideas and philosophy.

How long have you been a Whippet?  Austin isn’t officially a Whippet, but he and long-time member (and current Austin, TX residents) are engaged!


Janet Lee Adam (@jtlee04)

PRs: 5k->21:17, 10K->46:16, 26.2 x 14-> 3:29:16

Favorite Race: The Marathon.  It’s a big project to train for and so much energy and excitement from the other runners and the crowd!

Favorite running movie / running scene in a movie: Forrest Gump- in my first marathon, there was a guy running near me dressed like Forrest Gump and that was really fun to see in “real life.”

If you could do an easy jog with anyone, who would it be and why: If I could do an easy jog with anyone, it’d be President Obama. He has so much experience and insight and wisdom, I’m sure there’d be a lot of things to talk about!

How long have you been a Whippet? Not on a team, but my brother-in-law (Terrence McGovern) is a Dashing Whippet!