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July| Miscellaneous

  • Ryan Hepworth (29:17) and Chris Forti (29:39) represented us at the Arielle Newman 5 Mile Run in Staten Island. Ryan came 1st in his AG and 5th OA while Chris placed 2nd in his AG and 8th OA.
  • Cici Pandol ran a new PR of 46:11 at the Firecracker 10k.
  • Our women placed 3rd at the 2017 Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run (5M). Lauren Dorsky (31:58) was the 10th woman OA and placed 1st in her AG. She was followed by Chandler Rainey (32:00-6th AG); Katherine Edwards (35:33); Genevieve Coffey (35:55-7th AH) and Naomi Keena (40:16).
  • Our men placed 5th thanks to Andrew Hadro (31:22); Dennis Ryan (32:52-9th AG); Young Cho (33:27); Mark Jurgens (35:05) and Zain Cheng (36:09). Mark Heller (38:02) placed 8th in his AG.
  • At the 2017 Achilles Hope & Possibility (4M), both Michael Fosco (23:35) and Lauren Dorsky (25:06) placed 1st in their AG. Grace Berry (27:37) placed 2nd in her AG.
  • Meghan Bongartz placed 5th in her AG at the Steamboat Classic 4M, finishing in 26:16.
  • Martina Di Marco, Stephen Gnoza and Matan Korrub represented us at the Sleepy Hollow Triathlon, placing 1st OA as a relay team and finishing in 1:06:02. Stephanie Gnoza placed 1st in her AG, finishing in 1:20:57.

June| Miscellaneous

  • The NYRR Queens 10K, a team-point race, took place last Saturday. Our women placed 4th thanks to Jessica Chichester (37:46-4th AG); Carly Graham (38:40-9th AG); Chandler Self (38:54-8th AG); Emmi Aguillard (39:08) and Brigette Kolson (39:37-9th AG). Ann Restak (41:30) placed 10th in her AG.
  • Our men placed 4th as well. Justin Scheid (31:51) placed 10th OA. He was followed by James Stucker (33:21); Spencer Zidarich (34:54); Ned Cunningham (35:06) and Zach Custer (35:16). Michael Fosco (36:28); Matthew Wong (36:49) and Jonathan Kline (36:50) placed 5th, 8thand 1st in their AG. Michael Esposito (37:58) and Frank Drury (41:01) placed 6th and 9th in their AG. Congrats on their PRs to Nick Grinlinton (35:18) and Heather Weneck (48:54)!
  • Yuliya Shyrokonis (1:35:38) was the first woman OA at the Brooklynite Half Marathon.
  • Terrence McGovern ran a 05:05 at the Harlem 1-Miler, placing 9th OA and 5th in his AG.
  • A group of Whippets ran and PR’d at the second Al Goldstein 5k in Prospect Park. Matt Maline won in 16:09. Eric Morley was 3rd in a PR of 16:58. Rory Coons, Katie Edwards, and Patricia Tirona also ran big PRs! Andrey Kirichenko ran 20:05 (although I’m not sure if that’s a PR!).

May| Miscellaneous

  • Stephen Gnoza represented us at the Spring Lake 5M in New Jersey, finishing in 30:18 and placing 6th in his AG.
  • Ryan Hepworth (22:40) placed 1st in his AG at the Staten Island Advance Memorial Day 4 Mile Run.  Chris Forti ran 23:15 and was second in his AG.
  • The 2017 Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon, a club-point race, took place last Saturday. Our women placed third! Jessy Scarpone, who finished in 1:20:51, placed 10th in her AG. She was followed by Kendall Lyons (1:22:24); Jessica Chichester (1:22:57), who placed 9thin her AG; Francesca DeLucia (1:23:10) and Brigette Kolson (1:24:23).
  • The Women Master Team placed fourth. Kathleen Servidea finished in 1:27:07, placing 3rd in her AG. Kim Martineau (1:31:01) and Carol Stickler (1:36:39) both placed 8th in their AG.
  • Our men placed sixth. Justin Scheid led the way, finishing in 1:08:40 and placing 3rd in his AG and 15th OA. Luke Baltrusch (1:12:12) placed 9th in his AG. He was followed by William Washer (1:13:41); James Stucker (1:14:45) and David Roeske (1:14:50-7th AG).
  • Chris Dawes (1:19:13) placed 6th in his AG, leading the Men Master Team to 5th place. He was followed by Jason Brown (1:24:14) and Bobby Liu (1:26:16). Karlo Mendoza (1:15:45) placed 2nd in his AG. Congrats on their PRs to: Anastasia Voevodin (1:26:48); Dennis Ryan (1:27:02); Cara Rabin (1:32:38); Heather Weneck (1:46:48) and Hamish Alexander (1:58:27).
  • A few Whippets represented us at the Sugarloaf Marathon last Sunday! Micheal Miller placed 2nd in his AG and 7th OA, finishing in 2:55:51. Meghan Bongartz (3:11:57) was the 7th woman OA and placed 2nd OA. Selina Sakoto Highstein ran a PR time of 3:44:44.
  • Ryan Hepworth placed 4th OA and first in his AG at the NYPD Memorial 5k, running a new PR of 17:06.
  • Our women placed first at the NYRR 2017 Japan Run (4M). Lauren Lopez (27:15) and Patricia Choux (27:43) placed 3rd and 2nd in their AG. They were followed by Lauren Theurkauf (29:37), Colleen McKown (29:44) and Elena Varas Saiz (30:30).
  • The men took third place. David Roeske (22:20) placed 8th OA. He was followed by Michael Esposito (22:44 – 4th AG), Joshua Whitcraft (22:50 – 3rd AG), Stephen Dennison (24:01) and Rick Thiounn (24:47).
  • Nicole Tilzer and Daniela Alvarado placed 1st and 2nd in their AG at the ALS 5K in Miami!
  • At the Broad Street Run 10M in Philadelphia last Sunday, Bill Washer set a new team record in the 10 miler, finishing in 55:15! Young Cho (1:05:03) Jeff Nicastro (1:10:50) both ran a PR! Grace Berry finished in 1:12:08.
  • It was a great day for the team at the Providence Marathon! Drew McDonald (3:19:37); Adam Beilman (3:38:06); Cici Pandol (3:53:40) and Laura McDonald (3:54:23) represented us in the marathon. James Kraemer, from our Boston chapter, ran his first marathon in 3:36:39!
  • Joseph Siefers (1:37:43); Larissa Coyne (1:40:48); YoonSeok Lee (1:45:33) and Eugenia White (1:47:57) represented us in the half!
  • Greg Pezolano finished the Belfast City Marathon in 3:00:59.
  • Our women placed FIRST at the 2017 SHAPE Women’s Half Marathon. Meghan Bongartz placed 8th in her AG and finished in 1:31:08. Ann Restak (1:35:26); Barbara Mann (1:35:34) and Lauren Lopez (1:35:40) placed 6th, 7th and 9th in their AG. Kristen Anderson was our fifth woman and finished in 1:37:45. Patricia Choux (1:38:02) finished 2nd in her AG.
  • We had some amazing performances at the New Jersey Marathon 2017! Steve Wo ran a PR of 2:57:29, breaking the 3:00-hour barrier for the first time and placing 9th in his AG. Stephen Gnoza ran a fifteen-minute PR, finishing in 3:03:46 and qualifying for Boston 2018. Lindsay Albala, who ran a ten-minute PR of 3:30:02, qualified for Boston as well! Kelsey Butler PRd in the half, finishing in 1:55:05.
  • We had two women placing in the top 10 at the Red Hook Crit 5K. Brigette Kolson placed 9th OA, finishing in 18:37 and Elizabeth Laseter followed right after in 18:38.
  • Mary Haskins placed 4th in her AG at the Revel Mt Charleston, finishing in 3:50:04.

April| Miscellaneous

  • Our women placed 8th at the BAA Boston Marathon 2017! Our top finishers were Jessica Chichester (3:04:01); Samantha Creath (3:06:18); Emmi Aguillard (3:11:53); Bianca Jakson (3:20:30) and Cara Rabin (3:20:59).
  • Congrats to Jordan Rose, who was our first man and ran a PR of 2:42:58! Laura Huselton, from our Boston chapter, ran an amazing PR of 3:03:07.  Many others ran great races in the warm weather.  Please check our results database in the next few days to see all of the Boston Marathon results!
  • Our women placed 2nd at the 2017 Run as One (4M). Kathleen Servidea (24:58) placed 9th OA for the women. She was followed by Barbara Mann (25:29 -2nd AG); Lauren Lopez (27:06-9th AG); Juliana Ross (27:28 -5th AG) and Cheryl Goldwasser (27:30). Meghan Gutenkust (28:02) and Katie Haddock (30:53) both placed 7th in their AG. Michael Esposito (23:09) and Stephan Brohme (25:48) placed 5th and 9th in their AG.
  • At the 2017 UAE Healthy Kidney 10K, a club-point race, our women took 4th place. Jessy Scarpone (36:43) placed 9th in her AG. She was followed by Elizabeth Laseter (37:56); Brigette Kolson (38:01-5th AG); Molly Wawrzyniak (39:18) and Jesse Baldwin-Philippi (40:12-8th AG). Sarah Knox (46:03); Paula Scaminaci (46:27) and Mary Haskins (51:28) placed 8th, 5th and 9th in their AG.
  • MacLean O’Donnell (32:47) placed 9th in his AG and led the men to 7th place. He was followed by Cory Helder (34:18); James Stucker (34:23); David Roeske (34:29-6th AG) and Karlo Mendoza (35:16-1st AG).
  • Robert Meyer (35:24) placed 9th in his AG.
  • We had some outstanding performances at the Paris Marathon 2017! Carolina Pena was our first woman and finished in 2:52:41. Francesca De Lucia ran a new PR of 2:54:24. Stephen Seeler and Chandler Rainey finished in 3:02:31 and 3:10:49.
  • Lisa Ying ran a 2:05:44 at the Hollywood Half Marathon.
  • Our women placed first at the NYRR 2017 Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe (4M) Barbara Mann (25:41) was the first woman OA. Elizabeth Maiuolo (28:04) and Patricia Choux (28:31) placed 3rd and 2nd in their AG. They were followed by Kaela Mahon (29:00) and Elena Varas Saiz (29:47). Katie Haddock (31:03) placed 6th in her AG.
  • The man placed second thanks to Bobby Liu (23:47– 3rd AG); Stephen Seeler (24:04-7th AG); Andrew Leibowitz (24:19-9th AG); Frank Drury (25:01-2nd AG) and Manus O’Callaghan (26:16). Bill Harris (26:34) placed 8th in his AG.
  • Caitleen Kahn was the 4th woman OA (2nd AG) at 22nd Annual Donor Dash 10K, finishing in 40:26.
  • Cheryl Goldwasser and Steve Lee represented us at the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC, finishing in 1:12:13 and 1:22:40.

March| Miscellaneous

  • Our women placed second at the NYRR Central Park Spring Classic 10K. Rachel Jacqueline (43:30) placed 7th in her AG. Elizabeth Maiuolo (45:27) and Patricia Choux (45:28) both placed 2nd in their AG. They were followed by Eileen McShane (48:33) and Naomi Keena (48:55).
  • The man placed third. Tim McGarry (35:18) placed 9th OA and 2nd in his AG. Ryan Hepworth (37:05) and Michael Esposito (37:22) placed 9th and 4th in their AG. They were followed by Stephen Seeler (38:52) and Jens Kanther (41:23).
  • Billy Washer came in 9th overall at the Garden State 10 miler in 55:23!
  • We had some amazing performances at the 2017 United Airlines NYC Half!  Carolina Pena was our first woman and placed 2nd in her AG, finishing in 1:20:13.  Bianca Jackson (1:22:47) and Kathleen Servidea (1:27:50) both placed 9th in their AG.
  • Congrats on their PRs to: Jordan Rose (1:15:02); Stephen Gnoza (1:23:48); Emmi Aguillard (1:23:55); Samantha Creath (1:24:46); Perry Anderson (1:25:26); Anastasia Voevodin (1:27:29); Dennis Ryan (1:27:36); Maria Vlassenko (1:33:09); Danielle Schultz (1:36:36) and Nicole Tilzer (1:44:12)!
  • The NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5Kwas the first team point-race of the year!  Our women placed 4th. Jessy Scarpone placed 7thOA for the women and finished in 17:52. She was followed by Jessica Chichester (18:16-5th AG); Brigette Kolson              (18:26-7th AG); Elizabeth Laseter( 19:01) and Kathleen Servidea (19:42).  Laura Gann (19:47); Kim Martineau (20:29) and Laura Stephen (23:12) placed 5thin their AG).  Kristen Anderson (20:25)placed 7th in her AG.  Christine Peddy (22:44) and Mary Askins (25:11) placed 8thin their AG.  Juliana Ross (21:14) and Sarah Tobin (25:37) placed 10thin their AG.
  • Our men placed 5ththanks to MacLean O’Donnell (16:04); Evan Flach (16:21); William Washer (16:43); Jordan Rose (16:48) and Cory Helder (16:55).  Jon Kline (18:43) placed 1stin his AG.  Cooper Kersey (17:06) placed 6thin his AG.  Michael Fosco (17:41) placed 8thin his AG.  Matthew Wong (17:48) placed 9thin his AG.  Tim Travitx (18:13) placed 10thin his AG.
  • Jessica Chichester battled some really strong headwinds last Saturday in Brooklyn and WON the NYCRUN Frozen Penguin Half Marathon!
  • Joseph Siefers represented us at the Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathonon February 5, finishing in 1:31:48.

