East River Park Track Workout

The East River Park track is east of the FDR at East 6th Street. It is a little over a mile from the closest subway stops (6 to Astor Place or L to First Ave).

Thursday workouts change from week to week and will be announced in advance.

Important Information about East River Park Track: The Whippets have been running here for three years and have experienced thefts of our belongings. We will take extra precautions to keep our bags safe, but please avoid bringing valuables — and it would be safest to run with your wallet on you.

Please be aware that there are limited overhead lights, so it gets a little dark, and during winter months the bathrooms are locked and the water fountains are off. If you have a bike, make sure you have a lock because you’ll have to keep your bike outside the track area.

If you feel uncomfortable leaving your personal belongings at the track, you can drop them off at Ace Bar (531 East 5th Street between A and B) — ask for Justin or Charlo and tell them you run with the team.  They will store our belongings for us.  ***Please note that they will not let you in without your ID so please bring that with you to the track.   http://www.acebar.com/about.html

See you there — and please contact a Whippet captain if you have any questions!

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Prospect Park Training Run

We will be doing a Prospect Park training run meeting at the Grand Army Plaza Entrance to the Park (right outside the Park) at 7:00 PM. The planned run will be posted at last 24 hours before the start of the training run. Please post your planned pace for the run so we can make sure everyone will have a companion to run with!

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Central Park Training Run

Our Tuesday night Central Park training workouts are typically tempo runs or hill repeats.  These workouts are usually very well attended with a wide variety of paces.

The meeting spot is at the 72nd street transverse by Bethesda Fountain. There we’ll give the full workout details, including distance, pacing groups, expected run time, and where we plan on meeting at the end. You can expect a typical workout to be between 5 and 8 miles (or less during hill workouts).

If it’s your first time meeting us, feel free to come a few minutes early with any questions.  There are many other groups who meet on 72nd St so look for the one with folks in Whippet singlets.

Please note that there is no place to store bags inside Central Park. Pack light, or store your bags at a nearby gym if you are a member. Another option is the New York Running Company at the Time Warner Center, which stays open until 9pm: http://www.therunningcompany.net/new-yorks-homepage

When you RSVP, please post your pace time and/or training run distance for the day.

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Meetup to pay for a singlet

This is to pay for a singlet.  After RSVPing, you will be prompted to pay $25, after which you can pick up a singlet at Russ Stram’s Runner Clinic office at:

Russell Stram PT, LAc.
Runner Clinic NYC
124 East 40th, 12th fl (PH)* (Use rear freight elevator “C”)

Please pay online before picking up so Russ doesn’t have to deal with cash for the team! Also contact Russ (details below) with sizing request and approximate time of pick up.

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We’ll use this as a recovery run (6-8mi at easy pace), in case anyone raced or went hard in the team long run the day before. Also, by going easy, we hopefully won’t be too gross by the time we arrive and we should all get there at roughly the same time. 

Remember to bring a small running backpack/fanny pack with cash, subway card, id (for the boozy brunchers), and maybe a clean shirt, socks, and deodorant.

The plan is to meet at the atrium in TWC at 9am and get to brunch (downtown location TBD) around 10ish.  We’ll pick a spot that is convenient to subway and citibike.

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