Looking to add your team name for the Tour de Summer races?  Here are some instructions / screenshots that might help smooth out your journey:

Adding Team Name

You can use your web browser or you can download the VDOT app, your choice.

Add Dashing Whippets to your account page (note: this worked better for us in a web browser, not the app)

























Syncing your GPS (Strava / Garmin) with VDOT

This link is very helpful, so check this out!

Set-Up Instructions: Auto-Sync VDOT Workouts To Garmin Connect

And also this link:

Linking GPS Device for Virtual Races

In case you still still need help syncing Strava/Garmin, we’ll start by saying you can try the web browser if you are unable to do it via the VDOT app.  Don’t forget to change your settings so that your race results are visible in VDOT (see below).  And, if you are using Strava, you need to edit your run so that it is a “race” and visible to “Everyone”


























See the Run Type?  Change that to “Race”







And change the “Privacy Controls” to “Everyone”









Syncing GPS

  • VDOT O2 currently pulls in GPS data from Garmin and Strava. If you use another GPS recording device you can always connect it to Strava to participate.
  • Before starting your Challenge make sure your watch or phone is properly connected to GPS. If you start your Tour de Summer before your phone or watch has connected to GPS your data might sync inaccurately.
  • Make sure to enter and save your exact Tour de Summer time on VDOT O2 after GPS has synced to the run (see below on how to do this, if you are stuck). GPS data often has warm-up, cool-down or other data that can cause the result to be inaccurate. Only manually entered and saved race results will be included in the official results. The GPS is used for verification and may be scrutinized by our rules committee.
  • If you’re having trouble with your GPS, follow these steps:
    • Ensure that your account is connected with the correct VDOT account
    • Disconnect then reconnect your Strava or Garmin. Once you’ve done this, complete a test run (start and stop a run and then upload it). Sometimes Garmin or Strava does not push new runs until the first time you’ve uploaded an activity.
    • Set your runs to public (in Strava and VDOT…see above for how to do this).
    • If you still have trouble, you can email and please include the email that you are using for your VDOT account and a public URL to your strava or garmin activity.

Manually Adding a Race Result To Your VDOT Calendar

In order to be included in the Tour de Summer results, you must enter your result on either mobile and VDOT web.  We will use GPS to verify your result, but your result must be manually entered.

First, navigate to the VDOT page in either your web browser for your VDOT app:


  1. Select “Training” from the menu









2. Now select your Tour de Summer race:

















3. Then you can enter your race time (where it says “your time here” below) and Save This Workout!










If you have any additional questions, feel free to email and