February| Miscellaneous

  • Congrats to Perry Anderson, Matan Korrub and Russ Stram, who represented us at the Tokyo marathon last Sunday! With his 3:10:56 finish, Perry punched his ticked to Boston 2018!
  • Our men placed 2nd the 2017 NYRR Al Gordon Brooklyn 4M. Olivier Wijtenburg (20:39) placed 4th OA and 2nd in his AG. He was followed by Zach Custer (22:24-5th AG); Spencer Zidarich (22:46-5th AG); Eric Morley (22:51-7thAG) and Jonathan Park (22:52-8th AG).  Alex Noble (23:07) and Matthew Wong (27:27) placed 7th in their AG. Fred Hines (23:05) and Michael Fosco (23:09) placed 6th and 1st in their AG. Terrence McGovern (23:26) and Neil Carragher (26:39) both placed 9th in their AG.
  • The women took third place thanks to Caitleen Kahn (25:25), who placed 10th OA for the women. She was followed by Lauren Lopez (27:08-9th AG); Elizabeth Maiuolo (28:12-3rd AG); Michelle Lin (28:38) and Patricia Tirona (28:46-5th AG).  Sarah Tobin (34:11) placed 5th in her AG.
  • Mallory Brennan placed 5th in her AG at the Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon, finishing in 3:42:47.
  • At the PPTC Cherry Tree 10 Miler & Relay in Prospect Park, both Francesca DeLucia (1:05:06) and Kim Martineau (1:11:44) placed 1st in their AG. Sarah Tobin’s relay team with Laura Stephen and Mary Haskins placed 2nd in their age group (1:20:17) and Michael Fosco (1:02:57) placed was 3rd in his AG. Stephen Dennison finished in 1:07:30.
  • Jacquii Alexander placed 7th OA for the wome at the Dirty Feet 5K snowshoe race in Big White (BC, Canada).
  • At the NYRR Gridiron 4M, both our women and our men took third place!
  • The women were led by Barbara Mann (25:47-4th AG) and followed by Kristen Anderson (26:42-7th AG); Courtney Reidy (27:10-10th AG); Lauren Lopez (27:16) and Genevieve Coffey (27:25). Elizabeth Maiuolo (28:51) placed 8th in her AG.
  • Justin Scheid placed 2nd OA and 1st in his AG, finishing in 20:29. He was followed by Jordan Rose (21:40-3rd AG); Ryan Hepworth (22:40-6th AG); Michael Fosco (23:07-3rd AG) and Eric Buscarino (23:22).
  • We had a few Whippets representing us at the Mile Mania Gran Prix #3 in Staten Island.  Juliana Ross ran a 5:52 for the 1M and a 13:18 for the 2M.  Lan Nguyen ran a 3:18 for the 800m; a 6:48 for the 1M and a 14:40 for the 2M.  Chris Forti finished the 1M 5:19 in and the 2M in 11:50.  Bobby Judge ran a 2:32 for the 800m; a 5:30 for the 1M and a 12:20 for the 2M.

January | Miscellaneous

  • We had a great showing at the NYRR Night at the Races Meet 3 last Thursday!  Olivier Wijtenburg and Bobby Judge represented us in the 800m, finishing in 1:59 and 2:30.
  • Jessy Scarpone placed 1st OA in the 5000m, finishing in 17:41. She was followed by Carolina Pena (18:04-5th OA); Brigette Kolson (18:30-9thOA); Emmi Aguillard (18:32-10th OA) and Tessa Benau (19:32).
  • We had the following men competing in the 5000m: Matt Maline (16:20); Olivier Wijtenburg (16:38); Cory Helder (16:45); Chris Forti (17:25); Michael Fosco (17:33); Alex Noble (17:38); Ryan Hepworth (17:39); Terrence McGovern (18:30); Stephen Wo (18:55); Daniil Blinov (19:33) and Bobby Judge (20:09).
  • Our women placed FIRST at the 2017 NYRR Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon!  Kendall Lyons (1:25:09) placed 4th OA for the women and 1st in her AG. She was followed by Kristen Anderson (1:37:08-10th AG); Genevieve Coffey (1:38:24-7th AG); Margot Yopes (1:42:21) and Carol Stickler (1:42:39-4th AG).  Dan Barnes placed 12 OA and 2nd in his AG, finishing in 1:19:28! David Goldfarb (1:22:07) and Bobby Liu (1:25:29) placed 5th and 4th in their AG.
  • Jerlyn Thomas was the 10th woman OA at the Coldwater Rumble 52K, finishing in 6:59:29.
  • We had a few Whippets representing us at the Charleston Half Marathon last Sunday!  Bianca Jackson (1:25:52) and Francesca DeLucia (1:26:06) placed 2nd and 3rd OA for the women! They were followed by Emmi Aguillard (1:28:03); Laura Huselton (1:30:51); Leah Robbins (1:41:06) and Meredith Nadler (1:48:48).
  • Jordan Rose placed 1st in his AG and 7th OA at the SRC 10 Mile Run to the Blue Point Brewery, finishing in 59:14.
  • At the NYRR Night at the Races last Thursday, Jessy Scarpone won the 3000 in 10:11! Olivier Wijtenburg ran the 1000 in 2:38and then proceeded to run the 3000 in 9:38. Bobby Blackk ran a 3:17 in the 1000, a 1:50 in the 600, and an 11:47 in the 3000.
  • At the NYCRUNS Cocoa Classic 10 Miler, Thomas Garvey placed 2nd in his AG and 6th OA, finishing in 1:06:21. Jenna Moulton (1:17:20) placed 5th for the women and 2nd in her AG.
  • Michael Fosco placed 3rd OA in the 5 Miler, finishing in 32:19.

December | Miscellaneous

  • At the 2016 NYRR Midnight Run, Jane Seo placed 8th OA for the women, finishing in 25:12. Garvey Thomas (24:35) was our first man and placed 8th in his AG.
  • Carl Kuolo (28:31) and Nikki Salenetri (26:04) both placed 2nd in their AG.
  • Andrea Mascaro placed 9th in her AG, finishing in 28:19. She was followed by Elizabeth Maiuolo (30:30-5th AG); Laura Stephen (31:30-3rd AG); Mary Haskins (36:11-6th AG) and Sarah Tobin (36:11).
  • Matthew Wong ran 59.8 seconds in the 400 at the NYRR Sprint Night.
  • At the Nittany Lion Half, Andrea Kirichenko finished in 1:42:27.
  • Heather Weneck was the 4th woman (2nd AG) at the Islamorada 10K, finishing in 51:12.
  • At the Bus Dumb Ass Trail Mix-Up 30K, Nicolas Delon (2:27:20) places 6th OA.
  • At the NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K, both the men and the women placed 6th.  The women were led by Carolina Pena (58:18), who placed 1st in her AG, and followed by Francesca De Lucia (59:33-5th AG); Kaitlin Snapp (1:02:15-7th AG); Sarah Chiles (1:03:14) and Marcela Johnson (1:04:17).
  • Our first man was Justin Shane, who finished in 54:25 and placed 7th in his AG. He was followed by Spencer Zidarich (55:45); David Goldfarb (56:45); Ryan Hepworth (56:49) and Garret Burger (56:55).
  • The Women Masters Team placed 3rd thank to Carolina Pena (58:18); Emma Skygebjerg (1:06:20-7th AG) and Patricia Choux (1:08:48-8th AG).
  • At the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships 6K in Tallahassee, Florida, our women averaged 22:50and placed 21st while the men placed 32nd. Jonathan Kline placed 11th in his AG.
  • At the 2016 NYRR Jingle Bell Jog, both the women and the men placed third!  Lauren Lopez (27:15) placed 7th in her AG. She was followed by Maggie Zhang (30:25); Daniela Alvarado (30:51); Jessie Zaccaro (31:04) and Serena Hui (31:41).  Mary Haskins (33:37) and Penelope Christophorou (34:20) placed 3rd and 6th in their AG.  William Washer (21:47) placed 5th OA and 2nd in his AG. He was followed by Stephen Seeler (25:35); Timothy Mottau (25:52-10th AG); David Valentino (25:58) and Michael Miller (26:05-8th AG).
  • At the 2016 NYRR Pete McArdle Cross Country 15K in Van Cotlandt Park, MacLean O’Donnel placed 2nd OA, finishing in 53:27. Jordan Rose (58:45) placed 4th OA and 2nd in his AG. John Obrien (1:17:16) placed 7th in his AG. Jerlyn Thomas (1:22:51) placed 9th in her AG.

Late November | Miscellaneous

  • At the 2016 Race to Deliver 4M, our women placed 2nd. Brigette Kolson (24:49) placed 1st in her AG and 5th OA for the women. She was followed by Kathleen Servidea (26:02), who placed 4th in her AG. Emma Skygebjerg (27:12) and Lauren Lopez (27:50) both placed 6th in their AG. Caitlin Williamson (27:15) and Christine Peddy (28:58) placed 3rdin their AG. Maria Vlassenko (28:15) placed 4th in her AG. Paula Scaminaci (30:24) placed 5th in her AG.
  • Ryan Hepworth (23:12) placed 10th OA, 9th for the men and 3rd in his AG. Stephan Brohme (26:05); Michael Miller (26:07) and Neil Carragher (26:54) placed 6th, 7th and 9th in their AG.
  • Meanwhile in the Bronx, our men took 3rd place at the NYRR Fred Lebow Cross Country Championships. Arjun Pundarika (18:12) and Matthew Wong (18:42) both placed 4th in their AG. Lenny Shulgin (19:02) and Chris Forti (19:13) placed 10th and 6th in their AG.  Meghan Bongartz (23:01); Sarah Zaorowski (27:21) and Kelsey Butler (29:00) placed 5th, 3rd and 8th in their AG.
  • Hammers were dropped left and right during the 2016 Philadelphia Marathon!  Congrats to Skyler Mosenthal (2:53:47); Ethan Rouen (2:57:41); Kim Martineau (3:09:47); Stephen Seeler (3:14:42); David Valentino (3:15:46); Daniel Deluna (3:24:04) Naomi Keena (3:33:16, her first BQ!) and Kinna Harland (3:57:21)!  Matan Korrub and Kirby Mosenthal represented us in the half marathon, finishing in 1:25:37 and 1:31:27.
  • Kaccie Li destroyed the Revel Canyon City Marathon, finishing in 3:12:42.
  • At the NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half Marathon, Stephen Dennison placed 7th in his AG and 11th OA, finishing in 1:24:11.
  • Michelle Lin finished the Black Rock Trail Race (12KM) in 1:05:55, placing 3rd OA for the women.
  • Many Whippets represented us at the Prospect Park Track Club Turkey Trot 5M! Rich Hsieh and Heather Weneck finished together 40:16! Andrey Kirichenko ran a PR of 32:12. Frederick Hines finished in 32:22. Nick Grinlinton (28:14) placed 3rd in his AG and 6th OA. Katherine Yang and Sarah Tin finished in 41:41 and 42:47.
  • Francesca DeLucia placed 5th OA for the women and 1st in her AG at the Troy Turkey Trot (10K), finishing in 38:18.
  • At the Sparta SEC Turkey Trot 5K, William Washer (16:53) placed 4th OA.
  • Dylan McMahon placed 6th OA at the Montgomery County Family YMCA Turkey Trot 5M, finishing in 35:45.
  • Lauren Lopez finished the Mortiz Fort Worth Turkey Trot (10K) in 44:12.
  • Kirby Mosenthal (19:04) placed 2nd in her AG at the New Ro Turkey Trot (5K).
  • Emmi Aguillard (30:28) placed 5th OA at the New Orleans 109th Annual Turkey Day Race (5M).
  • Jaime Chien finished the NYC Turkey Trot (5K) in 27:03.
  • Cheryl Goldwasser (35:28) placed 1st in her AG and was the 7th woman OA at the Born to run 5 miler.
  • Jordan Rose (22:13) was the 10th man OA at the Somerville Gobble Gobble Gobble 4M.
  • Sky Canaves (32:23) placed 1st in her AG at the ThunderCould Subs Turkey Trot 5M.
  • William Griffith finished the Rockland Road Runners Turkey Trot (5M) in 32:55.
  • Jenna Moulton (30:51) placed 1st in her AG at the Drumstick Dash (4.65M).
  • Caitleen Kahn (19:55) was the 3rd woman OA at the Milwaukee Turkey Trot.
  • Ned Cunningham (27:30) placed 3rd OA at the Face to Face 24th Annual Turkey Trot (5M).
  • Spencer Zidarich finished the Bonfield Express 5K in 16:53.
  • Caitlin Jones (24:13) was the 6th woman OA at the 67th Annual Lou Marli Turkey Trot 5K.
  • On Thanksgiving day, Rick Thiounn ran two back-to-back races! He placed 1st in his AG and 9th OA at the Plymouth Thanksgiving 5 Miler (32:55) and 3rd in his AG and 11th OA at the Plymouth Thanksgiving Day Races – 5K (21:01).
  • Ned Cunningham placed 4th in is AG and 14th OA at the American Family Fitness Half Marathon, finishing in 1:12:56.

Early November | NYC Marathon

  • CONGRATS, NYC MARATHONERS! What a great day it was for our team!
  • The women took SECOND place! Our top-three women all finished well under the three-hour mark and placed in the top 50! Well done Jessica Chichester (2:53:30); Rachael Keller (2:55:25) and Chandler Rainey (2:56:42)!
  • The men placed FOURTH thanks to David Roeske (2:34:49); Hugh Parker (2:35:21) and Cory Helder (2:40:24)!
  • The Master’s Women Team took FIRST place thanks to Patricia Tirona, who ran a PR of 3:21:10; Emma Skygebjerg (3:23:09) and Elizabeth Miller, who ran a PR of 3:26:16.
  • The Master’s Men Team took SECOND place thanks to Daniel Goding (2:43:39); Robert Scheungrab (2:48:51) andvChris Dawes (2:51:09).
  • Lenny Shulgin (2:54:22); Brigette Kolson (3:00:13), Jane Seo (3:00:42); Danielle Schultz (3:40:00); Gabi Light (4:16:27) and Sarah Tin (4:37:38) all had an amazing marathon debut!
  • So many people ran some outstanding PRs! Among them: Jordan Rose (2:52:37); Jeremy Cahill (3:02:41); Laura Huselton (3:08:16); Juan Becerra (3:14:21); Perry Anderson (3:15:46); Eileen Costa (3:30:51); Rachel Moncton (3:31:33); Cheryl Goldwasser (3:32:35); and Nicole Tilzer (3:54:22).
  • At the 2016 Abbott Dash to the Finish 5K, our men placed 6th. Olivier Wijtenburg (16:25) was 9th in his AG and was followed by Cooper Kersey (16:57); Arjun Pundarika (17:47); Ryan Hepworth (17:57) and Michael Fosco (18:47).
  • Stephan Brohme (20:29) and Mark Heller (20:45) placed 6th and 3rd in their AG.
  • Our women placed fourth thanks to Jessy Scarpone (18:06); Carolina Pena (18:16), who placed 1st in her AG, Lucy Knowlton (19:37); Sky Canaves (19:45-3rd AG) and Caitlin Williamson (19:58).
  • Carol Stickler (21:29) and Christine Peddy (22:24) placed 5th and 10th in their AG.
  • Jacquii Alexander ran a PR of 24:19.

