Prospect Park Training Run

We will be doing a Prospect Park training run meeting at the Grand Army Plaza Entrance to the Park (right outside the Park) at 7:00 PM. The planned run will be posted at last 24 hours before the start of the training run. Please post your planned pace for the run so we can make sure everyone will have a companion to run with!

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Central Park Training Run

Our Tuesday night Central Park training workouts are typically tempo runs or hill repeats.  These workouts are usually very well attended with a wide variety of paces.

The meeting spot is at the 72nd street transverse by Bethesda Fountain. There we’ll give the full workout details, including distance, pacing groups, expected run time, and where we plan on meeting at the end. You can expect a typical workout to be between 5 and 8 miles (or less during hill workouts).

A note on warm ups: We do not do a full warm up as a group in Central Park, so we encourage you to show up at 7 p.m. having jogged an easy mile or two ahead of time.

If it’s your first time meeting us, feel free to come a few minutes early with any questions.  There are many other groups who meet on 72nd St so look for the one with folks in Whippet singlets.

Please note that there is no place to store bags inside Central Park. Pack light, or store your bags at a nearby gym if you are a member. Another option is the JackRabbit Store (formerly New York Running Company) at the Time Warner Center, which stays open until 9pm:

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Downtown Easy Run 

Patricia, Laura, and Melissa will be leading an easy run from Amity Hall, West Village location.  You can leave a bag here and then head out for a run before hanging out for a drink or food afterward!

Paces will range anywhere depending on who shows up but it’s 7:45/8:00 to 10:30 min/mile.  Distance is usually just around 5 miles.

New venue, great beer selection, sports bar(!), and great bar food!  A stone’s throw away from the West 4th subway stop.

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Brooklyn Weekend Run

We are now doing our Brooklyn runs on Saturdays.  We’ll try to mix up the routes as much as possible so we don’t get too bored doing lops of Prospect Park.  This will mainly serve as an opportunity for a long run.  If you have any ideas for courses, please let us know!

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Prospect Park Thursday Speed Workout

We are hosting weekly “track” workouts at Prospect Park every Thursday evening. The workouts will be identical to the East River Park Track workout of the week, which will be posted at least 24 hours beforehand.

Although there is no track at Prospect Park, we’ll find the flattest part of the park to do the scheduled workout.

All paces are welcome. Please comment in Talk about this Meetup if you have any questions!

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Cheering at Team Championships

Cheering agenda at Team Championships:

7:30am SHARP:  Men and non-racing women meet Scott at Baggage Check (102nd St. transverse)

7:35am:  We cheer the women as they pass by W. 100th St and West Drive

7:50am:  We cheer the women from East 102nd St. where it meets East Drive

8:30am SHARP:  Women and non-racing men meet Cassie at Baggage Check (102nd St. transverse)

8:35am: We cheer the men as they pass by W. 100th St and West Drive

8:50am: We cheer the men from East 102nd St. where it meets East Drive

There will be cowbells, signs and silly hats.  Please grant us the pleasure of your company!

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Volunteering for Whippet Road Race

The Whippets look forward to putting on our summer road race  But we need YOUR HELP in order to create a great experience for our friends and teammates.

We need volunteers for setup, timing, registration, course marshalling, finish line, cleanup, refreshments, etc.  You are welcome to BOTH volunteer AND also run — just let us know what you are planning to do.

The approximate schedule for the day, which is subject to change:

6:45 — volunteers meet Scott at Astoria Park track

7:00 — begin setup

7:30 — open registration

8:30 — start race

10:00 — finish cleaning up — head to after party nearby!

We will follow up with you to provide more information about volunteering duties and to ask you to confirm your attendance.  For now, please RSVP to this event if you are able to help us. Thanks!

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Thursday Uptown Track Workout

We will meet at 7pm doing warmup laps around the track followed by drills and introductions. The workout should begin around 7:15-7:30. If this is your first time keep an eye out for a runner(s) wearing a Whippet shirt. If you need to lock up a bag there are lockers available at the facility but we were informed by management that men’s locker room is susceptible to theft whereas the women’s locker room is not. Any men on the team should seek out one of our female members to assist in locking up a bag in their locker room when arriving at the track.

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