ART for Injury Recovery and Prevention


ART for Injury Recovery and Prevention
“Not a trip to the Guggenheim”

Active Release Technique (ART) is an intense and rigorous form of therapy – pressure is applied to specific areas of the body, while moving the muscle in its full range of motion. ART specialists use their hands to apply this motion and pressure – for muscles, tendons, and ligaments – breaking up scar tissue, nerve entrapments and adhesions – physical issues that restrict your range of motion. Sound painful? It can be, but many injured runners will do anything to get back on the road. Even if it that means a few unpleasant moments.

The difference between ART and other types of therapy is that it doesn’t just treat the symptom; it treats the root of the problem. For example, relieving tightness in the hips and glutes to help treat an Achilles injury. Overused muscles from running and other sports are a major cause for many injuries and pain. But these can be resolved quickly and permanently with ART.

I have treated patients with Active Release Techniques for the past 14 years, and fully certified. It is one of the most effective treatments I practice – resulting in faster recovery, reduction in pain and decrease in injuries. Each treatment is significant, and I find that ART is the fastest road to recovery out there.

Athletes are very good at over-compensating for injuries – though not intentional, but the way their body can react to an area of weakness. Therefore the root of their pain and discomfort is not always obvious. Evidence shows that ART promotes faster recovery by restoring normal tissue function, and equally important preventing injuries.

Runners generally seek medical help when they are already suffering – but ART therapy is also a preventative treatment to avoid those possible injuries. ART has become a staple for the elite and sub-elite runners at major races, including the NYC Marathon. Even if they aren’t injured, many rely on the technique to improve their performance (Running Competitor).

How well and consistently you trained are major influencers to how well you’ll compete on race day. Along with dynamic movement plan and post-run stretching, ART will help keep you running healthy and improve your overall training.


Masters Certified in ART

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