DWRT is proud to announce its 2016 Performance Team.  To qualify for the Performance Team, a runner must satisfy these minimum requirements:

  • Run at least one NYRR points in the 6 months prior to being named to the team
  • Be an NYRR member
  • Be a member in good standing of the Dashing Whippets Running Team
  • Have achieved one of the time standards below (track or USATF-certified course) or run a time over 85% Age Graded in the past 12 months


Men Women
Mile 4:35 5:15
5K 15:45 18:20
4 Miles 20:40 24:00
5 Miles 26:30 30:20
10K 33:00 38:00
15K 50:30 58:30
10 Miles 54:30 1:03:00
Half Marathon 1:13:00 1:24:00
Marathon 2:33:00 2:57:00


DWRT Performance Team members receive race support for NYRR points races in 2016.  Athletes satisfying the above requirements and achieving the time standard automatically qualify for the team.  Athletes close to the standards can submit (email ) an application to be reviewed by a committee of board members and DWRT coaches.


The DWRT Performance Team

Henrietta Aitken


Age:  34

Background: Started running while a member of the Oxford University crew team

PRs:  10k: 39:46, Half Marathon: 1:24:54

Profession: Works as a manager of corporate communications strategies for tech companies


Jessica Chichester


Age:  29

Background: Ran collegiately at SUNY Albany

PRs: 5k (road): 18:41, 6k (cross country): 23:34, half marathon: 1:25:06, marathon: 2:59:19

Profession: Works as a Registered Nurse at AMN Healthcare.


Jennie Cohen

Age:  31

Background: Ran in high school at Loomis Chaffee (CT)

PRs: 5k (road): 18:21, 4M (road): 23:46, 10k (cross country): 39:17, 10M: 1:03:17, half marathon: 1:25:47

Profession: Works as a middle school Spanish teacher


Francesca DeLucia

Age:  27

PRs: 5k (road): 19:02, 10k (road): 40:35, half marathon: 1:26:06 marathon: 2:56:47

Profession: Works in client financial services at Bloomberg

Fun Fact:  Has taken more than 60 minutes off her half marathon time since she began racing


Bianca Jackson


Age: 23

PRs: 4M:  23:52, 5M:  30:08, half marathon:  1:25:49

Profession: Works as an investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley

Fun fact: National champion in three different sports – synchronized skating, karate, and rowing


Elizabeth Laseter

Age:  27

Background: Ran collegiately at The Johns Hopkins University

PRs:  Mile: 5:11, Beer Mile: 6:53, 3000m Steeplechase: 11:09.63, 3000m 10:19, 5k: 17:52, 5M: 30:48, 10k: 37:32, 15k: 58:09

Profession: Works in programming at the James Beard Foundation

Fun Fact:  One of the top ten beer milers in the world


Brigette Kolson

Age:  29

Background: Ran collegiately at the University of Pennsylvania

PRs: 18:43 5000m (indoor), 4M (road):  24:39 , 5M:  31:18

Profession: Works in product development & production at Carolina Herrera

Fun Fact: In 2007, I ate the entire McDonald’s dollar menu in one sitting (Dollar Menu Challenge)

Kim Martineau

Age:  43

PRs:  4M: 25:40, 5M: 32:17, 10M: 1:07:25

Profession: Works in communications at Columbia University.

Fun Fact:  Nominated for the 2015 40-44 NYRR Age Group Runner of the Year

Carolina Peña

11249470_10208671634214023_5188081640493422932_oAge:  42

PRs:  10k: 38:30, 15k: 1:00:54, Half Marathon: 1:25:59, Marathon: 2:59:08

Fun Facts:  Nominated for the 2014 40-44 NYRR Age Group Runner of the Year.  Grew up in Chile.  Mother of four



Chandler Rainey

Age:  30

Background: Maiden name Self – ran collegiately at Texas A&M University

PRs: 5K (indoor track): 17:31, 10K(outdoor track): 37:45, half marathon: 1:26:37, marathon: 3:01:24

