A comprehensive FAQs for new members is found under “About Us”.   We are also frequently asked:

Where can I purchase a team singlet?

On our Meetup site, and pick them up at our sponsor, Finish Line PT.  See apparel information here.

When and where are your training runs?

Our Meetup site lists all of our training runs.   We host runs every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Manhattan (Central Park & East River Park Track) and Brooklyn (Prospect Park).  Please RSVP if you plan on attending.  In rare cases, we may cancel the run due to a team race or weather, so please be sure to check the Meetup site.

Everyone looks like they’re too fast! Am I too slow?

There will usually be someone running your pace, but it’s helpful to ask in the comments section of the actual training run page if there’s someone you can run with. You might be surprised with the response you get.  You can find the training runs on our Meetup site.

I’m running a race but it’s not listed on the Meetup site. Can you post it?

We welcome all team members to post races they’re doing on our Facebook group. We will put the event on our team calendar if there are multiple Dashing Whippets running the race and if you or someone is willing to host the event.  Please let us know at dashingwhippets@gmail.com.

How do I run NYRR races for DWRT?

To run NYRR races under our team name, please log into MyNYRR and edit your profile by selecting DWRT from the drop down menu. For races that you have already registered for, please email mynyrr@nyrr.org to request that they add the team name for those races.