Late October | Miscellaneous

  • At the 2016 NYRR Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff (5M), our women place FIRST! Congrats to Caitleen Kahn (33:11-5th AG); Katie Stiles (33:27-6th AG); Marie Killmond (34:41-2nd AG); Emma Skygebjerg (34:57-4th AG) and Christine Peddy (35:45-3rd AG).
  • Congrats to Young Cho on his huge PR of 3:23:07 at the Marine Corps Marathon!
  • Jane Seo was the 3rd woman OA at the Run the River 5K, finishing in a time of 19:10.
  • Some Whippets braved the crazy wind gusts in Bay Ridge last Saturday to represent us at the NYCRUNS Verrazano Festival Of Races Half Marathon.  Stephen Dennison (1:23:55) placed 2nd in his AG. Elizabeth Maiuolo (1:41:58) was the 4th woman OA and placed 1st in her AG.
  • Rick Gonzales BQd at the Baystate Marathon, running a time of 3:24:14!
  • Marcela Johnson was the 3rd woman OA at the Brooklyn Greenway Half Marathon, finishing in 1:31:08.

Early October | Miscellaneous

  • At the Staten Island Half Marathon, our women took FIRST place despite the rain and the 18 mph head winds! Jessica Chichester ran a PR of 1:21:05 and placed 5th OA for the women. Rachael Keller (1:21:24) followed right after and was the 7th woman OA. Jessy Scarpone (1:24:04); Brigette Kolson (1:25:19) and Kaitlin Snapp (1:26:52) placed 7th, 6th and 4th in their AG.
  • MacLean O’Donnell (1:16:53); Nick Grinlinton (1:19:25); Justin Shane (1:19:49-9th AG); Mark Degenhart (1:20:38) and Dan Barnes (1:20:58) led the men’s team to 7th place.
  • The Master’s Women Team took third place thanks to Kim Martineau (1:30:13-2nd AG); Emma Skygebjerg (1:33:54-6th AG) and Elizabeth Miller (1:38:19).
  • The Master’s Men Team placed 6th. Seoung Hoon Kang (1:26:00) was 3rd in his AG and was followed by Hiroyuki Tamura (1:26:16) and Bobby Liu (1:26:18).
  • Anastasia Voevodin (1:28:18) and Chandler Rainey (1:29:00) placed 7th in their AG. Patricia Choux (1:36:16) placed 9th in her AG.
  • So many people ran some amazing PRs! Congrats to: Dennis Ryan (1:28:25); Dennis Lin (1:59:16); Darlene Litam (1:55:21); Jaquii Alexander (1:55:17) and Jae Chung (1:34:27).
  • Our men took FIRST place at the Staten Island 5K thanks to Matthew (17:50-5th OA); Terrence McGovern (17:51-6th OA); Young Cho (19:57-4th AG); Stephan Brohme (21:08-3rd AG) and Jeongmin Hong (26:06).
  • We had a great showing at the Rock and Roll Brooklyn Half! Congrats to the following Dashing Whippets: Marie Killmond (1:31:42-8th AG); Jens Kanther (1:39:26); Richard Hsieh (1:33:32) and Heather Weneck, who ran a PR of 1:50:08!
  • The Chicago Marathon was a huge success for many Whippets! Billy Washer ran an amazing2:38:15! Jeremy Shingleton ran a 9-minute PR, finishing in 2:53:26. David Parkinson followed right after, running a PR time of 2:53:51. Ab Brody ran a 4:40PR, crossing the finish line in3:02:24. Meredith Nadler improved her time by over 5 minutes, finishing in 3:35:11. Congrats also to Adam Beilman (3:56:21); Bobby Judge (3:29:21); Joseph Siefers (3:20:19) and Amortya Ray (3:54:55).
  • Blaise Chow crushed the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon, running a PR time of 3:25:51 (and negative-splitting the race by over 3 minutes!).
  • At the Bed-Stuy Restoration Corp. 10K, Jane Seo was the 6th woman OA (2nd AG), finishing in 38:59.
  • At the Army 10 miler, Jerlyn Thomas ran a PR time of 1:18:05.
  • Our women placed 1st at the 2016 Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Fred’s Team Presents Grete’s Great Gallop (13.1M). Franny Vignola, who placed 5th in her AG, finished in a PR-time of1:32:50. She was followed by Emma Skygebjerg (1:35:19-2nd AG); Nikki Amico (1:36:07-1st AG); Elizabeth Maiuolo (1:41:12-5th AG) and MartinaDi Marco (1:41:29).
  • Our men placed 3rd. David Roeske, who placed 3rd in his AG, finished in 1:15:26. He was followed by Hiroyuki Tamura (1:25:30-7th AG); Jordan Rose (1:28:44); Jeremy Cahill (1:29:04) and Trevor Bynoe (1:29:59). Young Cho ran a PR of1:34:16.
  • At the 2016 NYRR Harry Murphy Cross Country 5K, Matt Morris (19:37) and Matthew Williams (24:42) placed 4thand 9th in their AG. Sarah Zaborowski (27:42) placed 4th in her AG.
  • At the Jersey Shore Half Marathon, Keith Slyman placed 2nd in his AG, finishing in 1:33:20.
  • Richard Hsieh placed 4th OA at the Pacific Summit 10K. He finished the trail race in 53:36.
  • Stephen Gnoza finished the Wineglass Marathon in 3:18:35.

September | Miscellaneous

  • At the NYRR TCS New York City Marathon Tune-Up (18M), Stephen Kress (1:50:53) placed 2nd OA. Spencer Duhaime (1:59:01) and Paul Warthen (2:01:27) both placed 3rd in their AG. Ethan Rouen (2:05:38) and David Goldfarb (2:05:19) placed 5th and 9th in their AG. Thank to these performances, our Men Team placed 2nd!
  • On the women side, Maggie Mocete (2:23:51) and Kim Martineau (2:18:30) both placed 4th in their AG. Frances Vignola (2:16:28) was 5th in her AG.
  • Our women placed 2nd at the 2016 Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5K! Elizabeth Laseter (19:17) and Megan Lessard (20:20) placed 2nd and 3rd OA for the women. Alaina Miller (21:05) and Jenna Moulton (22:03) came in 6th and 7th for the women. Sarah Zaborowski (26:54) placed 5th in her AG.
  • William Washer placed 2nd OA at the Run the Reservoir Half, finishing in 1:13:12.
  • Jordan Rose WON the Omaha Half Marathon, finishing in 1:17:36.
  • Stephen Dennison (1:25:13) and Elizabeth Maiuolo (1:37:49) represented us at the Newport Liberty Half Marathon, placing 7th and 5th in their AG.
  • Last Sunday’s Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon turned out to be quite the disaster. At mile 7, a slow-moving train held up runners for up to ten minutes as it steadily made its way across the marathon course. Stephen Wo, Perry Anderson, Selina Satoko Highstein and Richard Hildebrand were among those runners. In spite of everything, they all still managed to finish in a very respectable time. Steve (3:06:51) placed 21st OA and 5th in his AG. He followed by Perry (3:29:11); Selina (3:48:54) and Richie (3:51:52). Congratulations guys for still giving your best effort in such an unfortunate situation!
  • Chandler Rainey placed FIRST OA for the women at the Lake Placid Classic Half Marathon, finishing in a time of 1:27:00.
  • Scott Batten (23:56) placed 3rd in his AG at the Front Runners New York 14th Annual XC Meet in Van Cortlandt Park.
  • At the Sunnyside Post Mile, Jenna Moulton placed 2nd for the women and 10th OA, finishing in a time of 5:55.

Late-August | Miscellaneous

At the Percy Sutton Harlem 5K last Saturday, a NYRR team-point race, our women placed third!

  • Elizabeth Laseter (17:55) placed 1st in her AG and was the 7th woman OA. She was followed by Brigette Kolson (18:30-5th AG); Jane Seo (18:47-6th AG); Jessica Chichester (18:47-6th AG) and Kim Martineau (19:33-3rd AG).
  • Our men placed seventh thanks to Lenny Shulgin (16:47), who was 10th in his AG; Mark Degenhart (17:03); William Washer (17:09); Spencer Zidarich (17:09) and Michael Fosco (17:35).
  • Our Masters Women’s Team took third place thanks to Kim Martineau (19:33); Elizabeth Maiuolo (21:18) and Jacquii Alexander (24:41).
  • Our Masters Men’s team placed fourth. Jonathan Kline (17:48) was first in his AG and was followed by Frank Drury (18:50-2nd AG) and Bobby Liu (18:58).


  •  At the NYRR Henry Isola Cross Country 4M, Sarah Zaborowski (36:37) and Rael Linder (38:57) placed 3rd and 5thin their AG.
  • At the 39th Annual Gilford Old Home Day 5K, Franny Vignola was the 1st woman OA, finishing in a time of 21:43.
  • Kristen Elkins (37:01) was the 1st woman OA at the Newburgh Draft Day 5 Mile.

Mid-August | Team Champs

  • Our women placed first at the NYRR France Run 8k! Carolina Pena was the 2nd woman OA and finished in 30:20. She was followed by Jane Seo (31:49) and Kim Martineau (32:18), who placed 5th and 8th OA for the women. For 4thand 5th place, we had Claudia Franco (37:43-5th AG) and Serena Hui (39:11).
  • On the men side, Peter Sesek (31:13) and Ethan Rouen (31:49) placed 2nd and 6th in their AG.
  • We had two first places at the NYCRUNS Governors Island 5K & 10K! Francesca Delucia (19:32) was the first woman who crossed the finish line of the 5K race, while Chandler Rainey (39:22) broke the tape for the 10K.
  • Kaitlyn Kiernan placed 1st for the women and 2nd OA at the CASA Superhero 4 miler at the Garrett Mountain Reserve in NJ, finishing in a time of 26:49.

Early August | Team Champs

  • Our women placed 4th thanks to Jane Seo (30:53-7th AG); Jennie Cohen (31:16-9thAG); Brigette Kolson (31:18-10th AG); Chandler Rainey (31:44); Francesca DeLucia (31:48); Kim Martineau (32:33-3rd AG); Kaitlin Snapp (32:39-7th AG); Emmi Aguillard (33:08-9th AG); Jesse Baldwin-Philippi (33:38) and Anastasia Voevodin (33:54-10th AG).
  • Our men placed 6th thanks to MacLean O’Donnell (27:17); Ned Cunningham (27:33); Skyler Mosenthal (28:20); Spencer Zidarich (28:57); David Roeske (29:00-6th AG); Troy Squire (29:02); Philip Young (29:13); Lenny Shulgin (29:23); Okke Rutte (29:24) and Fred Hines (29:27-10th AG).
  • Our Master’s Women placed 5th. They were led by Kim Martineau (32:33-3rd AG) and followed by Patricia Choux (35:50-8th AG) and Patricia Tirona (36:44).
  • Our Master’s Men placed 3rd thanks to Jonathan Kline (29:40-1st AG); Seoung Hoon Kang (30:28-5th) and Frank Drury (32:21-5th AG).
  • Matan Korrub finished the San Francisco Half Marathon in a PR time of 1:26:32.

Late July | Miscellaneous

  • We had a great showing at the Al Goldstein #5 5K in Prospect Park last Wednesday! Mark Degenhart placed first OA, finishing in 16:20. Eric Morley (17:05) placed 4th OA. Tessa Benau, who ran a PR of 19:19, was the first woman OA. Theresa Tufaro (20:15) and Kim Velsey (20:42) followed right after, placing 2nd and 3rd for the women.
  • At NYRR Tuesday Night Speed Series on July 12, Olivier Wijtenburg took 1st place in the 800m, finishing in 2:00.3. Jonathan Kline competed in the 400m, finishing in 1:13.3. Chris Forti finished the 3200m race in 11:33.
  • Taylor Hartstein finished the VT 100 Endurance Run in 20:12:21!
  • Congrats to Jerlyn Thomas for finishing the Panasonic NYC Triathlon, her first Olympic distance triathlon, in 2:47:57!
  • Roman Matuska placed 6th for the men and 11th OA at the Montour 24 Endurance Run in Danville, PA.
  • At the Party with Purpose 5K in Hoboken, NJ, Jordan Rose (17:16) placed 9th OA and 4th in his AG.

July 16-17 | Miscellaneous

  • At the 2016 Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe 4M last Saturday, Jessica Chichester finished in a time of 24:22, which allowed her to place third overall for the women. Jane Cullis (24:59-2nd AG); Nikki Salenetri (26:46-4th AG); Anastasia Voevodin (26:53-2nd AG) and Leah Robbins (28:06-7th AG) helped the women team to place first. Gabi Light (29:07) and Caroline Wharton (32:02) placed 7th and 10th in their AG. The men team placed 3d thanks to Okke Rutte (22:49-2nd AG); Thomas Garvey (23:30-4th AG); Ryan Geelan (24:54-7th AF); Justin Anderson (24:57) and Manus O’Callaghan (25:12).
  • At the NYRR Flushing Meadows Summer Classic last Sunday, Elizabeth Laseter (18:09-1st AG) and Kaitlin Snapp (19:28-1st AG) placed 2nd and 3rd overall for the women! Our men placed 2nd. They were led by Terrence McGovern (18:00), who placed 1st in his AG ; Matthew Wong (18:01-2nd AG); Arjun Pundarika (18:16-5th AG); Gerardo Javier (20:28-9th AG) and Jeremy Cahill (20:33).
  • Francesca DeLucia placed 2nd overall for the women at the Teterboro 5K on July 16, finishing in a time of 19:08.
  • Lara Kail placed 9th in her AG at the Party With Purpose 5K on July 12, finishing in a time of 22:33.

July 6 | Al Goldstein 5k

  • Mark Degenhart won the July 6th Al Goldstein 5k in 16:25 and Kim Velsey was the 2nd woman! Also placing in the top 16 were Eric Morley, Zach Schtogren, and Terry McGovern.

