Welcome to the Dashing Whippets Running Team.   The following is a guide for new members and trial members of the Dashing Whippets.

Most importantly:   please make sure that you ask any captain, run leader or Board member for more information if you have any questions at all, or if any of the team benefits, media, newsletters or calendar items are in any way difficult to understand.   It is important that we hear that feedback in order to improve our member communications.

Now:  here is how to on-board yourself!

Meetup.com Community Platform.

As a new or trial member, many pages of our Meetup.com platform are now automatically accessible to you.  You will see a calendar of upcoming events and brief profiles of your fellow team members.   Meetup also contains our team deals and discounts, which are “behind the wall” and automatically accessible when you log in as a team member.

Team website.

Browse through the menus on the Dashing Whippets team website at www.dashingwhippets.org.   Under “About Us”, you will find team history, and our club by-laws.   Under “Partners,” you can find our preferred Wellness Partners, and the businesses that support the club.   You can also find current training plans and biographies of your Board members.

Social media.

To follow more news of the club, and participate in our planning and discussions:

(1)  follow us on Instagram,

(2)  join our (open) Facebook group,

(3) “like” our Facebook page, and

(4)  follow us on Twitter.

We use social media to send out team announcements, race results, and other important news.   The Facebook group is very useful for learning about changes in workouts, impromptu group runs, Dashing Whippets who are going to an out-of-town race, or just “idle chit chat”.

Strava – the community platform for athletes.

This web page will describe our Strava club.  Please join and keep track of your teammates — and give kudos or comments as appropriate!    Our Strava club is here.

And — don’t forget to join our Boston chapter’s Strava club here!   Nothing makes that chapter happier than receiving kudos from all of us!

Frequently Asked Questions.