Our 2016 Year in Pictures

This video debuted at our annual holiday party and we really wanted to share with everyone what it means to be a Dashing Whippet. Running hard and having fun? Always.

Dashing Whippet Running Team 2016 Year in Pictures from Ben Ko on Vimeo.

My running team’s year in pictures. If you wondered what it was like to be part of a running club, or you just need an upbeat pop pick-me-up, take a look! And as an extra bonus: listening to the soundtrack is guilt-free. We have a license! (videographers, check out https://audiojungle.net/, some good music with very affordable fees) Kick off your running shoes and put on your dancing shoes…


Jerlyn Thomas

More about Jerlyn Thomas

Jerlyn Thomas, also known as Jade, is a marketing professional and brand specialist. She's part of the website committee and is credited for conceptualizing, designing and developing the website for this running team. She's also an adrenaline seeker, inspirer, Caribbean Islander?, Sr. Art Director/Dev?, Published Illustrator, Triathlete, Ultramarathoner and Marathoner (who has completed over 15 distances ?), 2x Ragnar finisher and 2x Tough Mudders finisher she blogs about her lifestyle on Design Lady NYC and you can follow her on Instagram @jerlynthomas. She runs in Brooklyn, trains in Manhattan and loves escaping to head on trails on the weekends.

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