June 25-26 | Miscellaneous

  • At the Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run 5M, a club-point race, our women placed fourth thanks to Elizabeth Laseter (30:04), who was the 8thwoman OA; Bianca Jackson (30:08-10th woman OA); Francesca DeLucia (31:42-9th AG); Chandler Rainey (32:08-9th AG) and Kim Martineau (32:17-2nd AG).
  • The following women placed in their AG: Jessie Baldwin (33:21-10thAG); Theresa Tufaro (33:59-7thAG); Caitlin Williamson (36:31-9th AG) and and Katie Snider (36:31-10th AG).
  • The men took 8thplace. They were led by Hugh Parker (28:12) and followed by Jordan Rose (28:32), Mark Degenhart (29:01); Lenny Shulgin (29:01) and Matt Maline (29:20).
  • David Roseke (29:26) and Frederick Hines (29:27) placed 8thand 9th in their AG.
  • For the Masters, our men took 5thplace thanks to Jonathan Kline (29:47-1st AG); Seoung Hoon Kang (30:39-4th AG) and Frank Drury (31:19-2nd AG) while our women placed second thanks to Kim Martineau (32:17-2nd AG); Patricia Tirona (35:22-9th AG) and Carol Stickler (36:53-5th AG).
  • At the Achilles Hope & Possibility 4M, Carolina Pena was the 2ndwoman OA, finishing in a time of 24:35.
  • Paul Warthen (24:38) and Elizabeth Maiuolo (28:43) placed 5thand 7th in their AG.
  • At the 2016 Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon, Skyler Mosenthal (1:11:41) placed 2ndin his AG and 4thOA.
  • Daniil Blinov placed 4thin his AG, finishing in 1:34:41 for his first triathlon ever!
  • Jerlyn Thomas represented our women, finishing in 2:30:58.

June 18-22 | Miscellaneous

  • At the Queens 10K, our women took 2nd place. Theresa Tufaro (42:51) was our first woman and placed 10 OA for the women and 2nd in her AG. She was followed by Jenna Moulton (44:03-7thAG); Dioris Romero (44:30-5th AG); Bondy Hui (44:54-10th AG) and Georgina Norton (44:57-6thAG). Daniil Blinov placed 5th in his AG with a time of 38:06. Congrats to Steve Wo (38:06) and Perry Anderson (41:15) on their PRs!
  • Congrats to Roman Matuska and Tiger Ellen on conqueering the Great New York 100 Mile Running Exposition!
  • Young Cho ran the Grandma’s Marathon in very rough conditions, finishing in 3:42:25.
  • At the Running with the Devil 3-hour trail race, Skyler Lewis was the 4th woman OA and placed 1st in her AG.
  • Olivier Wijtenburg won the June 22nd Al Goldstein 5k in a fast 15:59 – 33 seconds ahead of second place. Spencer Zidarich was fourth and Eric Morley was fifth. Zach Shtogren was a solid 8th place. Also running solid times were Lauren Lopez, Blaise Chow, and Kim Velsey!

June 11-12 | Mini 10k and Miscellaneous Results

  • At the NYRR Mini 10K last Saturday, our women placed 3rd thanks to Alaina Miller (38:17); Megan Lessard (39:22); Jane Seo (39:23); Carolina Pena (39:23-1st AG) and Kim Martineau (40:11-2nd AG).
  • Dioris Romero (42:15) placed 10th in her AG. Congrats to Gabi Light (45:08) and Christine Peddy (45:32) on their PRs!
  • At the Brooklyn Pride 5k last Saturday, Tessa Benau (20:17) placed 2nd OA for the women and 1st in her AG. Kristen Levy (21:22) placed 2nd in her AG and Jessie Zaccaro (23:51) placed 5th in her AG.

June 4-8 | Retro 4M and Miscellaneous Results

  • The NYRR Retro 4-Miler was the fourth club point-race of the year. Our women took third place. Elizabeth Laseter (23:41) and Bianca Jackson (23:52) were in the top 10 for the women. Brigette Kolson (24:38) and Francesca DeLucia (24:38) placed 6th and 7th in their AG. Kim Martineau (25:10) was the 1st woman in her AG.
  • Our men came in 7th (6th in the A Division). They were led by Olivier Wijtenburg (21:03), who was 9th in his AG, and followed by Ned Cunningham (21:43); Will Guzick (22:04); Jordan Rose (22:22) and Spencer Zidarich (22:29).
  • The Masters Women’s Team took third place thanks to Kim Martineau (25:10-1st AG); Patricia Choux (27:14-4th AG) and Laura Stephen (29:34-6th AG).
  • The Masters Men’s Team came in 5th thanks to Jonathan Kline (22:51), who was 2nd in his AG; Frank Drury (23:49-4th AG) and Seoung Hoon Kang (24:14-7th AG).
  • Congrats to Perry Anderson (25:35) and Kristen Levy (27:09) on their PRs!
  • At the GW Bridge Challenge 10K, Rick Thiounn finished 4th OA and 1st in his AG, running a time of 38:12, which was a 56-second PR for him!
  • At the Girls on the Run 5K in Monmouth, Kristen Beren won her AG, finishing in a time of 24:57. Liza Cao placed 2nd in her AG, finishing in a time of 26:05.
  • At the Al Goldstein Speed Series 5k #2 on June 8, Lisa Alfrey (23:47) placed 6th in her AG.

May 21-25 | Brooklyn Half and Miscellaneous Results

  • We had 262 Whippets running the NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon last Saturday!
  • The Brooklyn Half was the second club point-race of the year.
  • Our women placed 4th thanks to some outstanding performances from Michelle Rafferty (1:21:34-6th AG); Elizabeth Laseter and Jessica Chichester, who ran an identical time of 1:22:19; Carolina Pena (1:23:37) and Jennie Cohen (10th AG).
  • The Masters Women’s Team won its division thanks to Carolina Pena, who finished in 1:23:37 and placed 1st in her AG, Kim Martineau (1:30:08-8th AG) and Patricia Choux (1:34:45 – 10th AG).
  • Our men took 8th place. They were led by Luke Baltrusch (1:16:21) and followed by Jared Dourdeville (1:16:26); Skyler Mosenthal (1:16:54); Eric Morley (1:17:37) and Mark Degenhart (1:17:54).
  • The Masters Men’s Team placed 7th in its division thanks to Seoung Hoon Kang (1:23:29-7th AG); Ming-chang Tsai (1:23:57) and Frank Drury (1:24:43-1st AG).
  • Many team members ran amazing PRs! Congrats to: Ab Brody (1:23:13); Brigette Kolson (1:28:25); Tatyana Abugova (1:28:26); Perry Anderson (1:28:31); Richie Hildebrand (1:32:47); Daniel Deluna (1:34:36); Cara Rabin (1:34:38); Patricia Tirona (1:35:01); Megan Jones (1:37:54); Gabi Light (1:42:33) and Heather Weneck (1:52:26).
  • Eytan Kurshan placed 1st overall at the Generosity Brooklyn 5k, finishing in 17:59.
  • Olivier Wijtenburg won the Al Goldstein 5k #1 on May 25, finishing in a time of 16:12.

May 14-15 | Miscellaneous Results

  • Our men placed third at the NYRR Japan Run 4M thanks to David Goldfarb (23:09-2nd AG); Eric Buscarino (23:39-8th AG); Okke Rutte (23:43); Paul Warthen (24:22-6th AG) and Frank Drury (24:31-1st AG).
  • Rick Thiounn (24:33) and Selina Satoko Highstein (29:11) both placed 9th in their AG.
  • Kaitlyn Kiernan was the first woman at the Dime McCarren 5K, finishing in a PR time of 19:10.
  • At the West Point 5k/10k, Garret Burger (37:10) placed 2nd for the men and Jerlyn Thomas (46:17) placed 2nd in her AG and 5th for the women.
  • The Dashing Whippets Beer Mile took place last Thursday. Our top three women were Elizabeth Laseter(7:14); Jerlyn Thomas (9:22) and Cassie Wallance (12:36).
  • For the men, Ryan Hepworth (7:57) placed 5th and was followed by Taylor Harstein (10:06-6th place) and Daniil Blinov (12:04-8th place).

May 7-8 | Miscellaneous Results

  • Our men placed third at the NYRR Japan Run 4M thanks to David Goldfarb (23:09-2nd AG); Eric Buscarino (23:39-8th AG); Okke Rutte (23:43); Paul Warthen (24:22-6th AG) and Frank Drury (24:31-1st AG).
  • Rick Thiounn (24:33) and Selina Satoko Highstein (29:11) both placed 9th in their AG.
  • Kaitlyn Kiernan was the first woman at the Dime McCarren 5K, finishing in a PR time of 19:10.
  • At the West Point 5k/10k, Garret Burger (37:10) placed 2nd for the men and Jerlyn Thomas (46:17) placed 2nd in her AG and 5th for the women.
  • The Dashing Whippets Beer Mile took place last Thursday. Our top three women were Elizabeth Laseter(7:14); Jerlyn Thomas (9:22) and Cassie Wallance (12:36).
  • For the men, Ryan Hepworth (7:57) placed 5th and was followed by Taylor Harstein (10:06-6th place) and Daniil Blinov (12:04-8th place).

April 30-31 | Track Meet, NJ Marathon, and Miscellaneous Results

  • Our annual track meet took place last Saturday and we had some great performances for the following:
  • Men’s 5000m: Fred Hines (16:53.5-8th OA); Lenny Shulgrin (16:57.6-10th OA); Eric Morley 17:21.0 (16th OA); Matt Wong (17:33.3-18th OA); Jordan Rose (17:36.0-19th OA); Jonathan Weiss (17:37.2-20th OA); Daniil Blinov (18:20.1-24th OA); David Goodwin (19:36.6-30th OA).
  • Women’s 5000m: Brigette Kolson (18:42.2-2nd OA).
  • Men’s 4x200m Relay: 2:10 (DWRT Master’s).
  • Women’s 800m: Casey Phlegar (2:32-3rd OA); Jerlyn Thomas (2:52.7-6th OA).
  • Men’s 400m: James Kelly (1:00.1-3rd OA); Bobby Judge (1:00.7-4th OA).
  • Men’s Distance Medley Relay (1200-400-800-1600): 11:28.9 – 1st OA.
  • Women’s 4x400m Relay: 4:33.9 -1st OA.
  • Coed’s 4x400m Relay: Dashing Whippets A (4:28.4-3rd OA); Dashing Whippets B (4:30.9-4thOA).
  • Men’s Mile: MacLean O’Donnell (4:27.7-1st OA and RRCA New York State Championship mile winner); Olivier Witjenberg (4:34.7-3rd OA); Joe Delano (5:21.5-13th OA); James Kelly (5:24.9-16th OA); Danill Blinov (5:30.4-17th OA); Brian Donaghy (5:34.0-19th OA); William Griffith (5:34.8-20th OA); Dennis Ryan (5:52.9-23rd OA).
  • Women’s Mile: Megan Lessard (5:27.1-2nd OA); Caitleen Kahn (5:29.3-5th OA); Brigette Kolson (5:44.5-6th OA); Jesse Baldwin-Philippi (5:59.9-8th OA); Jerlyn Thomas (6:19.9-12thOA).


  • At the Red Hook Criterium 5K, Jenny Cohen placed 2nd for the women, finishing in 17:59.3! She was followed by Franny Vignola (20:45.6) and Daniela Alvarado (22:30.3). Troy Squire (17:10.4) was our first man and he was followed by Ning Zhou (17:25.6); Ryan Hepworth(17:27); Joe Delano (18:39.6) and David Goodwin (19:32).
  • We had some outstanding performances at the 2016 New Jersey Marathon! Mark Degenhart placed 6th OA and 2nd in his AG, finishing in 2:43:28. Daniel Peng (2:52:30) finished 4th in his AG. Jonathan Kline ran a 2:53:59, placing 1st in his AG. Our DWRT co-founder Rich Hsie (3:07:52) qualified for Boston 2017 and Perry Anderson ran a 25-minute PR of 3:22:23! Andrea Napoliello ran her first full marathon in 4:44:35! Heather Weneck PRd in the half, finishing in 1:54:00.
  • It was a great day at the Philadelphia Broad Street Run. Andrew Hadro and Terrence McGovern finished one second apart, crossing the finish line in 0:59:33 and 0:59:34! Brian McGovern followed right after, finishing in 1:00:01. Courtney Reidy represented us for the women, finishing in 1:10:18.
  • Phil Young ran a PR and a BQ at the Cox Sports Providence Marathon, finishing in 3:03:11!
  • At the Inaugural Queens Marathon, Cara Rabin ran a 10 minute-PR and was the 3rd woman OA, finishing in 3:19:30! Jeremy Cahill PRd as well, finishing in 3:36:06. Tovy Vu finished in 4:08:37.
  • At the North Face Endurance Challenge New York, Kristen Levy ran the 10K trail race, finishing in 57:05 and placing 2nd in her AG and 10th for the women.
  • At the Rock the Ridge 50-Mile endurance challenge, Roman Matuska finshed in 9:49:50.

April 22-24 | Miscellaneous Results

  • Huge congrats to our amazing Francesca DeLucia, who was the FIRST (non-elite) AMERICAN WOMAN and the 49th woman overall at the Virgin Money London Marathon! Francesca finished in 2:56:47, which was an 8-minute PR for her. 2:56:47 is also a new marathon record by almost 3 minutes for the DWRT women!
  • Also, Troy Squire ran the Glass City Marathon in Toledo in a super fast 2:37:58, which is a new masters course record and masters team record!
  • At the NYRR Run for the Parks 4M last Sunday, Alex Chang placed 5th in his AG finishing in a time of 23:17. Neil Carragher (25:59) and Stephan Brohme (26:09) placed 7th and 8th in their AG. Frank Drury was 1st in his AG, finishing in 24:06!
  • For the women, Georgina Norton placed 3rd in her AG, finishing in 26:23. Courtney Reidy (26:27) and Katherine Meltzer (29:50) both placed 6th in their AG. Patricia Choux finished in 27:41 and placed 3rd in her AG. Megan Jones ran a PR of 28:17.
  • At the Kiwanis Kingston Classic 26.2, Jarrett Doorentz placed 1st in his AG and 15th OA, finishing in 3:52:26.
  • At the Rockaway Spring 10 miler, Eric Buscarino finished in 1:00:26, placing 1st OA!

