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May | Miscellaneous

  • Our women took first place at the 2018 Italy Run by Ferrero (5M)! Francesca DeLucia was the 6th woman OA (1st AG) and finished in 31:45. She was followed by Lauren Dorsky (33:51-3rd AG); Jennifer Marchuk (34:05-9th AG); Laureline Logiaco (34:08-7th AG) and Atlee Murphy (35:05). Elena Varas Saiz (35:39) placed 8th in her AG. Ayaba Kanther (36:15) placed 2nd in her AG. Johanna Amutenya (37:10) placed 9th in her AG. Mary Haskins (42:20) placed 10th in her AG.
  • Matthieu Grigoresco (29:30); Richard Nacin (30:58) and Brett Slater (33:49) all placed 5th in their AG. Brenton Arnaboldi (29:38) placed 6th in his AG. Bob Parsons (47:44) placed 9th in his AG.
  • Jeremy Arthur ran a new 400m outdoor record at the WRT x NBR Red Hook Games, finishing in 0:00:55 and placing 3rd OA. Cory Helder (00:57.5); Jon Epstein (00:59.1) and Jonathan Meythaler (00:59.1) placed 6th, 8th and 9th.
  • Ingrid Wells placed 1st in the women’s 5000m race, finishing in 18:18. Laura Gann (18:55) and Katherine Edwards (19:45) placed 3rd and 6th.
  • Keaton Naff placed 2nd in the men’s 5000m race, finishing in 15:44. He was followed by Specncer Zidarich (16:05-4th); Cory Helder (16:15-5th); Jordan O’Donohue (16:28-6th) and Phil Young (16:52-10th).
  • Katherine Edwards (05:47) and Regan Colestock (05:53) placed 6th and 7th in the women’s mile. Genevieve Coffey (05:58) placed 9th.
  • Karlo Mendoza placed 2nd in the men’s mile, finishing in 04:48. James Stucker (05:01) and Jon Epstein (05:04) placed 8th and 9th.
  • In the mixed 800m, Terrence McGowern (02:07); Stephen Bione (02:09) and Matt Wong (02:11) placed 3rd, 4th and 5th.
  • Our men placed first in both the DMR mixed, finishing in 11:46, and the 4x400m relay, finishing in 03:56.
  • At the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, Ned Cunningham placed 6th OA with a time of 18:18. Chris Forti finished in 20:05.
  • Stephen Gnoza placed 2nd OA at the Salomon OutdoorFest 6-Hour Ultra, covering 33M in 6:42:50.
  • Cameron Coneys placed 2nd OA at the NYCruns Narrows Halalf Marathon, finishing in 1:18:09. Dorota Sawicz ran a PR of 1:36:52, placing 3rd OA for the women and first in her AG.
  • At the Memorial Day 4-miler in Staten Island, Chris Forti placed 3rd in his AG with a time of 23:41.
  • Our women placed first at the 2018 Japan Run (4M)! Francesca DeLucia was the THIRD woman OA, crossing the finish line in 24:33. Lauren Dorsky (27:11) placed 2nd in her AG. Cheryl Goldwasser (28:07); Patricia Choux (27:45) and Patricia tirona (27:45) placed 9th, 5th and 10th in their AG.
  • Jenna Moulton finished the OneAmerican 500 Festival Mini Marathon in 1:33:56.
  • Amortya Ray ran a 47:21 at the Newport 10K.
  • Andrew Skrilow PRd by over one minute at the Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10M, finishing in 1:14:27. Eytan Kurshan raced the distance for the first time, closing in 1:00:20. Katherine Edwards ran a 1:06:48. Laura Gann ran 1:03:06 and Alex Noble ran 1:00:02.
  • Richard Nacin finished his first 50M race, the North Face Endurance Challenge: New York, in 10:24:59. Dave McGrath finished in 12:35:39.
  • Emma Krasovich placed 1st in her AG and 3rd OA for the women at the NYC Runs – Verrazano Half Marathon, finishing in 1:36:22.
  • Regan Colestock (19:19) was the 3rd woman OA at the NYCRuns DIME McCarren 5K.

