In response to the 2019 team survey, the DWRT Coaching Staff is proud to offer two brand new offerings to help achieve your goals.

Whether the goal is moving up a corral at NYRR races, beating a race time barrier, trying something new, or adding better nutrition to aid your running, our coaching staff can help.

We come to you with a diverse running background — from milers to marathoners with years of experience and certifications. And we are offering a private coaching structure to match you up with the right person to help you achieve your running goals.

We’re also offering a two-tiered nutrition consultation with our nutritionist, Laura Gann, to help with the one of the most underappreciated components of many athletes’ training.

Below is our tcoaching and nutrition structure for your review. If interested, please email “” and we’ll follow up. We look forward to working with you!

Individual, Personalized Coaching

  • Customized weekly training plan for any race tailored to you as an individual and your personal goals
  • What you get:
    • Individualized training plan created by DWRT coach updated weekly based on goal and performance
      • Specific to upcoming race, season, or general structure
      • Will correlate with team practice when applicable
    • Open email access to your private coach as a resource throughout training cycle
    • Pre-race meeting to discuss race strategy, performance, psyche, etc.
  • Cost = $150/mo


Nutrition Consult:

Tier 1: One-on-One Nutritionist Consult

  • Initial consult to understand specific goals related to nutrition and how to achieve those goals in a healthy and sustainable way (1 hour)
  • What you get:
    • Assessment of past and current diet to inform a plan moving forward
    • Structured nutritional goal setting
    • Example meal ideas, meal planning/prep tips
    • Time to ask specific questions
  • Cost = $75 for a one-time, 60 minute session


Tier 2: One-on-One Monthly Check-ins with Nutritionist

  • Initial consult PLUS monthly check-in sessions (1 hour)
  • What you get:
    • The first session would be the same as the initial consult, but with a customized meal plan outlined to help guide future meals and achieve specific nutritional goals
    • More in-depth meal planning/examples
    • Follow-up sessions to check-in with initial goals
      • Discussion of what works, what doesn’t
      • Discussion of successes and challenges
      • Time to ask additional questions
  • Cost = $100/month


We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!
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