The McCarren Park Track Classic took place last Friday:

  • Competing in the MILE for the women, we had: Elizabeth Laseter (5:14 – 1st OA); Jennie Cohen (5:21– 5th OA); Brigette Kolson (5:28 – 6th OA); Caitleen Kahn (5:35 – 10th OA) and Cassie Wallace (6:06 – 20th OA). For the men, we had: Maclean O’Donnell (4:25 – 1st OA); Lenny Shulgin (4:56 – 12th OA); Matthew Wong (5:00 – 15th OA); Frederick Hines (5:02 – 17th OA) and James Kelly (5:20 – 29th OA).
  • Competing in the 1600m women relay, we had Elizabeth Laseter, Brigette Kolson, Caitleen Kahn and Jennie Cohen, who placed 1st for the women and 3rd OA, finishing in 4:49.
  • Steven Kang, Pat Sonti, Michael Alcamo and Scott Batten competed in the 1600m men relay, finishing in 4:33 and placing 2nd for the men and 4th OA.
  • Fred Hines, Brigette Kolson, James Kelly and Elizabeth Laseter competed in the 4×400 relay, finishing in4:33 and placing 5th OA.

April 16-18 | Boston Marathon and Miscellaneous Results

We had more than 34 Whippets conquering the 120th Boston Marathon on a pretty hot Patriots Day! Our women took 6th place thanks to Christine Hoffmann (3:05:10); Chandler Rainey (3:06:08) and Michaela Skloven (3:12:49). Congrats on their outstanding PRs to: Zachary Shtogren (2:57:21); Tim Plakas (2:58:09); Atlee Murphy (3:19:05); Tiffany Golden-Stone (3:22:40); Martina Di Marco (3:23:07) and Eileen Costa (3:32:51).

At the NYRR 2016 MORE/SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon, Carol Stickler (1:37:34) placed 7th in her AG and Megan Jones (1:45:03) ran an 8-second course PR!

At the George Wodicka 5K, William Griffith placed 1st in his AG and 5th OA, finishing in a time of 19:40.

At the NYC Runs Queens Half, Katie Stiles (1:32:43) placed 1st in her AG and was the 4th woman OA.

April 9-10 | Run for the Parks and Miscellaneous Results

At the NYRR City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks this past Sunday, our men placed 1st! MacLean O’Donnell placed SECOND OA and first in his AG, finishing in a time of 20:18. He was followed by Olivier Wijtenburg (21:21), who placed 4th OA and 3rd in his AG; Ning Zhou (23:35-2nd AG); Okke Rutte (24:16) and Paul Warthen (24:25-8th AG).

Our women had some strong performances as well and took 2nd place. They were led by Georgina Norton (26:37-2nd AG) and followed by Courtney Reidy (27:18-4th AG); Brittany Haynes (27:49-8thAG); Elizabeth Maiuolo (28:12-4th AG) and Naomi Keena (29:26).

Richard Hsieh represented us at the ITR Woodside Crossover, a trail race of 35K, finishing in 3:40:03 and placing 6th in his AG.

At the JFK Rotary Club’s 5K Runway Run, Jerlyn Thomas (22:36) was the 8th woman and placed 2nd in her AG while Daniil Blinov (18:45) was the 4th man and placed 1st in his AG!

March 26-27 | Miscellaneous Results

At the 2016 NYRR Spring Classic 10Klast Saturday, Eric Buscarino placed 1st in his AG with a time of 38:43. Dioris Romero ran a 46:14; placing 8th in her AG.

At the Take the Bridge Williamsburg 2.1Mlast Saturday, Jennie Cohen came in 1st OA, finishing in 11:54!

March 19-20 | NYC Half and Miscellaneous

We had 146 Whippets representing us at the NYRR NYC Half 2016 last Sunday!

Our women took 3rd place thanks to some amazing performances from Elizabeth Laseter (1:21:34); Alaina Miller (1:23:1); Carolina Pena (1:23:26-3rd AG); Sarah Chiles (1:23:51) and Francesca DeLucia (1:24:04).

Troy Squire (1:13:43) was our first man and placed 3rd in his AG. Frank Drury placed 5th in his AG with a time of 1:24:20.

80 team members ran a PR. Among them: Matthew Wong (1:18:40); Steve Wo (1:20:43); Young Cho (1:35:32); Laura Huselton (1:26:40); Elizabeth Maiuolo (1:36:03); Martina Di Marco (1:36:17); Eileen Costa (1:36:55); Daniela Alvarado (1:41:23); Jerlyn Thomas (1:43:18 course PR); Alyssa Berkowitz (1:53:15) and Kristen Beren (2:05:52 postpartum PR).

Meghan Gutekunst, Daniil Blinov, Megan Jones, Nelly Dhomee, Sarah Tin and Scott Batten WON the Palmetto 70 relay in South Carolina, finishing in 8:46:50 (7:42 min/mile). The beautiful yet tough course included back woods, beach towns and bridges.

At the NYCRUNS Spring Fling 5K & 10K, Timothy Chow (21:47) placed 6th in his AG.

March 12-13 | Miscellaneous Results

  • At the St. Paddy’s 8k on March 13th, Keith Slyman placed 2nd in his AG and 13th OA with a time of 32:33.
  • Eric Morley (1:18:55) and Nick Grinlinton (1:21:31) performed well at the Frozen Penguin Half Marathon.

March 5-6 | Washington Heights 5k and Miscellaneous

  • The first club-point race of the season, the NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K, was held this past Sunday.
  • Our women got 3rd place. Jennie Cohen (18:06) and Elizabeth Laseter (18:07) placed 8th and 9th OA for the women and were followed by Brigette Kolson (18:49-5th AG); Francesca DeLucia (19:14-10th AG) and Chandler Rainey (19:27-10th AG).
  • Our master women placed third thanks to Kim Martineau (19:36-5th AG); Patricia Choux (21:09-4thAG) and Eileen Costa (21:45-9th AG).
  • Our men placed 4th thanks to MacLean O’Donnell (15:50-6th AG); Ned Cunningham (16:20-9th AG); David Roeske (16:44-3rd AG); Troy Squire (16:45-2nd AG) and Skyler Mosenthal (16:59).
  • For the masters, the team placed 4th thanks to Troy Squire (16:45-2nd AG); Jonathan Kline (17:34-1stAG) and Frank Drury (19:10-4th AG).
  • Both of our 50+ teams also placed in the top 3 with our women led by Laura Stephen, Sarah Tobin, and Mary Haskins and our men by Jon Kline, Frank Drury, and Mark Heller!
  • Kaitlyn Kiernan was the 3rd female at the Ocean’s Run Half Marathon and finished 14th OA!
  • Theresa Tufaro and Atlee Murphy represented us at the Tokyo Marathon 2016, finishing in 3:15:50 and 3:22:40!
  • At the E Murray Todd Half Marathon, Mark Degenhart placed 4th OA with a time of 1:15:53 and Keith Slyman finished in 1:32:28.
  • At the Miles Mania #4, Elizabeth Laseter competed in the mile, finishing 1st OA with a time of 5:18. Jeremy Shingleton finished the 800m in 2:16, placing 4th OA. Chris Forti placed 3rd in his AG for the mile with a time of 5:10. He also raced the 2M distance, placing 2nd OA with a time of 11:05.

February 20-21 | Al Gordon and Central Park Marathon

The Whippets owned Prospect Park this past Saturday! At the NYRR Al Gordon 4M, our women placed first thanks to Brigette Kolson (24:39), who was the 4th woman OA; Caitleen Kahn (25:11-8th woman); Merissa Molinar (26:02-8th AG); Marie Killmond (26:23-2nd AG) and Kate Cushing (27:18-10th AG).

Our men got third place thanks to Jonathan Park (22:38-9th AG); Lenny Shulgin (22:51-6th AG); Matthew Wong (23:03-3rd AG); Terrence McGovern (23:33-6st AG) and Andrew Hadro (23:47).

Justin Anderson and Alex Noble both crossed the finish line in 23:56, placing 7th and 8th in their AG. Frank Drury (25:22) placed 4th in his AG. Elizabeth Maiuolo (28:03); Patricia Tirona (30:09) and Mary Haskins (33:47) placed 2nd, 6th and 6th in their AG. Kristen Beren ran a PR of 32:38.

At the NYCruns Central Park Marathon, Bobby Liu placed 5th in his AG with a time of 3:10:43, qualifying for Boston 2017! Congrats also to Roman Matuska (3:34:10); Rick Thiounn (3:46:10) and Hideki Kinoshita (4:58:38).

Michael Wang (1:58:13); Michael Connor (2:07:40); Karen Lee (2:09:46) and Marc Caudron (2:38:07) represented us in the half marathon.

Early February | Miscellaneous Results

At the NYRR Gridiron 4M last Sunday, both our men and our women took 3rd place.

The men were led by Ryan Hepworth (22:59-6th AG) and followed by Ethan Rouen (24:15-9th AG), Tim McGarry (24:17), Frank Drury (24:39-1st AG), and Eric Buscarino (24:40).

For the women, Jennie Cohen came in first finishing in 23:46 and placing 8th for the women and 4th in her AG. She was followed by Kim Martineau (26:01-2nd AG), Frances Vignola (27:43), Selina Satoko Highstein (28:17) and Kaela Mahon (28:28).

At the NYCRUNS Cocoa Classic Riverside Park 5K, Elizabeth Laseter was the first woman overall, finishing in 18:58. Bobby Liu (20:15) placed 2nd in his AG and Dioris Romero (22:08) placed 1st in her AG.

At the Empire State Building Run-Up last Wednesday, David Roeske finished 8th OA and 1st in his AG with a time of 12:28.

Last Thursday, we had some great performances at the NYRR Night at the Races Meet 3.

Brigette Kolson raced the 5000m and ran a PR of 18:43, placing 2nd.

Troy Squire (16:27-18th place), Mark Degenhart (16:38-19th place), Matthew Wong (17:15-31st place), Andrew Hadro (17:31-41st place), Alex Noble (18:11-44th place), Chris Forti (18:15-46th place), Terrence McGovern (18:30-49th place), Daniil Blinov (18:31-51 place) and Stephen Wo (18:41-52ndplace) all raced the 5000m.

Late January | Miscellaneous Results

  • We had some strong performances at the NYRR Night at the Races Meet 2 last Thursday. In the 3000m, Elizabeth Laseter came in 2nd (right after Mary Cain!) with a time of 10:33. Brigette Kolson (11:01) placed 8th and Caitleen Kahn (11:33) placed 18th. For the men, Daniil Blinov (10:54) placed 35th and Jeremy Shingleton (10:56) placed 36th. In the 1000m, Daniil Blinov placed 35th with a time of 3:12. Cassie Wallace (1:56) represented the women in the 600m, placing 20th, while Daniil Blinov (1:43 – 42nd place) and Jeremy Shingleton (1:38 – 31st place) represented the men.
  • At the Star Wars Half Marathon on January 21, Brian Donaghy placed 6th in his AG with a time of 1:26:36 and finished the 10K in 39:27.
  • Kristen Beren ran the Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon on January 21 in 2:15:09.
  • At the Miles Mania Meet #2 in Staten Island on January 21, Cassie Wallace placed 3rd in the 2M (13:44) and 1st in the 800m (2:38). Jeremy Shingleton (02:14) placed 8th in the 800m. Chris Forti competed in the 2M (11:45 – 6th place) and the mile (5:22 – 15th place).

January 09/10 | Kleinerman 10k and Cocoa Classic 5 and 10 Miler

The Dashing Whippets owned Central Park this past weekend!

At the NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K, our women place second thanks to Theresa Tufaro (41:56 – 2ndAG); Kate Cushing (42:51 – 8th AG); Brittany Haynes (44:36); Selina Satoko Highstein (45:55 – 9thAG) and Eileen Costa (46:14).

At the NYCRUNS Cocoa Classic Central Park 5 & 10 Miler, Elizabeth Laseter (30:53) came in first for the women in the 5 miler and Samantha Creath (33:59) was first in her AG. In the 10 miler, Jennie Cohen (1:03:17) came in second for the women and Thomas Garvey (1:02:10) was second in his AG.

December 19 | USATF Central Park Holiday Classic 10k

  • At the USATF Central Park Holiday Classic 10K in Central Park last Saturday, Meghan Prin represented the women finishing in 46:43.
  • For the men, Ned Cunningham placed 5th overall and 3rd in his AG with a time of 33:52 and was followed by Jonathan Kline (37:34 – 1st AG), Zachary Shtogren (39:36 – 10th AG) and Skyler Mosenthal (39:57).

Early December | Miscellaneous

  • The Ted Corbitt 15K this past Saturday was the last NYRR team point race of 2015. Our women placed 4th thanks to Elizabeth Laseter (58:09 – 5th AG); Henrietta Aitken (1:02:16 – 9th AG); Kim Martineau (1:03:18 – 3rd AG); Kristina Gracey (1:03:34) and Tatyana Abugova (1:03:53). The men came in 6th thanks to Hugh Parker (51:25 – 6th AG); Skyler Mosenthal (53:47); MacLean O’Donnell (54:46); Eric Morley (54:49) and Jonathan Weiss (54:54). Our master women came in 1st, led by Kim Martineau (1:03:18) and followed by Patricia Choux (1:06:50 – 6th AG) and Eileen Costa (1:11:11).
  • Meanwhile in San Francisco, our women represented us at the USATF National Cross Country Championships, placing 34th in the 6km race. Congrats to Jennie Cohen (22:51); Kate Snider (23:34); Brigette Kolson (24:07); Jessica Chichester (24:23); Cassie Wallace (25:57) and Helene DeLone (26:00).
  • Young Cho ran a 1:38:39 at the Holiday Half Marathon in Brooklyn last Saturday.
  • Saturday, December 5th, was a pretty busy morning for our Whippets!
  • Andrew Hadro placed 1st in his AG and 5th overall with a time of 1:07:32 at the Men’s Health Urbanathlon, an urban obstacle race that took place in Corona, NY.
  • At the NYCRUNS Roosevelt Island Cocoa Classic 5K & 10K on Roosevelt Island, Joe Delano ran the 10K in 39:10 (2nd AG – 10th OA) while David Eng (19:55 – 2nd AG); Perry Anderson (20:44); Timothy Chow (21:30); David Geng (21:50) and Jessica Ong (24:04 – 8th AG) competed in the 5K.
  • Meanwhile in Brooklyn, our women placed 2nd and our men placed 3rd at the NYRR Jingle Bell Jog. Congrats to Amy May (27:34 – 1st AG); Julia Siemon (28:16 – 7th AG); Laura Stephen (29:35 – 2nd AG); Jehan Marino (29:53); Jessie Zaccaro (29:59); Lenny Shulgin (23:18 – 1st AG); Joseph Brady (24:44 – 4th AG); Martin Dumas (24:44 – 7th AG); Timothy Mottau (25:32) and Stephan Brohme (26:23 – 3rd AG).
  • Last, but not least, congrats to Megan Jones (2:33:41) and Kristen Levy (2:29:58) for placing 1st and 4th in their AG at the NYC Train Festival 25K. Kristen was the 8th woman overall and Megan took 9th place. Congrats, ladies!