April | Miscellaneous

  • At the 2018 UAE Healthy Kidney 10K, a club-point race, our men placed 4th. Keaton Naff placed 9th in his AG, finishing in 32:49. He was followed by Cory Helder (33:27); Karlo Mendoza (34:15-10th AG); Robert Meyer (34:19) and Spencer Zidarich (34:21).
  • The women took 5th place thanks to Jessy Scarpone, who placed 6th in her AG finishing in 37:16; Molly Wawrzyniak (38:32-10thAG); Samantha Creath (38:39); Grace Bowen (38:50) and Rose Willey (39:49).
  • Also, Richard Nacin (39:17); Stephan Brohme (39:53) and Frank Drury (40:52) placed 8th, 6th and 5th in their AG.  Barbara Mann (41:10); Megan Keane (42:48) and Patricia Choux (44:16) placed 4th, 10th and 8th in their AG. Carol Stickler (43:58) and Paula Scaminaci (48:15) both placed 6th in their AG.
  • We had some amazing performances at the Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon 2018! Stephen Gnoza placed 7th in his AG, running a five-minute PR of 2:55:59 and qualifying for Boston 2019 by nine minutes! Laura McDonald qualified for Boston as well, finishing in 3:27:29. Sarah Buccleugh ran an eighteen-minute PR of 3:54:45. Chris Mills and Abhinav Mathur finished in 3:09:57 and 3:16:30.  Yoonseok Lee represented us in the half marathon, finishing in 1:30:43.  Drew McDonald ran 2:57:36, David Goldfarb ran 2:43:15, and Joe Siefers ran 3:31:32. Avi Das ran the half in 1:33:34.
  • Olivier Wijtenburg and Mark Hess placed 7th and 9th OA at the Red Hook Crit 5K (which was measured almost 0.2 miles long), finishing in 16:04 and 16:34. Ned Cunningham (17:03); Zack Custer (17:17) and Fred Hines (17:29) placed 17th, 19th and 22nd.  Meghan Bongartz represented us on the women side, placing 12th in 20:00.
  • Our women took first place at the 2018 Boomers Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe (4M). Kathleen Servidea placed 2nd OVERALL for the women, finishing in 24:12. Barbara Mann (25:31) and Lauren Lopez (25:51) placed 6th and 8th OA. Allison Jacobsen (27:09) and Genevieve Coffey (27:42) placed 1st and 6th in their AG.  Brooke Jameson (27:57) and Patricia Choux (28:04) placed 2nd and 1st in their AG. Catherine Mitchell (28:59) placed 9th in her AG.
  • On the men’s side, Matthew Feick (24:04) and Timothy Pedrotty (24:39) placed 6th and 9th in their AG. Neil Carragher (27:20) and Bob Parsons (39:13) placed 6th and 8th in their AG.
  • Jeremy Arthur finished the Berlin Half Marathon in a blazing time of 1:15:49!
  • Kristen Elkins and Eliza Ragsdale represented us at the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run, finishing in 1:08:49 and 1:10:52.

March | Miscellaneous

  • At the Front Runners Invitational, Jeremy Arthur set a new indoor team record of 00:57.93 in the 400m.  Ned Cunningham ran 2:09 in the 800 and 4:17 in the 1500, Karlo Mendoza ran 60 seconds in the 400 and 2:14 in the 800, Scott Batten ran 1:06 in the 400, 30 seconds in the 200, Jon Epstein ran 2:23 in the 800 and 28 seconds in the 200, and 8.46 in the 60 meters
  • Our women placed third at the 2018 United Airlines NYC Half. After only one week, Jessica Chichester (8th AG) set another women team record of 1:18:15! She was followed by: Elizabeth Laseter (1:22:19); Kathleen Servidea (1:23:57-5th AG); Alaina Miller (1:24:20) and Laura Gann (1:25:37-9th AG).  Barbara Mann (1:29:15) and Kim Martineau (1:29:57) placed 7th and 5th in their AG.
  • On the men side, David Roeske (1:16:31) and Chris Dawes (1:22:32) both placed 9th in their AG. Bobby Liu (1:22:36) placed 10th in his AG. Placing top five for the guys were Karlo Mendoza, Thomas Garvey, Zach Custer, David R., and David Goldfarb.
  • Also, some other great PRs (I think) were run by Garrett Burger, Jessica Chichester, Stephen Bione and Stephen Gnoza, Eric Buscarino, Kathleen Servidea, Matthew Feick, Laura Gann, Meghan Bongartz, Eliza Ragsdale, Heather Weneck, Jessie Zaccaro, June Luo, and Riri Nagao.
  • At the Spring Fling 10K, Kristen Beren ran her longest post-partum run (and second race!), finishing in 1:02:46.
  • And, I misreported Dorota’s time last week. She actually ran a 1:36:59, which was a PR!
  • At the 2018 NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5K, our women placed 3rd. Jessica Chichester placed 6thOA for the women, finishing in a blazing time of 17:53. Brigette Kolson (18:25) and Grace Bowen (18:30) placed 5th and 9th in their AG. Kathleen Servidea (18:30) and Meghan Bongartz (18:53) placed 1st and 8th in their AG.
  • Our men placed 4th thanks to Spencer Zidarich (16:12); Ned Cunningham (16:13); Keaton Naff (16:16-3rd AG); Jeremy Arthur (16:32) and Karlo Mendoza (16:49-3rd AG).
  • Megan Keane (18:56) placed 4th in her AG. Jennie Cohen (19:09) and Ayaba Kanther (21:47) both placed 9th in their AG. Eris Saari (23:18) and Sarah Woods (23:27) placed 5th and 8th in their AG. Paula Scaminaci (23:36) placed 10th in her AG.
  • Frederick Hines (17:04) and Jonathan Kline (17:40) placed 10th and 1st in their AG. Bobby Liu (17:46) and Terrence McGovern (17:57) both placed 9th in their AG. Frank Drury (19:28) and Christopher Pareja (20:09) placed 5th and 6th in their AG.
  • Olivier Wijtenburg competed in the mile at the NYRR Night at the Races 4, placing 2nd OA and finishing in 4:14.98.
  • James Stucker and Andrea Mascaro ran a really strong Tokyo Marathon, finishing in 2:53:00 and 3:00:27.
  • Keith Slyman ran the eMurray Todd Half Marathon in 1:35:23.