Profession: Works as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Beth Israel

Luke Baltrusch

Age:  31

Background: Ran collegiately at Augustana University (SD)

PRs: Mile: 4:12.39, 3000m: 8:25, 3000m steeplechase: 9:00, 5000m: 14:51, 8k (xc): 24:15, 10M: 56:18

Profession: Works as a sales manager at Toyota Tsusho America

Fun Fact:  Division II All American in the 3000m steeplechase


Matthew Boughton

12339427_10208937508780721_4198203722335563555_oAge:  25

Background: Ran collegiately at Arizona State University and Purdue University

PRs:  1500m: 3:57, 8:18, 5000m: 14:22, 5M: 27:48, Half Marathon: 1:17:50

Profession: Works as a restructuring analyst at Houlihan Lokey

Fun Fact:  2 time Arizona high school cross country champion


Ned Cunningham

Age:  26

Background: Ran club cross country at the University of Pennsylvania

PRs:  Mile: 4:33, 5k: 15:56, 5M: 27:01, 10k: 33:35, Marathon: 2:56:17

Profession: Student at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business

Fun Fact:  Would like to break 6:00 at the beer mile



Christopher Dawes

CD RunningAge:  43

PRs:  10M: 57:17, Half Marathon: 1:15:54, Marathon: 2:39:06

Profession: Works as an Assistant Professor at the NYU Department of Political Science.

Fun Fact:  Nominated for the 2015 40-44 NYRR Age Group Runner of the Year

Jonathan Kline

Age:  55

Background: Began serious racing at the age of 53

PRs:  Mile: 4:58, 4M 22:14, 5M: 27:47, Half Marathon: 1:19:48, Marathon: 2:53:59

Profession: Performing Artist and Sales & Events Professional

Fun Fact:  2X NYRR ROY nominee and Running Times Honorable Mention for best Age Group Runners in the United States – 50-54


Skyler Mosenthal
Age:  29

Background: Ran collegiately at Denison University

PRs:  5k (indoor): 15:37, 5k (road): 15:34, 8k/5mi (XC): 25:33, 10k (road): 34:00, 10k (XC): 34:08, Half Marathon: 1:14:14

Profession: High School Math Teacher at Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School; Indoor Cycling Instructor at SWERVE Fitness

Fun Fact: my best move on the dance floor is a standing backflip . . . what-whaaattt?


MacLean O’Donnell

Age:  25

Background: Ran collegiately at Texas A&M University and the New School

PRs:  1500: 3:46, Mile (indoor): 4:04, 3K(indoor): 8:07, 5k: 14:03, 8k(XC): 24:16, 10k(XC): 30:55

Profession: Works as a fashion director/creative director for Delfina Balda.

Fun facts:  9th place Nike team Nationals and is a 3-time Tennessee XC team champ

David Roeske

Age:  34

PRs: Mile: 4:32, 5k: 16:07, 5M: 27:43, 10M: 55:51, Half Marathon: 1:14:42, Marathon: 2:37:25, 8th in the 2016 Empire State Building Run-Up, 1st in the Denver Fight for Air stair race

Profession: Works as an associate portfolio manager at Lyrical Partners

Fun Facts:  Started running as an adult in 2008.  Has summitted Mount Everest and competes in stair climbs regularly.  Goal is to beat the fastest known time up Longs Peak in Colorado.  Attended Stanford University


Olivier Wijtenburg


Age:  34

PRs: 800m:  2:00.3, 1M:  4:27.48, 5k:  15:59,  4M:  21:03






Mark Degenhart


Background: Ran at Lehigh University

PRs: 800m: 1:57, Mile: 4:31, 5k (road): 1620, 8k (XC): 27:10, Half Marathon: 1:15:53, Marathon: 2:43:45

Profession: Works as a consultant at Accenture