November 27 | Turkey Trots

  • At the Wellesley Turkey Trot 5K, Jordan Rose placed 2nd in his AG and 6th OA finishing in a time of 17:09.
  • At the Gobble gobble gobble 4M, Franny Vignola ran a 27:44.
  • Amy May was the 3rd female at the 34th Annual Ridgefield Turkey Trot 5K, finishing in 20:41.
  • At the Lou Marli 66th annual turkey trot 3M run in Staten Island, Ryan Hepworth ran a 16:52 and Caitlin Jones ran a 24:48.
  • Daniil Bilov (30:09) and Sarah Tin (41:41) represented us at the Ashenfelter 8k Classic.
  • We had a big turnout at the Prospect Park Turkey Trot 5M! Andrew Hadro (29:30 – 7th OA) and Joe Delano (31:14) both placed first in their AG! Brian Donaghy placed 3rdin his AG with a time of 33:06. We also had strong performances from Daniela Alvarado (39:01), Nicole Connely (41:47), Cricky Cicchetti (44:34), and Valerie Baker (50:12).
  • At the Face to Face 23rd Annual Turkey Trot 5M, Ned Cunningham placed 2nd in his AG and 3rd OA with a time of 27:31.
  • Lara Kail ran a 20:17 at the Upper Saddle River 5K, placing 1st in her AG and 6th for the women.
  • At the Massapequa Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5K, Young Cho placed 9th in his AG with a time of 20:02.
  • Cassie Wallace was the 3rd woman (1st AG) at the Salvation Army Turkey Trot 5k, finishing in 20:34.
  • At the Notre Dame Turkey Day 5K, Molly McEwan ran a PR of 24:45, placing 9th in her AG.
  • On November 22, some Whippets represented us at the NYRR Pete McArdle Cross Country 15K in Van Cortland Park. Joe Delano placed 2nd in his AG and 7th OA with a time of 1:03:28. Cassie Wallace was the first woman with a time of 1:09:33. Dioris Romero (1:15:09) placed 1st in her AG and was the 5th woman. John Obrien (1:16:01) placed 3rd in his AG. Brittany Haynes ran a 1:17:35 and placed 6th in her AG.

November 15/16 | Misc.

  • At the NYRR Fred Lebow Cross Country Championships 5K in Van Cortland Park last Sunday, our guys took third place thanks to Jordan Rose (18:07 – 6th AG), Eric Morley (18:59 – 5th AG), Stephen Wo (19:48 – 7th AG), Chris Forti (20:05 – 4th AG), and Joe Delano (20:09 – 5th AG).
  • For the women, Cassie Wallace placed 8th in her AG with a 22:41 and Shaidah Hamlett placed 6th in her AG with a 32:50.
  • We had some strong performances at the NYRR 60K in Central Park last Saturday!
  • Our men placed first thanks to Jeffrey Zawadzki (4:53:02), John Ferry (5:07:41), Otto Lam (5:13:53), Roman Matuska (5:56:43), and Hideki Kinoshita (7:40:40).
  • For the women, Jerlyn Thomas ran a PR of 5:56:33 and placed 4th in her AG while Michelle Mason placed 2nd in her AG with a 6:37:37, just two weeks after running the Javelina Jundred 100K!
  • We had some Whippets representing us at the NYCRUNS Brooklyn Marathon this past Sunday! For the guys, Richie Hildebrand finished in 3:34:25. For the women, Raina Hafer shaved 2+ minutes off her one-month old marathon PR, running a 4:55:19, and Lisa Alfrey ran a 4:24:14!
  • Ned Cunningham ran a PR of 15:56 at the St. Rita 5K in Alexandria, VA, this past Saturday, placing 1stin his AG and 4th overall.

November 8/9 | Misc.

  • The 2015 USATF New York Open & Masters Cross Countries Championships took place at the Freshkills Park in Staten Island this past Sunday.
  • In the Open Women division, our women placed first thanks to Kate Snider (38:38), who was the first woman overall, Jennie Cohen (39:17 – 3rd woman overall), and Brigette Kolson (42:10).
  • In the Open Men division, our guys placed second thanks to Philip Young (36:53), Matthew Wong (37:14), Eric Morley (37:31), and Stephen Wo (39:35).
  • Kristen Beren ran a PR of 24:53 at the CHiPs 5K in Prospect Park last Saturday, placing 2nd in her AG.
  • Jordan Rose won the Trenton 10K this past Sunday, finishing in 35:27.

October 31/November 1 | Dash to the Finish/NYC Marathon/Misc.

  • At the NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5K on Saturday, our women took fourth place thanks to Carolina Pena (19:01 – 3rd AG), Kaitlyn Kiernan (19:34 – 8th AG), Brigette Kolson (19:52 – 10th AG), Caitleen Kahn (20:07 – 3rd AG) and Madeline Steiner 21:58.
    • Our men came in sixth. They were led by Jordan Rose (17:10 – 9th AG) and followed by Eric Morley (17:19), Matthew Wong (17:37 – 7th), Okke Rutte (17:50) and Garrett Burger (18:05).
    • Terrence McGovern (18:10) placed 8th in his AG and Frank Drury (18:41) and Mark Heller (18:41) placed 1st and 2nd in their AG.
  • The TCS New York City Marathon 2015 was a humongous success for our team!
    • Our women took THIRD PLACE! Thank you Jessica Chichester (2:59:19), Chandler Rainey (3:01:24) and Francesca DeLucia (3:04:46) for making that possible!
    • Our men did an incredible job as well, placing FOURTH! Congrats to Hugh Parker (2:33:13), David Roeske (2:37:25) and Chris Dawes (2:39:06).
    • All the people listed above placed in the top 100 for their gender! For the New York City Marathon, which is the largest marathon in the world, this is HUGE!
    • Full results can be seen here.
    • In total, 42 Whippets ran a BQ last Sunday.
    • Special congrats on their 26.2 debut to Jeremy Shingleton (3:02:22), Emmi Aguillard (3:12:46); Laura Huselton (3:13:32), Cara Rabin (3:29:23), Megan Jones (3:30:53) and Sara Saori Dan (3:31:57).
    • To all of you who ran the 26.2 miles from the Verrazzano Bridge to Central Park last Sunday, whether this was a PR, your first NYCM or your 100th marathon… WELL DONE!
    • And last but not least… a HUGE THANK YOU to our cheering squad at mile 20.5 in the Bronx. You guys were truly amazing!
  • At the HoBOOken 5k last Saturday, Ryan Hepworth ran a 17:33:33, placing 9th overall and 8th in his AG.
  • Meanwhile in Arizona, our incredible Mama Whippet Michelle Mason completed the 13th Annual Javelina Jundred 100K in 25 hours and 48 minutes. Brava Mama!

October 24/25 | Miscellaneous Results

  • Last Sunday, our women placed third at the NYRR Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5M in Central Park!
    • Brittany Haynes was the leader, finishing in 34:30 (4th AG), and was followed by Alfheidur Saemundsson (35:35 – 4th AG), Christine Peddy (37:20), Martina Di Marco (37:24), and Beatrice Giurlani (39:30).
  • We had a strong bunch of Whippets representing us at the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon! Congrats to: Rachel Moncton (3:40:15); Jose Laguerre (5:17:24); Margaret Harbaugh (4:48:24); Jerlyn Thomas (3:54:14); Caitlin Jones (4:36:51); Zain Cheng (4:10:44); Skyler Lewis (4:31:10) and Lisa Ying!

October 17/18 | Miscellaneous Results

  • The second Beer Mile of the year organized by the Dashing Whippets took place last Thursday, October 15, at the East River Park Track.
  • For the women, Jerlyn Thomas came in first (Budweiser – 7:55.1) and was followed by Alexandra Northington (Budweiser – 8:16.1), Hanah Stower (Budweiser – 8:26.0); Margaret Kurtz (PBR 10:12.5), Chloe Ficl (PBR – 10:16.6), Chandler Rainey (Budweiser – 10:21.0), Atlee Murphy (Budweiser – 13:14.7), Theresa Tufaro (Budweiser- 13:43.6), Simone L (Modelo – 15:18.6), Cassie Wallace (Budweiser- 17:09.5).
  • For the men, Evan Cooper took first place (Budweiser – 6:03.9) and was followed by Oliver Whitenberg (Budweiser – 7:16.0), Taylor Hartstein (Budweiser – 7:21.8), Ben Miller (Narrangansett – 7:24.4), Ted Dickhuat (Miller – 8:00.2), Jeremy Shingleton (Budweiser – 8:01.7), Ryan Starbuck (Budweiser – 9:50.9), Clint Rainey (Budweiser – 10:14.1), Sam Burlingame (Founder’s IPA – 10:52.8), Eric Piazza (Budweiser – 12:24.4), Scott Batten (Beer/Soda – 12:49.4), Marvin Yang (Budweiser – 14:25.4), Kevin Beganics (Oscar Blues IPA – 14:30.0).
  • Official results can be found here:
  • Kaitlin Blakemore totally crushed the Columbus Marathon last Sunday, finishing in 3:26:21 (a 26min PR!) and qualifying for Boston 2017!  Stay tuned for a race recap!
  • Richie Hildebrand ran the Grand Rapids Marathon last Sunday, finishing in 3:27:28. He was just a few seconds off his PR, which he set just seven days before in Chicago!
  • Keith Slyman finished the Seaside Half Marathon in 1:35:31, placing 2nd in his age group.

October 10/11 | Staten Island Half/Rock and Roll Brooklyn Half/Miscellaneous Results

  • We had some great performances at the Staten Island Half Marathon this past Sunday!
  • Our women came in FIRST and were led by Jessica Chichester (1:25:06), who was the third woman overall! She was followed by Emmi Aguillard (1:26:34 – 1st AG); Tessa Benau (1:28:00 – 4th AG); Chandler Rainey (1:28:04 – 5th AG) and Kaitlyn Kiernan (1:28:17 – 2nd AG).
  • Our men placed third led by David Roeske (1:15:41 – 3rd AG) and followed by Alex Chan (1:19:43 – 5th AG); Philip Young (1:20:38 – 7th AG); Andrew Hadro (1:23:05) and Ryan Hepworth (1:23:11).
  • In the Staten Island 5K, Mark Heller placed 1st in his AG with a 20:21.
  • Meanwhile in Illinois, some of our Whippets were busy crushing the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2015! Congrats to: David Parkinson (02:54:43); Nicole Tilzer (04:19:02); Tiffany Golden-Stone (03:22:47); Henrietta Aitken (03:08:48); Hanna Ursillo (03:26:31); Richie Hildebrand (3:27:05); Dearon Panossian (02:59:19); Theresa Tufaro (03:09:58); Kevin Tschirhart (03:23:43); Samatha Creath (03:04:53); Wilson Chau (03:55:51); Sue Jean Baek (03:50:01); Daniil Blinov (03:10:09); Selina Satoko (3:45:45); Anish Sharma (04:32:28); Sam Pagan (04:36:03); Jose Laguerre (04:59:48) and Merlin Montrevil (05:39:02). WELL DONE, GUYS!
  • At the Kurt Steiner XC 5k, Cassie Wallance ran a 21:04, placing 2nd in her AG.
  • A ton of Whippets ran the Rock and Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon, including Eytan Kurshan in 1:19:33, Kim Martineau in 1:30:28, Grace House 1:34:03, Celeste Hoelzl 1:34:21, Amy May 1:34:30, Cara Rabin 1:37:49, Michael Alcamo 1:40:32, and Brianna Mcloughlin in 1:47:05.

October 3/4 | Grete’s Gallop/Miscellaneous Results

  • At the NYRR Grete’s Great Gallop 13.1M in Central Park last Sunday, both the women and the men got 4th place.
  • The women were led by Kim Martineau (1:29:01 – 3rd AG) and followed by Lara Kail (1:30:24 – 6th AG), Atlee Murphy (1:31:06), Franny Vignola (1:33:12), and Leah Robbins (1:33:32).
  • For the men, David Roeske came in first with a 1:14:46 (7th AG) and was followed by Chris Dawes (1:15:54 – 2nd AG), Jonathan Park (1:18:30), Eytan Kurshan (1:19:50), and Garrett Burger (1:21:09).
  • For the Masters, our women came in first once again thanks to Kim Martineau (1:29:01 – 3rd AG), Patricia Choux (1:34:00 – 5th AG), and Eileen Costa (1:39:43).
  • The Masters men were 5th and were led by Chris Dawes (1:15:54 – 2nd AG), Bobby Liu (1:26:51), and Brian Donaghy (1:29:54).
  • At the NYRR Harry Murphy Cross Country 5K in Van Cortlandt Park, Mark Heller placed 2nd in his AG with a 0:21:18 and Michael Alcamo placed 6th in his AG with a 0:22:57.
  • •At the Diva Half Marathon in Long Island, NY, Elizabeth Miller placed 1st in her AG and 4th overall running a PR of 1:34:30!
  • Kinna Harland represented the Whippets in Portland, OR, running a PR of 4:01:54!
  • Molly McEwan ran a PR of 1:53:37 at the Wineglass Half Marathon in Corning, NY!
  • New member, Mark Degenhart, ran his debut half marathon at the Bay Ridge Half in 1:19:56.