February | Miscellaneous

  • At the 2018 NYRR Al Gordon 4M, our women placed 2nd. Katherine Edwards (26:02) placed 2nd in her AG. She was followed by Caitleen Kahan (26:38); Allison Jacobsen (27:00-6th AG); Eliza Ragsdale (27:25) and Nicole Gorton (27:45-8th AG).
  • Our men placed 3rd thanks to Olivier Wijtenburg, who placed 5th OA and 3rd in his AG; Eric Morley (22:44-10th AG); Frederick Hines (22:51-7th AG); Robert Meyer (23:11-9th AG) and Alex Noble (23:17-7TH AG).  Brenton Arnaboldi (23:22) and Terrence Mcgovern (24:03) placed 8th and 6th in their AG. John Narducci (27:41); Cliff Collins (32:07) and Bob Parsons (39:00) placed 8th, 9th and 10th in their AG.
  • Sarah Sechan finished the Tokyo Marathon in 4:31:16, James Stuckker ran 2:53:00, and Andrea Mascaro ran 3:00:27.
  • At the Prospect Park Track Club Tree 10 Miler, Garret Burger (57:31) and Nick Grinlinton (58:15) placed 5th and 6th OA.  Both Jeff Latz (1:00:45) and Troy Squire (1:02:25) placed 4th in their AG.  Lauren Lopez (1:09:48) placed 3rd in her AG.
  • Stephen Gnoza and Mike Miller represented us at the Black Canyon Ultras 100k, finishing in 13:23:54 and 13:56:44.   Stephanie Gnoza competed in the 60K distance, finishing in 9:31:34.
  • Our women placed third at the 2018 NYRR Gridiron 4M. Barbara Mann (25:25); Veronica Boswell (25:35) and Lauren Lopez (26:03) placed 5th, 1st and 4th in their AG. They were followed by Leah Robbins (28:16) and June Luo (29:56).  Eris Saarai (29:59) and Mary Haskins (33:51) placed 5th and 9th in their AG.
  • David Goldfarb was our first man. He placed 8th in his AG, finishing in 21:52. Garrett Burger (22:39) and Bobby Liu (23:15) placed 10th and 4th in their AG.  Stephen Bione and Peter Sesek ran PRs in 23:07 and 23:12!
  • At the NYC Runs Cocoa Classic 5K, Selina Satoko Highstein placed 1st in her AG, finishing in 22:54.

January | Miscellaneous

  • At the NYRR Night at the Races 3, Hugh Parker and Olivier Wijtenburg placed 2nd and 4th OA in the 5000m, finishing in 15:15 and 15:24. They were followed by David Goldfarb (16:42); Chris Forti (17:46) and John Downing (21:25).
  • Jessy Scarpone (17:48) and Brigette Kolson (18:26) placed 2nd and 10th for the women in the 5000m.
  • Omar Khedr (2:28) and John Downing (2:43) represented us in the 800m.
  • At the 2018 NYRR Fred Lebow Manhattan Half, our women placed first and the men placed second.
  • Jessica Chichester was the first woman to break the tape, finishing in 1:23:19. Francesca DeLucia (1:25:32) and Kathleen Servidea (1:25:50) placed 5th and 6th OA for the women. Audrey Kelly (1:31:41); Andrea Mascaro (1:31:49) and Marie Killmond (1:38:08) placed 2nd; 3rd and 8th in their AG.
  • Karlo Mendoza finished in 1:13:39, placing 5th OA for the men. He was followed by Jeff Latz (1:21:13-7th AG); Bobby Liu (1:23:29-7th AG); Stephen Bione (1:24:23) and Steve Wo (1:24:34).
  • William Washer placed 10th in his AG at the Houston Marathon, finishing in 2:36:54.
  • Congratulations to Jonathan Kline for being named the USATF-NY Masters Runner of the Month for December for his performance in the Ted Corbitt 15k:
  • At the NYRR Night at the Races Meet 2, Meghan Bonghartz (3:16.83) and Karlo Mendoza (2:52.46) represented us in the 1000m. Meghan set a new team record for the women.
  • Jeremy Arthur (1:34.14) broke the team’s 600m indoor record. Meghan Bonghartz finished the race in 1:52.74.
  • We had the following team members competing in the 3000m: Hugh Parker (8:55.78); Karlo Medoza (9:35.18); Young Cho (10:41.01) and Carly Graham (10:41.78).

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