Looking to sign up for a VDOT race?  Here are some instructions / screenshots that might help smooth out your journey:

1. Visit the VDOT site for race rules and information: https://vdoto2.com/virtual-racing

This rules and guidelines FAQ page is also helpful.

2. If you are struggling to join, follow these steps.  First, click the green “Enter VDOT Challenge” button

















3. You can use your web browser or you can download the VDOT app, your choice.  Note that for sign-up and Strava/Garmin syncing, we found the web browser to be more successful.  Don’t forget to change your settings so that your race results are visible.

















4. Sync your VDOT account with Strava and/or Garmin (note: this worked better for us in a web browser, not the app)









5. Add Dashing Whippets to your account page (note: this worked better for us in a web browser, not the app)

























6. Pick a day that you want to race (you can change it later).  To start, click on the blue VDOT challenge bar in your calendar view:









Then select the date and distance and save:

























Notice you now have the VDOT challenge listed in your calendar!









7. Race, as per the VDOT Rules!

8. After you race, you must click the race on your calendar view and manually enter your race result, and hit save. If you don’t do this, you won’t be counted in the results! (Results/GPS data is scrutinized to ensure rules and guidelines were followed before results are published.)

9. The Monday following your Fri-Sun VDOT Challenge, the results will be posted!

If you have any additional questions please email info@vdoto2.com.