September 26/27 | Bronx 10M/Miscellaneous Results

  • This year, the Bronx 10-mile became a club point-race. Our women placed third led by Francesca DeLucia (1:03:23 – 5th AG) and followed by Georgina Norton (1:06:56 – 3rd AG), Emmi Aguillard (1:06:59 – 4th AG), Kim Martineau (1:07:25 – 3rd AG), and Tatyana Abugova (1:08:21 – 6th AG).
  • Our men had outstanding performances as well, placing fifth. David Roeske was first with a 55:51 (9thAG) and was followed by Luke Baltrusch (56:18), Chris Dawes (57:16 – 5th AG), Jared Dourdeville (59:15 – 9th AG), and Ryan Hepworth (1:00:06).
  • For the masters, our women placed FIRST thanks to Kim Martineau (1:07:25 – 3rd AG), Elizabeth miller (1:10:41 – 4th AG), and Patricia Choux (1:10:47 – 5th AG). Our men came in fifth led by Chris Dawes (57:16 – 5th AG) and followed by Seoung Hoon Kang (1:01:44), and Bobby Liu (1:04:34).
  • In the 5K, Brigette Kolson was the second woman (1st AG) with a 19:26 and Sue Jean Baek placed 10thin her AG with a 23:28.
  • MacLean O’Donnell was second at the first USATF Cross Country race of the season at Van Cortlandt Park in a time of 16:27!
  • David Parkinson represented the Whippets in Old Lyme, CT at the Bound For The Sound 10K, running a PR of 37:27!
  • At the NYCRUNS Squirrel Stampede 5K, Louis Pelino placed 2nd in his AG and 9th overall with a 20:20. Sarah Lazun was the second woman with a 21:28 (2nd AG) and Jessie Zaccaro placed 1st in her AG with a 22:17. Kristen Beren ran a PR of 25:56!
  • At the GOwalk Your Dog 5K in Wolfe’s Pond Park, Staten Island, Megan Jones, Jerlyn Thomas, Nicole Tilzer, and Caitlin Jones placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th.
  • Jehan Marino PRd AND BQd at the Berlin Marathon this past Sunday with a time of 3:38:35!

September 19/20 | Miscellaneous Results

It was a busy, successful weekend for the Dashing Whippets!

Even if most people treated this as a training run rather than an actual race, our women still managed to place third at the NYRR 2015 TCS New York City Marathon Tune-Up (18M) this past Sunday! Jessica Chichester was first with a 2:12:14 and placed 1st in her AG, followedby Frances Vignola (2:13:57 and 2nd in her AG). Tiffany Golden-Stone was third with a 2:19:17 and placed 7th in her AG, followed by Brittany Haynes (2:20:35) and Leah Robbins (2:20:42). Caitlin Williamson placed 5th in her AG with a 2:24:41.

For the men, Justin Anderson placed fifth in his age group with a 1:59:41.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Hudson, Chris Dawes and Francesca DeLucia rocked the Newport Liberty Half Marathon! Chris placed second overall with a 1:18:17 and Francesca ran a PR of 1:26:08.

Down in Brooklyn, Samantha Creath was the second woman overall at the NYCRUNS CAR2GO Narrows Half Marathon, running a 1:31:02. Jennifer Hom ran a 1:43:14.

Jordan Rose was 4th place in the Morgantown Marathon in 2:53:09.  Congratulations!

September 12/13 | Miscellaneous Results

The Whippets owned 5th Avenue this past Sunday! At the NYRR 5th Avenue Mile, our women got 5th place. Top five women were: Caitleen Kahn (05:20); Alaina Miller (05:25); Megan Lessard (5:25); Elizabeth Laester (5:29) and Jessica Chichester (5:31). Our men placed eighth, led by MacLean O’Donnell (04:23); David Roeske (04:40); Ning Zhou (04:47); Matthew Wong (04:48) and Jordan Rose (04:49).

At the Lehigh Valley VIA Marathon, Richard Hildebrand got a PR and broke 3:30! Moses Ahmadi ran the half and finished in 1:35:46.

Hugh Parker was third in the Hamptons Half in what turned out to be a tempo run in 1:15:59 and Zach Shtogren was 9th in the full marathon with a BQ in 3:04:53!


Late August/Early September | Miscellaneous Results

  • At the Swanzey Covered Bridges Half Marathon in New Hampshire, Tim Plakas was 1st in his age group in 1:23:40 and David Parkinson was 2nd in his age group in 1:24:09. Daniela Alvarado had a 5 minute PR in 1:43:49 to win her age group!
  • At the Henry Isola Cross Country 4M, Mark Heller won his age group with Katherine Meltzer and Michelle Fernie both placing third in theirs.
  • Philipp Thier and Rick Thiounn were our top two runners at the France Run 8k, running 6:06 and 6:10 pace, respectively. Philipp, Brigette Kolson, and Bob Parsons were all top ten in their age group.
  • Our women’s team was third place in the Percy Sutton 5k, led by Francesca DeLucia and Dioris Romero. Avi Ma’ayan, Francesca, and Dioris were all top ten in their age groups.

August 15 | DWRT 5k

Great job to all that participated!  Please see the results of the road race here!

August 6-9 | R-U-N 5K/Misc

Both the women and the men placed 2nd.  Garrett Burger ran 17:42, with several other men having PRs.  Jeremy Shingleton finished 5th in his age group.  Tessa Benau and Brigette Kolson both broke 20:00 and Julia Simon, Courntey Reidy, and Dioris Romero all placed in the top ten in their age group.  Daniela Alvarado had a 60 second PR as well.  Congratulations!

At the Griffith Park Luau 5k in Los Angeles, Matthew Wong came in 2nd overall with a time of 17:56.8.  Hugh Park won the Chilmark Road Race 5k in 15:38.  Daniela Alvarado

August 1 | Team Championships

The DWRT women had a great showing at Team Championships, placing 3rd, with 16 women running under 35:00.  The team was led by Francesca Delucia, Jennie Cohen, and Jesse Baldwin-Phillippi, with Henrietta Aitken, Caitleen Kahn, Kim Martineau, Brigette Kolson, Bethany Lesko, Lara Kail, and Tatyana Abugova rounding out the top ten.  Our masters women also performed well, placing 3rd and staying tied at the top of the masters standings.

The men’s team had a strong showing, but were edged out for 6th place to finish 7th.  A solid 13 men broke 30:00, led by David Roeske, Ned Cunningham, Skyler Mosenthal, Jyrki Ruohomaki, and Jordan Rose.  The masters men also performed well, placing 5th, with the 50+ team overcoming injuries to place 8th.

July 21 | Tuesday Night Speed Series

Several team records were set at the fourth Tuesday Night Speed Series!  Scott Batten started off, running 400 meters in 61.24, to set the masters team record.  Michael Alcamo then set the 50+ 400 meter record in 71.23 seconds.  Elizabeth Laseter ran the fastest outdoor track time in team history in 5:23.88 and was followed closely by Jesse Baldwin-Phillippi in 5:32.95 seconds.  Matt Wong and Terry McGovern ran the mile in 4:51.73 and 4:54.50.  Scott, Jesse, Matt, and Terry then ran the 4×800 as a workout in 10:01.15 seconds!

July 11-12 | Miscellaneous

  • At the USATF Club Track and Field National Championships, Elizabeth Laseter set the outdoor track 5,000 meter team record in 18:20. Ned Cunningham ran 16:23.
  • Lara Kail ran a PR of 20:01 in the Part with Purpose 5k.  She also ran the Westwood Dad’s Dash 5k in a prior PR of 20:52.
  • Eric Morley ran a 5k PR at the Al Goldstein 5k in 17:17 and Blaise Chow ran 21:09.

And some other recent results from the past several weeks:

  • Ryan Hepworth ran the Arielle Newman 5M Run in 29:28.
  • Molly McEwan ran the Brooklyn Cyclones Take your Base 5k in 24:58,
  • Liz Maiuolo ran the Harlem 1M in 6:28, the Al Goldstein 5k on June 17 in 21:33, and the Alive and Running 5k in 21:50.
  • Tessa Benau ran the June 17th Al Goldstein in 20:10.
  • Celia Kuala ran a Boston Qualifying 3:32:08 at the Bayshore Marathon!

June 27-28 | Pride Run 5M/Achilles 5M

On Saturday, the DWRT women placed third in the 5th points race of the year to further solidify our place in the standings.  The men’s team placed 6th, to move up to 4th place on the year.  Top ten age group placements were achieved by Jyrki Ruohomaki, David Roeske, Ning Zhou, Jonathan Kline, Elizabeth Laseter, Frank Drury, Emmi Aguillard, Francesca DeLucia, Jennie Cohen, Kim Martineau, and Caitlin Williamson.

The next day at the Achilles 5M, David Ruiz, David Winter, Matt Morris, Brigette Kolson, Elizabeth Maiuolo, Mark Heller, Kristen Levy, Sarah Lazun, and Patricia Slawuta all had top ten age group finishes as well!

June 20-21 | Queens 10k, TGNY 100, Miscellaneous

Last weekend, the DWRT women came in second place at the Queens 10k, led by Tatyana Abugova and Tiffany Golden Stone, who were the 6th and 10th women overall. Elena Varas Saiz, Amanda Harnishfeger, and Maria Vlassenko rounded out the top five women. Our men’s team was led by Patrick Flynn, Nick Avon, and Daniil Blinov, while Frank Drury came in 2nd in his age group.

Tommy Pyon won the TGNY 100 Mile race for the third straight year!

Also running great races last weekend, were Laura Kail, who won her hometown’s 5k, Henrietta Aitken, who won the Running of the Balls 10k, and Elizabeth Maiuolo, who came in third in the Harlem One Mile Race.  Jyrki Ruohomaki won the Finland Center 5k in Prospect Park in a new masters record of 17:22.

June 13 | Mini 10k and Walkway Marathon

DWRT came in 5th place overall in the Mini 10k to hold onto 3rd overall for the season.  Our masters women’s team placed 2nd to stay in 1st place through 4 races.  The women were led by Emmi Aguillard and Francesca Delucia, who each ran under 41:00 in hot conditions.  Laura Huselton, Jesse Baldwin-Philippi, and Kim Martineau rounded out the top five women on the team and led 9 women under 7:00 pace.  Patricia Choux, Jen Herring, and newcomer Laura Stephen also placed in the top ten in their age groups!

Garret Burger won the Walkway Marathon in New York’s Hudson Valley, running 2:57:36 in the heat!

June 4-7 | Retro 4M and Covered Bridges Half Marathon

At the Retro 4M, the open men’s team came in 6th place to remain in 5th place on the year in the NYRR A Division.  The masters men also placed 6th and the 50+ men placed 3rd, to remain in first place in the Division.  The men were led by Skyler Mosenthal in 21:26 and Matt Maline in 21:46.  In total, ten men ran under 6:00 per mile.

Both the women’s open and masters teams came in first place and look to build on that going into their next points race, the Mini 10k.  The women were led by Kim Martineau (25:40) and Brittany Haynes (26:46), each of whom were top 3 in their age group.

The DWRT men also dominated at the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Quechee, VT.  James Wyper, Ning Zhou, Jared Dourdeville, Tim Plakas, and David Parkinson placed 3rd, 6th, 7th, 11th, and 17th, respectively.

Among the Whippets running the Chase Corporate Challenge, Matt Murphy and Terry McGovern covered the 3.2 mile course in 18:17 and 18:33, while Lara Kail ran 21:29.

May 30-31 | DWRT Track Meet, Healthy Kidney 10k, and various other races

We had an awesome track meet.  See all the results here:!

Our women’s team won another race, placing first in the Healthy Kidney 10k on Saturday. Whippets in the top ten in their age groups included Tatyana Abugova, Patricia Choux, Caitlin Williamson, and Daniela Czark. Congratulations!

In several marathons around the globe, Chris Dawes ran a 2:41:53 in the Stockholm Marathon and Tiffany Golden-Stone BQ’d with a 3:24:32 in the Minneapolis Marathon.

Also, Kaitlyn Kiernan ran the McCarren 5k in 21:10 (6:48 pace)!

May 24 | Mountains 2 Beach Marathon

Caitlin Jones ran the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon in 3:50:59!

May 16 | Brooklyn Half Marathon

DWRT came in fourth place in both the open men’s and women’s divisions and also stayed in first place overall in the women’s masters and men’s 50+ divisions.  The men were led by Hugh Parker, who ran an outstanding 2 minute PR with a 1:12:24.  Other great performances, included Skyler Mosenthal, Chris Dawes, Matt Boughton, and Jordan Rose, who led 9 men to under 1:20.  9 other men ran under 1:23.

Henrietta Aitken also had a huge PR, running 1:24:54.  Jennie Cohen was right behind in 1:25:47.  Jesse Baldwin-Philippi and Laura Huselton ran under 1:28 and 5 other women ran under 1:30.

May 10 | Japan Day 4M and Eugene Marathon

Hugh Parker crushed the Japan Day 4M, coming in 7th place overall and 1st in his age group in 21:06. Other strong performances were run by Tim Mottau in 24:14, Liz Maiuolo in 28:16 (4th in age group), and many others.

Kristen Levy qualified for Boston with a 3:32 and got engaged at the finish line.  Congratulations!

May 2-3 | North Face Endurance Challenge and Hood to Hudson Relay

Several Whippets ran in the North Face Endurance Challenge at Bear Mountain.  The marathon relay team that included Jeremy Shingleton, Eric Morley, and Skyler Mosenthal came in first place and broke the course record!  Jerlyn Thomas ran 13:57:52 for the 50 mile race.  Cassie Wangsness ran 7:10:02 for the 50k race.

At the Hood to Hudson 100 mile relay organized by NBR, the Whippets fielded two teams. The winning team was composed of  Sam Burlingame, Yumiko Higaki, Louis Pelino, Steve Wo, Helen Dennis, Lauren Fouda, AJ Khaw, Aaron Sachs.  The third place team was Megan Jones, Geraldine Yang, Jessica Chichester, Tatiana Abugova, Laura Costello, Sriram Narayan, Daniil Blinov, Scott Batten.  Congratulations!

April 25-26 | NJ Marathon, Run as One 4M, Red Hook Crit, NBR Track Meet

We had several great performances at the NJ Marathon.  Jon Park, Martina DiMarco, Lucy Clark all qualified for Boston.  Also having solid performances were John Ferry, Richie Hildebrand, and Keith Slyman

In the Run as One, several Whippets had PRs, including Sean Gorski (24:42), Meredith Nadler (29:39), Sam Whatley (25:31), and Megan Jones (29:07).  Frank Drury, Georgina Norton, and Elizabeth Maiuolo all finished in the top ten in their age group.

Jennie Cohen CRUSHED the Red Hook Crit 5k in 18:21, placing 5th and winning $150.  Tessa Benau had a nice PR in 19:31.  Eric Morley, Steve Wo, Joe Delano, Jessie Zacarro, Ellen Manuszek, and Daniela Alvarado also had great times.

Hugh Parker (4:46.11), Marvin Yang (5:15.50), and Rick Thiounn (5:52.13) all ran the Brooklyn Running Company Mile at the NBR track meet.  The team of Scott Batten, Hugh, Rick, and Marvin won the Sprint Medley Relay.

April 20 | Boston Marathon

The Whippets had an amazing performance at the 2015 Boston Marathon.  First, the open women placed fourth overall in the most elite marathon in the world!

The women were led by Natalie Busby and Carolina Pena, who both ran under 3:00.  Francesca Delucia was close behind with a 3:05:42.  Chandler Rainey ran 3:11:32.  Emi Matsuyama, Emily Raisch, Jennifer Marino-Gabrielli, Valerie Smith, and Leah Robbins all ran under 3:30 with Christine Peddy, Andrea Leshak, Maria Jonsdottir, Virna Di Palma, Caroline Dampier, Eileen Costa, Jen Herring, and Megan Barstow all running solid races as well.  Jen Herring’s performance ranked third in the visually impaired division!

Chris Dawes paced the men’s team with a new team masters record of 2:40:29.  He was closely followed by Garrett Burger, Ning Zhou, and Josh Whitcraft, all of whom broke 2:50.  Fred Hines, Taylor Hartstein, Tim Plakas, Xavi Giro, Andrew Hadro, and JP Desjardins all ran under 3:00, with Steve Wo, David Parkinson, Ab Brody, and Joe Delano breaking 3:10!

April 19 | More Women’s Half Marathon

The Dashing Whippets women won the NYRR More Women’s Half Marathon!  Katie Edwards ran 1:33:45, Patricia Choux ran 1:36:22, Carol Stickler 1:38:24, Samantha Creath 1:39:15, and Atlee Murphy 1:39:34.  Other solid performers included Jerlyn Thomas, Jen Hom, May Lai, and Kate Lee.

April 12 | Paris Marathon, Run for the Parks, Cherry Blossom 10M

At the Paris Marathon, DWRT had several standout performances and BQs.  Tatyana Abugova and Kim Martineau both BQ’d with 3:11:42 and 3:12:40.  Ethan Rouen and Brian Donaghy also ran Boston Qualifiers with 3:04:40 and 3:11:24.  Valerie Baker ran a solid 4:57:16.

At the NYRR Run for the Parks, the DWRT women came in a solid 2nd place, led by Tiffany Golden-Stone and Georgina Norton in 27:23 and 27:35, respectively.  Ning Zhou won his age group in a PR of 22:33.  Other top ten AG performers were Tiffany and Georgina, Liz Maiuolo, and Christine Peddy.  Keith Slyman, Juan Becerra, Tim Mottau, Meredith Nadler, Daniela Alvarado, and Lisa Huber also ran PRs!

Edie Perkins ran a great time at a slightly shortened Cherry Blossom 10 mile course today (due to a crime scene on the normal course).  Edie ran 1:04:13 to place 20th in her age group!

April 4 | Scotland Run 10k

Great results at the Scotland Run 10k.  Our open women placed third and our masters women were first.  Our open men were fifth, masters men were seventh, and our 50+ men were second.  Several of our runners were in the top ten in their age group, including Carolina Pena, Alex Arslan, Ned Cunningham, Hugh Parker, Jon Kline, Jennie Cohen, Frank Drury, Emmi Aguillard, Kim Martineau, Edie Perkins, and Liz Maiuolo.

Several other runners had outstanding performances, including Nicholas Avon (36:16 in his DWRT debut), Justin Anderson with a big PR in 36:51, Bethany Lesko ran 41:29 in her team debut (and I think that was a PR by almost a minute as well).  Other Whippets with PRs included Louis Pelino, Jessie Zaccaro, Frank Adamo, Wilson Chau, and Heather Weneck.

Following this:

  • Our open women will continue to be third place, 4 points ahead of GNY and 4 points behind CPTC.
  • Our open men will move into 5th place, just behind Warren Street and just ahead of VCTC, NBR, and the Harriers.
  • Our masters women are still in first place – 6 points ahead of CPTC!
  • Our masters men are in seventh place – in the mix with VCTC, NBR, and a few other teams.
  • Our men’s 50+ team is still in first place as well!  We are just ahead of VCTC, CPTC, and Brooklyn Road Running Club.

March 15 | New York City Half Marathon

DWRT had many amazing performances at the 2015 NYC Half Marathon – with probably our best showing ever in a half marathon by our men’s team.  Hugh Parker and David Roeske worked together to run 1:14:13 and 1:14:32, respectively.  Fred Hines ran a PR of 1:16:45 and Chris Dawes also broke 1:17 with a 1:16:59.  Three other runners (Josh Novack, Ning Zhou, and Josh Whitcraft) all ran between 1:18 and 1:19).  Also running outstanding times were Jonathan Park (1:26:04), Frank Drury (1:26:59 – 9th in his age group), and Brian Donaghy (1:28:14).

On the women’s side, Hannah Ursillo paced the team with a 1:29:43.  Chandler Rainey, Norah Daly, Caroline Dampier, Leah Robbins, Courtney Reidy, and Patricia Choux all ran under 1:36.  Other great times included Jennifer Marino-Gabrielli (1:36:15), Patricia Tirona (1:39:53), and Megan Jones with a 5 minute PR (1:39:55)!

Full results can be found here:

March 15 | Miscellaneous Results

Bobby Liu ran the 38th Annual NYPD vs FDNY 5 mile race in 31:26 to place 4th overall, Tito Sinha ran the Parade Day 5k in Rockaway NY in 23:42, Josh Whitcraft ran a 5:02 mile at the NYRR Night at the Races on 3/10/15, and Rick Thiounn completed the Antarctica Marathon to become a member of the 7 continents club.

At the Front Runners 2015 Invitational track meet, Jon Kline ran a 2:31 in the 800 and 4:55 in the 1500.  Ned Cunningham ran a 9:23 in the 3000 and 4:18 in the 1500.  Scott Batten ran the 3000 in 11:16.

March 7 and 8 | Frozen Penguin Half Marathon and Cherry Tree 10M

At the Frozen Penguin Half Marathon, Andrew Hadro came in third place in 1:24:37 in a slightly long course. Ab Brody ran 1:30:35, Paul Warthen 1:35:44, Rich Hsieh 1:36:59, Val Smith won her age group in 1:37:34, Lisa Hubner 1:55:57, and Heather Weneck in 2:07:49.

The next day, also in Brooklyn, Katie Edwards placed fourth, first in her age group, in 1:09:38.  Kim Martineau ran 1:10:49, Edie Perkins 1:12:13, Adrian Brune 1:18:42, Karen Lee 1:30:04, Kindre Harland 1:30:55, and Molly McEwan 1:34:36.

On the men’s side, Troy Squire was second overall in 58:39.  Steve Wo and Louis Pelino finished in 1:10:11 and 1:10:12.  Richie Hildebrand finished in 1:14:28.  The relay team of AJ Khaw, Eric Morley, and Tessa Benau was second overall and first in the coed division!

March 1 | Washington Heights 5k

DWRT had it’s best points race results in our history at the Washington Heights 5k.  Our women’s masters team and our men’s 50+ teams won their divisions and start the year out in first place!  Our women’s open team had it’s best ever showing in a points race with a third place finish.  The open and masters men were each 7th place.

The women were led by Carolina Pena, who ran a 19:11 and placed second in her age group.  She was closely followed by a pack of Laura Huselton (19:37), Francesca DeLucia (19:44), Lucy Clark (19:45), Emmi Aguillard (19:47), and Kim Martineau (19:53).  Also running impressive times were Meghan Gutekunst (20:20), Katie Edwards (20:26), Hannah Ursillo (20:28), Courtney Reidy (20:43), and Caroline Dampier (20:57).  Jerlyn Thomas and Eileen Costa both ran PRs in 22:46 and 23:04.

Ned Cunningham and Fred Hines paced the men’s team in 16:09 and 16:59 with the top five rounded out by David Roeske, Jonathan Kline (first in his age group), and Matthew Wong.  Also breaking 6:00 per mile were Terrence McGovern, Eric Morley, Ryan Hepworth, Garett Burger, Chris Martalus, Ethan Rouen, and Chris Dawes.  Frank Drury ran a great race, placing 9th in his age group.

February 20 and 22 | NYRR Night at the Races and Al Gordon 4M

Four Whippets competed at the third NYRR Night at the Races.  Henrietta Aitken set the team’s track 5,000 meter record, running a fast 19:15.  Ned Cunningham, Jon Kline, and Scott Batten also ran, with Ned running a 16:11 in the 5,000 meters and Jon and Scott running 2:22 and 2:31, respectively, in the 800 meters.

In the Al Gordon Classic 4M, the DWRT women placed first as a team and the men were second.  Tatyana Abugova ran 25:51, with newcomers Katie Edwards and Edie Perkins running 26:57 and 28:07.  Tatyana and Edie both won their age group with Katie placing fourth and Anna Grozhik placing third.  On the men’s side, Eric Morley, Matthew Wong, and Andrew Hadro all broke 24:00, running 23:28, 23:30, and 23:44.  Joining them to place in the top ten in their age group were Terrence McGovern, Jonathan Park, and Brian Donaghy.

February 4 and 7 | Empire State Building Run Up and Riverside Park Winter Series

David Roeske placed 12th at the Empire State Building Run Up, climbing the building in an impressive 12:51.  Bobby Liu won his age group at the Winter Series 5k, running 19:55.

February 1 | Gridiron 4M

Will Newland and Javad Husain had PRs to lead the men in 24:19 and 24:45, respectively.  Frank Drury was 4th in his age group.  Courtney Reidy and Meghan Prin also had PRs in 27:38 and 27:56 to pace the women’s team.  Ben Tischler and Cricky Cicchetti also had nice PRs.

January 25 | Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon/New Orleans Half Marathon

The DWRT women placed second as a team in the Fred Lebow Manhattan Half.  The top five women were Jessica Chichester (1:29:45/9th overall woman), Patricia Choux (1:36:01/2nd in age group), Meghan Prin (1:39:05), Courtney Reidy (1:40:01) and Emi Matsuyama (1:44:49.  Megan Jones had a 21 minute PR in 1:45:12!  Many of the men’s team members ran the race at marathon pace in preparation for spring marathons.  Josh Whitcraft and Justin Anderson led the way in 1:22:04/5th in AG and 1:24:44/9th in AG, respectively.

Caroline Dampier ran the New Orleans Half Marathon in 1:33:01 (7:06 pace)!

January 18 | Miscellaneous Results

Three Whippets traveled to exotic locales this weekend to participate in some cool races.  Meghan Prin ran the Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon in 1:40:32.  Hilary Lorenz ran another snowshoe race in Windy Point, Colorado, finishing the 4.22 mile course in 56:45.  Brian Donaghy ran the Front Street Mile in Hamilton, Bermuda in 5:43.

January 15 | Thursday Night at the Races

At the Thursday Night at the Races on January 15, Ned Cunningham ran 2:13.11 in the 800 and 4:43.01 in the mile. Chris Forti ran 2:20.69 and 5:05.81.

January 11 | Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic/NYCRuns Winter Series

Hilary Lorenz ran the Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic, covering 3.8 miles of snow in 53:18 to place third in her age group.  Meanwhile, Jonathan Park and Katie Edwards ran the NYCRuns Winter Series.  Jonathan ran the 10 miler in 1:08:48 to place 18th overall and Katie was the 1st overall female in the 5 miler in 33:47!

January 9-10 | Disney Half Marathon and Marathon

DWRT traveled to the Magic Kingdom this weekend.  Francesca Delucia, Leah Robbins, and Richie Hildebrand did the Goofy Challenge (1:37:31/3:14:40, 1:44:46/3:29:58, and 1:43:38/4:07:57 respectively).  Alexandra London (1:40:32) ran the half and Otto Lam (3:28:13), Lauren Russo (4:07:29, Chris Wong (4:21:32), Jerlyn Thomas (4:45:18 pacing a friend), and Meredith Nadler (4:10:44) ran the full marathon.

January 10 | Joe Kleinerman 10k

The Dashing Whippets women came in second place in the Joe Kleinerman 10k in the 17 degree temperatures.  The women were paced by Hannah Ursillo, who ran a PR in 42:07.  William Newland ran his first race for the team in 39:30.  Mark Heller ran 43:36 to place 15th in the 50 to 54 age group.   Full team results can be found here.

December 27, 2014 | Boston U Mini Meet

Chris Forti ran three solid times at the BU Mini Meet – running the indoor 3,000 in 9:55.83, the mile in 4:59.83, and tripling back to participate in a 4×1 mile relay, running a 5:05.39 split.

December 13, 2014 | Ted Corbit 15k

DWRT solidified our place in the NYRR standings with solid performances at the Ted Corbitt 15k in Central Park on December 13. Our open women’s team placed 6th overall, led by Henrietta Aitken (1:00:34) and Carolina Pena (1:00:54). Our open men’s team also placed 6th with David Roeske (53:23) and Josh Whitcraft (57:36) leading the pack. Most impressively, our women’s masters team placed third to move up to fifth place on the year. Full results can be found here.

December 13, 2014 | USATF Club Cross Country Championships

The Whippets fielded teams in the USATF Club Cross Country Championships for the first time.  It was an honor to be one of only three New York City clubs to compete in the race, which was 6k for women and 10k for men.  DWRT women were led by Jessica Chichester (23:38) and Kate Snider (23:58), while Ned Cunningham (34:04) and Skyler Mosenthal (34:08) paced the men. Jonathan Kline ran 36:44 to lead the master’s men’s team. Results can be found here.

November 2, 2014 | TCS New York City Marathon

A total of 156 runners represented the Dashing Whippets Running Team at the 2014 NYC Marathon, with the women’s team placing third overall. Click here to view the team’s full results at the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon.